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This is just my story about my battle with weight over the past 4 years, going from Anorexia to becoming Overweight and then rapidly loosing over 40kg in less than 6 months and becoming severely malnourished once again, except this time almost losing my life in the process.
In this video i show how i have overcome my fear of food, calories and over exercising through the help of a vegan diet.
I hope this video can open your eyes to the struggles that someone with an Eating Disorder faces daily, but also realise that words hurt and can impact someone for the rest of their lives. Perhaps Freud's single most enduring and important idea was that the human psyche (personality) has more than one aspect. Although each part of the personality comprises unique features, they interact to form a whole, and each part makes a relative contribution to an individual's behavior. The id is the impulsive (and unconscious) part of our psyche which responds directly and immediately to the instincts. The id remains infantile in it's function throughout a persons life, and does not change with time or experience, as it is not in touch with the external world. On the contrary, it operates on the pleasure principle (Freud, 1920) which is the idea that every wishful impulse should be satisfied immediately, regardless of the consequences. The id engages in primary process thinking, which is primitive, illogical, irrational, and fantasy oriented. The ego develops in order to mediate between the unrealistic id and the external real world.
The ego operates according to the reality principle, working out realistic ways of satisfying the id’s demands, often compromising or postponing satisfaction to avoid negative consequences of society.
Often the ego is weak relative to the headstrong id and the best the ego can do is stay on, pointing the id in the right direction and claiming some credit at the end as if the action were its own.
If the ego fails in its attempt to use the reality principle, and anxiety is experienced, unconscious defence mechanisms are employed, to help ward off unpleasant feelings (i.e. The ego engages in secondary process thinking, which is rational, realistic, and orientated towards problem solving. An important feature of clinical and social work is to enhance ego functioning and help the client test reality through assisting the client to think through their options. The superego incorporates the values and morals of society which are learned from one's parents and others.
The superego's function is to control the id's impulses, especially those which society forbids, such as sex and aggression.

Behavior which falls short of the ideal self may be punished by the superego through guilt.
Further Information Defense Mechanisms Psychoanalysis Unconscious MindAre You Id, Ego, or Super-ego? Related Articles Defense Mechanisms Psychoanalysis Unconscious MindAre You Id, Ego, or Super-ego? This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License. About Us Advertising Partnerships Press Team Careers Contact Us DMCA REMOVAL Privacy Terms Want to use LittleThings’ editorial content? EDNOS, or Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified, is basically a generalized term for people who experience many of the symptoms for illnesses such as anorexia or bulimia, but don’t meet the full criteria. Listen to Ali and Taylor’s stories, become educated about this terrible illness, and spread the word so more people can get the treatment they need for it. Watch and stream Ednos Most Dangerous Unheard Of Eating Disorder Nightline Abc News videos list below from trusted source. The personality of the newborn child is all id and only later does it develop an ego and super-ego. The id is not affected by reality, logic or the everyday world, as it operates within the unconscious part of the mind. This form of process thinking has no comprehension of objective reality, and is selfish and wishful in nature. The ego considers social realities and norms, etiquette and rules in deciding how to behave. If a plan of action does not work, then it is thought through again until a solution is found. It develops around the age of 3 – 5 during the phallic stage of psychosexual development. It also has the function of persuading the ego to turn to moralistic goals rather than simply realistic ones and to strive for perfection. These eating disorders kill more people every year than any other mental illness, and there are multiple support groups for people who have been diagnosed with them. The National Eating Disorders Collaboration states that between 40 to 60 percent of people who go to get treatment for an eating disorder have EDNOS, and it can affect people of any age or gender.

Actor and singer Demi Lovato has bravely shared her struggles with mental illness before, including her battle with her own eating disorder, but I can’t think of anyone who has mentioned having EDNOS.
And if you believe you have symptoms of EDNOS, such as distorted body image, poor eating habits, or a fear of gaining weight, please contact a doctor as soon as possible.
Together, we can work together to help put an end to EDNOS and all the suffering it causes. Ednos Most Dangerous Unheard Of Eating Disorder Nightline Abc News videos free for stream using legal API. The ego has no concept of right or wrong; something is good simply if it achieves its end of satisfying without causing harm to itself or to the id. This is know as reality testing, and enables the person to control their impulses and demonstrate self-control, via mastery of the ego. For example, if the ego gives in to the id's demands, the superego may make the person feel bad through guilt.
The ideal self and conscience are largely determined in childhood from parental values and how you were brought up.
But there’s another eating disorder that ends the lives of millions of people every year, and the saddest and most terrifying is that most people have never even heard of it. Enjoy watching Ednos Most Dangerous Unheard Of Eating Disorder Nightline Abc News streaming from your seat through PC and mobile such as android phones. The ideal self (or ego-ideal) is an imaginary picture of how you ought to be, and represents career aspirations, how to treat other people, and how to behave as a member of society.
As of this past summer i got up to nearly 150 punds and i cried everyday when i looked in the mirror.
So, i stopped eating for a couple days to about a week just so i could lose a quick 5 simple pounds.
Although i have a completely average weight at the moment, and its the skinniest ive ever been in my BMI, I feel as if this time, I'm my fattest. Constant weighing before and after every meal, no breakfast or lunch, lying to friends and family, and crying in the mirror has just become normal for me now.

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