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It would appear that the electronic substitution for print in basal education products has begun.
Student devices have changed from desk top to lap-top over the years, and are now changing again to other types of devices. While the number of data points is small, the data fits the Fisher-Pry model well, and supports common knowledge. In “A Study of the Grade K-6 Supplementary Instructional Materials Market”, the authors use instructional time used as a measure of the penetration of various materials and technologies. Ultimately, it appears that the Internet will be the primary method for computer based instructional delivery. There are multiple substitutions occurring within the media for K-12 classroom instruction. Part 2 – Supplemental materials, Basal textbooks, Student Devices (Laptops, handhelds), Delivery Platforms (CD-ROM, Internet), and Electronic Media.
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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. While the data indicates that the substitution is in the early stages, it does seem to indicate that it has begun. This is a much better surrogate measure of the penetration of new technologies and concepts into the market as it doesn’t depend upon the cost of the technology or material. The data source for this is suspect as it is the results of two surveys without guarantee that the two survey populations were representative samples. Comprehensive courseware is gaining market share now, but will reach its peak of market share in about 2010, and then begin to decline.
Electronic media based supplemental products are steadily increasing and will reach 90% of the market in 2020.

Research in the field of substitution analysis generally agrees that if the substitution reaches 5%, the substitution models are accurate. While there is data presented in America’s Digital Schools on a number of other student devices, with the limited number of data points, it was impossible to segment the other device category. What is does show is that CDROM and the Internet are gaining share of instructional time at the expense of other media, as shown in the graph below. It is an online expense tracking tool with features like create new expenses,assign expenses.
However, thin client, handheld, cell phones and portable gaming devices seem to be on the decline. It helps us to provide better control over business finances and increase the productivity of the business.

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