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The market report defined and segmented with an analysis and forecast of the global and regional opportunities in this market.
The concept of a smart classroom stems from the incorporation of the latest advancements in the education technology and solutions. There are various new tools that have been developed in the edtech and smart classroom market, which help educators and instructors to keep a track of the progress of the students.
Edtech includes innovations that help educational institutions or universities, which deploy large amounts of data and interactions across various students engaged in different systems, such as learning management systems (LMS), student information systems (SIS), and student response systems (SRS). Educational systems have been classified into learning management systems (LMS), learning content management systems (LCMS), learning content development systems (LCDS), student response systems (SRS), assessment systems, collaboration systems, classroom management systems, and document management systems. The global edtech and smart classrooms market is segmented on the basis of enabling technologies, such as educational gaming, educational analytics, educational ERP, educational security, and educational dashboards. As the lines between instructional and technology budgets blur, CIOs can improve their district’s procurement procedures to get what their classrooms need from an increasingly complex edtech market.
Current purchasing practices were designed for print-based resources, not modern technology, the report states. But with 14,000 individual districts nationwide, many companies say it’s up to administrators to simplify their procurement processes and make their instructional needs clear. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The report — Market Intelligence in Online Test Preparation Space — is intended to help the readers keep themselves abreast with all the latest activities of global online test preparation space, in a concise manner. The report discuss strategies of major edtech players across the globe, and present them in form of key trends. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Google's Chromebooks now constitute over 50% of all devices in US classrooms, up from under 1% just three years ago, according to a new CNBC report which cited latest data from Futuresource Consulting.
Rivals including Apple and Microsoft have seen their share of the market plummeting from 52% to 24% and 43% to 24%, respectively, during this three-year period. Ultrabooks are, and although a bit expensive especially when you compare it to Chromebooks, SPs might be a good choice too.
Australia is offering world-class education and with the increasing penetration of ICT into the education sector it is becoming even better. The country is a big hit for its higher education where more than 20% of the total higher education student population comes from overseas in Australian universities.
Below is a list of edtech startups from Australia that are here to bridge some gaps and helping the country to stand out in the edtech sector as well. Launched in January 2013, this Australian EdTech startup is set to change the way educators teach, without altering their pedagogy. Teachers can transform their digital or paper-based course materials into interactive online activities simply by adding question, response capabilities and supporting interactions instantly delivered across iOS, Android, Windows and web-based platforms. According to Literatu’s Founder, Mark Stanley, teachers not only engage students with their own pedagogical approach and materials, but also save over 75 percent of grading and feedback time whilst building Big Data analytics about their students.
The startup was a finalist in the US-based 2014 EdTech Digest Awards in the New Product and Assessment Solution categories, and winner in the Reporting Solution category. An online platform to automate paper forms in education, reducing cost and improving efficiency and liability management. This eLearning platform empowers teachers and developers to create, manage and analyze adaptive eLearning content. The tutors are carefully selected to offer students the best combination of industry and academic knowledge, balanced with a genuine desire to support you in learning something new. Studying with Lexicom Learning provides the chance to fill a lingering curiosity, learn something new or brush up on some skills from the comfort of your own home, without the pressures of formal studying.
School App Solution is the perfect communication tool to bridge the gap between the school and the community. This tool is a communication platform that helps parents stay in touch with educators and school.
SitEducate features electronic newsletters, a powerful website solution and a range of online efficiency tools for secondary or K12 schools.
GroupMap has developed a recognized real time, online group response and planning tool for facilitators, educators and managers looking to improve the effectiveness and productivity of their team activities in areas like Ideation workshops, Strategy planning days, Team building days, Perceptual mapping, Work team meetings, Flipped classroom and training activities  and many other activities that calls for collaboration among peers. GoSkills is an online learning company that helps anyone learn business skills to achieve their personal and professional goals. LearnMeter was developed to assist children improve their online learning skills without be spied on.
Nexus Notes operates an online marketplace for university students to buy and sell their course notes. The formative years of a young child or toddler’s education are some of the most important, however keeping up-to-date with their progress during this time is often bogged down by paperwork and documentation. The online-based system caters to a variety of observational mediums, including learning journeys, anecdotal records and photo journals. Backpack from Fluid Education is an all-in-one app for students, parents and teachers that manages everything from homework to teaching resources and class timetables. Kanopy is an online streaming service for educational institutions, which allows access to a database of over 26,000 curated documentaries and films.
