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TCI, a publishing company created by teachers for teachers, has released a new version of its interactive social studies curriculum, designed for online or interactive whiteboard instruction. Classroom audio equipment maker Califone has just released this new wireless all-in-one portable PA system. Design, publishing and creative software developer Serif has released a new version of its cross-curricular, cost-effective graphics program DrawPlus.
Edmodo, the free, secure social learning network designed for education, has added a suite of new features to enable students to collaborate in the classroom and teachers to customize the classroom experience online. Netop's new version of its entry-level MyVision Basic classroom management software includes a number of enhancements. Panasonic has recently enhanced its classroom audio system by adding features and components to create a comprehensive classroom security system, available in a variety of configurations. The research-based handwriting program ez Write now has new editions for occupational therapy (OT) and special education (SPED). For primary digital leaders it has been a great way for them to showcase their personal blogs and digital leader work and they have enjoyed earning the badges that have been created.
You will be able to see how it is used before deciding if you want your students to have access.

Lessons include a variety of activities to accommodate different learning styles, and the program provides teachers with ideas for differentiating instruction to target English language learners and other student populations. Intended to be useful for novice and advanced users alike, DrawPlus X5 allows students to create Flash animations, import CAD files, convert digital photos into graphics files, use digital artistic tools such as paint, erasers, airbrushes or charcoal, and create logos and posters of professional quality. These include "badges," which provide incentives for students and recognition of their achievement, a quiz builder to aid in student assessment, updated iPhone and Android apps with new features, and a new, streamlined user interface. Accucess is an adaptive diagnostic assessment that helps educators measure student achievement in reading comprehension, math and language arts. A new comprehensive chat feature allows teachers to chat with individual students or facilitate whole-class discussion.
Additional new features of Insight 7.6 include a screen feed function, which enables teachers to view student monitors randomly to make sure they are on task, the ability to add students to tests already in progress and improved support for additional platforms such as Ubuntu Linux, MultiPoint Server 2011 and Vernier LabQuest. The wireless microphone worn by the teacher provides sound reinforcement, but it also includes a security alert button, which silently notifies authorities and activates a classroom surveillance camera, providing them with a clear view of the situation. The product is also designed to be compatible with CurriculumLoft Explore1to1 from sister company CurriculumLoft. Districts can use these additional kits to teach handwriting skills to all students with special needs in preschool through fifth grade. The new version also allows teachers to integrate their own resources into presentations and access each lesson anywhere, anytime in the cloud.

Teachers can identify deficiencies and build a personalized curriculum for individual students or classes.
To encourage participation, students remain anonymous when adding comments in a group discussion, but the teacher can see all student names and save chats for reference.
Customized content can be pushed to the Kuno and stored locally, allowing for access to class resources on the device even without Internet access. These new editions include extra materials designed for OT and SPED students, such as pencil grips, sensory activities, a travel bag and a sensory bin, which help improve manual dexterity and overall achievement for these students while teaching handwriting.
The unit can be connected to any computer, projector or interactive whiteboard through a USB cable. FlexTest is a quiz and test builder that allows teachers to create assessments from scratch using a variety of question types to evaluate a student's skills before, during and after instruction, and store them online to share with other educators, students and parents via a single Web-based interface. MyVision also allows teachers to share demonstrations and block Internet access, and it supports classrooms with PCs, Macs or a combination of both. All student devices can be controlled from a school or district level, and each includes a 16GB mini SD card and a separate clamshell keyboard.

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