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One of the core elements of being a ‘LLEN’ is its interest and involvement in education and training and how it relates to young people aged 10-19 years.  We work with our partners to improve participation, engagement, attainment and transition outcomes for young people within our region. VCAL Vault – Here are tried and tested VCAL curriculum resources contributed by teachers in the South East region.  This vault can be accessed by all and if you have come across some new resources and found it useful, we request you to share it with the rest of the region. Unitek Education’s Updating Your SQL Server Skills to Microsoft SQL Server 2014 is a five-day instructor-led course that teaches students how to use the enhancements and new features  added to SQL Server and the Microsoft data platform since the release of SQL Server 2008.
Microsoft’s SQL Server 2014 is ranked the least vulnerable database for the 5th year in a row.
Microsoft’ popular relational database management system SQL Server 2014 is set to be released on April 1, 2014 with substantial new features.
Microsoft’s Power BI for Office 365 allows users to compare data from almost any source using familiar tools like Excel. SQL Server 2014 allows users to reduce spending and protect their data by backing up information directly to Windows Azure. The AlwaysOn features are significantly enhanced with support for new usage types and large deployment scenarios. Unitek Education’s Updating Your SQL Server Skills to Microsoft SQL Server 2014 is a five-day instructor-led course that teaches students how to use the enhancements and new features  added to SQL Server and the Microsoft data platform since the release of SQL Server 2008. Training has been one of the top requests noted and expressed by a multitude of employees as a priority they desire from their employers. There are many types of training that can be offered, which could be very beneficial to any organization.
Which Area of Business Produces the Best ROI 24 Jul 2016How to Determine in What Areas to Invest in Your Business? Working with your firm did a lot to give our employees comfort during the transition in their careers. Last fall, Robyn Crigger facilitated a planning session with members of my Human Resources team. We have hired Compass Career for their expertise in human resources primarily career transitions.
Compass Career Management Solutions are outstanding in the care and professionalism with which they attend to their business. There are millions of people throughout South Africa who want and need to learn new skills. There are an estimated 4.3-million people who are unemployed, most of whom have little training and few skills. So it is clear that skills development, along with training and education are vital elements for the people in South Africa and for the economy. Prior to 2000, there were 33 industry training boards in South Africa that covered various sectors in the country. Recognising the dire need to improve skills development, in 1998, the South African Parliament ratified the Skills Development Act which defined a new Sector Training and Education Authority (SETA) system. In March 2000, the then Minister of Labour, Membathisi Mdladlana formerly established 23 SETAs, each with its own clearly defined sector and sub-sectors.
Unlike the old training boards, the SETAs were to be concerned with learnerships, internships, unit based skills programmes, and apprenticeships. One of the primary objectives of the SETAs was to collect skills levies from employers within each sector, in terms of the Skills Development Levies Act and make the money available within the sector for education and training. When the SETAs had been operating for five years, in March 2005, Mr Mdladlana re-established them and recertified them.

In November 2009 Mr Thabo Mashongoane announced that his department, the Department of Higher Education and Training, would assume responsibility for skills development that had previously been controlled by the Department of Labour. In April 2010 Mr Mashongoane announced the proposed new SETA landscape and a draft framework for a new National Skills Development Strategy to be implemented between March 2011 and March 2016.
Six new SETAs being formed as a result of the amalgamation of existing SETAs or sub-sectors of existing SETAs. Mr Mashongoane said he would be taking legislative steps to improve the governance of SETAs. Ultimately the aim is to ensure the SETAs are achieving what they need to achieve, and thus ensure the critical need for skills development in South Africa at very least over the next five years. The course focuses on teaching individuals how to use SQL Server 2014 product features and other Microsoft data platform components.
For the fifth year in a row, SQL Server is the least vulnerable database, according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Microsoft claims in-memory allows for SQL Server performance that is up to thirty times faster than before. Windows Azure is ideal for backing up data because it is fundamentally offsite and georedundant while incurring minimal costs. In SQL Server 2014, AlwaysOn integration supports up to eight secondary replicas, up from the previous four in SQL Server 2012. Every one of them expressed appreciation to us for using your services in their termination from our firm. They have been and continue to be an excellent resource for handling specialized human resource functions that we could not complete using our own personnel. Their strengths are their quick response, accessibility, high integrity and effective services.
They pay attention to the details and needs of their clients and leverage their years of experience in industry as well as in outplacement services to help their clients move forward to their next opportunities. More than half of the Grade 12 learners who leave school every year don’t have sufficient basic skills to get work in any sector of the economy.
In essence, the plan was to develop a series of sector skills plans within a clearly defined framework of the National Skills Development Strategy. Each of the sectors was made up of a variety of economic activities that were related and closely linked. The SETAs were also given much greater powers than the training boards had had, and far reaching responsibilities.
This was to go to employers and training bodies, and to learners in the form of discretionary grants and bursaries. This recertification process was due to be repeated in March 2010, but the Government made a decision to change the SETA landscape. Portions of Sakai are copyrighted by other parties as described in the Acknowledgments screen. Microsoft claims SQL Server 2014 marks a breakthrough in data platform performance, citing mission critical performance, faster data insight, and its hybrid cloud integration. The new In-Memory OLTP engine improves performance by moving selected tables and stored procedures into memory, enabling faster query speeds. PowerPivot allows for the creation of BI data models, capable of handling more data storage than Excel worksheets. SQL Server 2014 enables users to encrypt database backups using a certificate or an asymmetric key.

Microsoft’s hybrid cloud enables users to move applications to the cloud at their discretion, as companies transition to more cloud storage. They bring a high level of trust, integrity and experience to all activities in which they engage their clients.
They keep their clients (past and present) informed on important and current issues as well as new services through e-newsletters, small group meetings and personal visits. He is an effective listener and has a great sense of humor to restore a sense of pride in myself. We genuinely appreciate all you do for our students as well as your efforts to assist with the faculty. I've used them both professionally as a supplier and personally as my outplacement counselors. Others are already employed but need to improve the skills that they have and also learn new ones.
At any one time there are as many as 7 000 graduates who have university degrees who are also unemployed. They certainly weren’t responsible for ensuring levels of quality when it came to college courses or anything like that. So, one SETA would deal, for example, with banking, while another would deal with health and welfare. Furthermore, they were established to ensure that every industry and occupation in South Africa was covered. It addresses skills, knowledge, and valuesA about the self, the environment, responsible citizenship, a healthy and productive life, social engagement, recreationA and physical activity, careers and career choices. Most importantly, customers don’t need additional software or set-up to take advantage of the In-Memory OLTP.
This new integration feature enables you to create availability group replicas in Windows Azure for disaster recovery. As an area Chair, he exhumes true qualities of quite leadership and the productivity of high performing teams. All the SETAs were to be responsible for both the private and public sectors within their own sector as a whole. These include opportunities to engage in the development andA practice of a variety of life skills to solve problems, to make informed decisions and choices and to take appropriateA actions to live meaningfully and successfully in a rapidly changing society. It not only focuses on knowledge, butA also emphasises the importance of the application of skills and values in real-life situations, participation in physicalA activity, community organisations and initiatives.
Additionally, users can share data insights, collaborate with others, and access data anywhere in Office 365 via the cloud. The new Windows Azure AlwaysOn availability options are fully integrated into SQL Server 2014.
Owing toA the interrelated and holistic nature of the subject, the six topics of Life Orientation function interdependently and areA considered to be of equal importance. The time spent on each topic may vary and should not be used as a measureA of the importance of the topic.
The content taught in lowerA grades serves as the foundation for the content to be taught in higher grades.

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