Velpic aims to transform induction and training in the workforce by providing an online eLearning platform for business and industry.

Ediply is an online service which matches students to tertiary institutions based on study interests and budget. Future EdTech 2015 is the first and only event in Europe bringing together 250+ thought-leaders and innovators from institutional administration, IT, plus academics and pedagogy experts. Strategic partners and sponsors include Tribal Group, Kaltura, Blackboard, Lorensberg, RefME. A free, subscription-only bi-monthly magazine featuring the latest edtech news, opinion, and event reviews from across the education sector, including primary and secondary schools, further and higher education. Education Technology is part of the Edquarter Hub, a cross-education learning platform for the schools and higher education sector. Edquarter is produced by Wildfire Comms, a multi-media publisher and agency based in Paintworks, Bristola€™s creative quarter.
In many impoverished countries, technology has allowed students to experience high grade education and actively participate in advanced placement courses.
What is also interesting, is that there are a number of emerging trends that are creating new opportunities for education providers and learners to ensure information is effectively accessed by end-users, including students with disabilities. Assistive and Learning Management Solutions can now enable teachers to deliver special ed in classrooms and not in segregated special needs classrooms.
None of the information contained herein constitutes an offer to purchase or sell a financial instrument or to make any investments. In 2015 universities will start to re-evaluate MOOCs, viewing them as a positive extension of their brand and an effective marketing tool, rather than a disappointing new venture that didn’t quite work out.
Institutions are sitting on a potential gold mine of video assets that are spread across campus. Some forecasters expect OER to finally derail the traditional publishers during 2015, boosted by initiatives from organisations such as the Merlot cooperative, who have developed a range of new business models. During 2015 technology providers and universities will take further steps to make digital learning more accessible to disabled students. The hardware products comprise interactive whiteboards, projectors, interactive displays, printers, interactive tables, and audio systems. The regions covered in this report are North America (NA), Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC), Middle-East and Africa (MEA), and Latin America (LA).
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Often new devices are purchased while others sit unused on the shelf, resulting in wasted funds, says Daniel Owens, partner at the Learning Accelerator, an organization that helps schools implement blended learning. CIOs can purchase 10 devices or software licenses to start, and put them in different scenarios to see the outcomes. New software programs have many data gathering capabilities, making it easier to see if they are improving learning. It is beneficial for similar companies and investors, who want to understand the growth and expansion strategies, adopted by the market leaders in their segment. It is a teacher driven, formative assessment platform that collects and measures student learning data.
Literatu fits easily into existing school ecosystems as it is a cloud application and is fully integrated with Edmodo and Google apps for education.
This top-class team, comprising an award winning game developer, Maker’s Empire will be the first point of contact for young adopters of this rapidly proliferating technology.
The most recognized product of the company, Build a Business is a teaching tool that helps students develop business and leadership skills.
Through Cashtivity services, students are able to experiment with their ideas and build a business while developing their critical thinking, analysis, team work and decision making skills. It is a SaaS tool to capture parent permission and responses for their kids school activities. With instant Push Notifications, the circle of all community members can stay in touch as well as easy access to Newsletters, Notes and the school Calendar, with only a single tap. The easiest way for schools to connect with parents and guardians, sending information, calendar dates and newsletters direct to their mobile phone.
SitEducate is a powerful solution for schools to engage parents, students alumni and teachers.
With plenty of choice now existing in the leading 2 app stores, it’s increasingly important that entrepreneurs and developers approach the market in a professional and knowledgeable manner, in order to maximize their chances of success they offer courses  to comprehensively provides all the critical knowledge and skills required, split across 10 easy to follow tutorials. It works by analysing children’s computer use and study habits, reporting the results back to the children and the parents. It allows its users to upload their assignments and questions to get feedback from available tutors.
EarlyWorks  looks to get rid of all of that with its centralized system for early learning centers across Australia. The service even provides detailed statistical data on each child’s progress, and allows for full customization and automation of reports for the administrative backend. The app acts as a virtual central hub for the school, greatly increasing efficiency for students and teachers.
The Australian-born company services 12 million students and staff, and includes titles from PBS and BBC.
It includes an authoring tool that administrators can easily use to create their own PowerPoint-style presentations complete with graphics, media, voice-overs, music and quizzes.

With a few simple questions, Ediply opens up a world of study opportunities for prospective students.
They will address the strategic and tactical value of technology in changing higher education operating models. 50+ thought-leading speakers through case studies, practical perspectives and engaging debates will showcase innovative thinking and fresh perspectives on the issues at the core of the dynamic period of change experienced by higher education. Smart classrooms are equipped with multimedia components which are designed to enrich the teaching and learning process. Tech in education has played a significant role in educating and connecting students to existing and future learning opportunities. In the world of marketing, the 5-10 per cent MOOC completion rates compare incredibly favourably with results from standard marketing tools such as email campaigns, where click-through rates are generally below 5 per cent. During 2015 we believe there will be a shake-out, similar to the one that happened with the LMS vendors. In 2015 we anticipate that we will see more universities making the most of these assets as they consolidate, repackage, repurpose, share and monetise their content – and in so doing transform themselves into media companies.
As more countries bring in anti-discriminatory laws that mandate a level playing field for all digital learners, tech providers and universities across the world will concede that accessible design equals good design. Its end-users are schools, colleges, universities, and other institutions that offer professional courses for students and learners all over the world.
Instructors have begun to connect with their students by using network and communication channels across the globe.
He is also co-author of the report “Smart Series Guide to Edtech Procurement” from Digital Learning Now! Understand what you’re looking for in terms of hard drive space and RAM, and comparison shop.
The district can then work up to implementation in full classrooms, grade levels and schools, Owens says.
Free samples in SAT reading, writing and math section are provided to students for a better understanding of the platform. The firm believes that technology is not the sole domain of games and movies and that learning is way better when its adaptive and there is much more that soft wares can do for teaching other than multiple choice questions.
Streamline school operation with this simple management system, great integration options with current systems, and the option to submit Absence Notes digitally saves precious time. LearnMeter can therefore help children achieve their academic goals and reach their full potential.
With its comprehensive and intuitive interface, EarlyWorks revolutionizes communication between the Centre and parents to provide up to date, detailed progress reports on a child. Teachers can push notifications to classes and assign homework, all of which go directly to student smartphones.
Kanopy’s wide catalogue ranges from foreign films to scientific documentaries and social studies, making it an excellent service for K-12 education and tertiary institutions. Currently, their database includes thousands of courses from Australian and New Zealand tertiary institutions and is marketed to students in South East Asia. Also, the constant progression of tech in education is helping educators to create classrooms, which are developed and collaborative, conducted entirely through the web. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written. We believe that over the next 12 months the more progressive universities will recognise that MOOCs offer an extremely valuable content marketing platform and will encourage their marketing teams to incorporate MOOCs into their overall marketing strategies. We will eventually be left with five or six dominant adaptive learning players, which will make it much easier for educational institutions to evaluate and select a technology partner that has staying power. Pilots should be intentional, with a clear start and end point, and specific goals, he adds. The company combines video tutoring and testing software to prep high school students for the SATs. Multiple schools, multiple children and family passcodes are all included so you can manage your families’ busy schedule. For parents, understanding what their children are doing online (without any access to content) means they are more informed about their activities and can manage their screen time with confidence.
However, Ediply aims to add more to this list as time goes on to provide an intuitive, centralized information service for all students.
Smart classrooms have been enhanced with advanced technological learning aids, thereby revolutionizing the whole teaching and learning process. The principal tutor is Lisa Tian, who got a perfect score on the SAT the very first time she took it at the age of 16.
Also, their app is a great deal for the industry as it gives amazing features like sync of calendar, push notification, uploading of newsletter that gets delivered to the whole class easily and more.
The educational technology sector has it all, from incubators, accelerators, thought-leaders and emerging trends.
Today’s educators, are constantly challenged to stay current with new tech in order to ensure that students are well-prepared for the 21st century. Many lecturers would have noticed that while some technology trends come and go, while others improve and become an essential part of students lives and has an impact on learning and course delivery.

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