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The law firm representing the Democratic National Convention host committee in its effort to keep its donors secret until after this week’s event is the firm that has long employed the host committee’s chairman Ed Rendell. Rendell, the former Pennsylvania governor, Philadelphia mayor, and active Hillary Clinton surrogate, is the chairman of the host committee, which is now under fire for keeping its donor list secret even though a Pennsylvania agency has ordered it to be released.
The law firm fighting in court on the host committee’s behalf is Ballard Spahr, where Rendell is currently employed as a special counsel. Ballard Spahr attorney David Pittinsky, a partner at the firm, has argued that releasing the committee’s donor list would hurt its ongoing fundraising activity.
Rendell first joined the firm following his eight-year stint as Philadelphia mayor, joining on as a partner on the exact day his term was finished in January 2000. Rendell was chairman of the Democratic National Committee at the time, and in his first year as a partner at Ballard Spahr, the firm gave more than $700,000 to the party organ. When he decided to run for governor in 2002, Rendell pledged to voters that he would not return to Ballard Spahr if he was elected. In 2011, less than a week after his eight years as governor, he went back on that pledge and signed on as a partner at Ballard Spahr.
Ballard Spahr has contributed more to Democrats than Republicans in past years, and this election cycle has been no exception. So far this cycle, no candidate has received more money from the firm than Hillary Clinton. The committee’s push for secrecy has been slammed by critics who point to language in a draft of the Democratic Party platform that says “we need to end secret, unaccountable money in politics by requiring, through executive order or legislation, significantly more disclosure and transparency,” coupled with promises by Clinton throughout her campaign for transparency. Rendell did not respond to a message sent to his Ballard Spahr email address asking whether he facilitated the in-kind work that his firm is doing for the DNC host committee and whether or not he thinks it benefits the firm. Rendell has been criticized in recent days for awarding a contract to a company owned by his son for a cell phone app for those participating in a “Donkeys Around Town” scavenger hunt to find 57 fiberglass donkeys that were set up around the city. The convention website says that Rendell “conceived” the idea for the donkey scavenger hunt.
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The "Thinking Out Loud" singer got fans buzzing after a pal posted a shot of Sheeran wearing a silver band on that finger.
Musician Jovel posted a candid shot of himself sitting on the ground next to his daughter, who was celebrating her fifth birthday. The duo have generally kept a low profile during their relationship, although the world got a glimpse of them smooching thanks to Taylor Swift herself.
Over the July 4th weekend, Swift shared an Instagram shot of herself hugging childhood BFF Abigail Anderson below a banner that celebrated her engagement. One user pointed out that the ring spotted on Sheeran this week looks like the same one he wore during a trip to Japan.
Still others are waiting to hear the news straight from the singer himself – who took a break from social media last December. Those of us who did see the movie remember all too well the two main characters: Mike McDermott (Matt Damon) and Worm (Ed Norton).
Since almost everyone knows this story already, there is no need to repeat it here again, and that’s not the topic of this article. A charity auction that took place on Wednesday, organized by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, represented an interesting mix of various items and events from the fields of art, fashion, and entertainment.
A private poker game with Ed Norton, co-star of the movie Rounders, and Jonah Hill, best known for his role in the Woolf of Wall Street, was put up for an auction at the starting price of €110,000, which is right at the $120k mark.
Although it was expected to garner a lot of attention, the auction ended up with just one bidder who was willing to pay the asking price of $120,000.
Although Rounders had certain shortcomings, it was still the movie that greatly helped the poker popularity around the globe. Knowing your money was going towards a good cause, how much would you be willing to pay to talk to Norton and ask him about anything you ever wondered about Rounders? It would be a great opportunity to finally get the answer why on earth does Mike, such a great poker player, completely lack any notion of a bankroll management. Ivan PotockiAssistant Editor and Columnist at Beat The FishIvan first started playing poker in 2006 and played professionally from 2010-2013. The firm is required to provide financial reports to Philadelphia due to a $15 million line of credit it received from the city in case it falls short of its fundraising goals. Second behind Clinton is Katie McGinty, the Democratic Senate candidate in Pennsylvania, who has Rendell working as her campaign chairman.
He graduated from the University of Virginia, where he studied foreign affairs and politics. Our favorite ginger took the stage at the Latitude Festival to perform with his friend Foy Vance, and this just makes us realize how much we miss him! On the other side of the girl is Sheeran, who is casually resting his left hand on his leg.

Even both godparents were in attendance finally lol" he captioned the shot, which also showed the English singer looking casual in a long-sleeve T-shirt, shorts and baseball cap.
If you are reading this and belong to that very small group, waste no more time and give it a go.
The dynamic between two old friends in the movie is a very interesting one, as Worm represents everything that Mike opposes, but at the same time, Mike feels obliged to help his friend who just got out of prison. What is the topic of the article is the question: how much would you pay to sit down and play poker with Ed Norton and get to ask him anything you wanted to know about Rounders? This mix attracted attention from all sorts of media outlets but one item on the list was of particular importance for the poker world. We’ve all thought and talked about actions and behavior of Worm, the character with questionable moral values, nicely embodied by Ed Norton. Was it because he (as a character) believed to be so much better than Teddy KGB, or simply because writers and producers believed it would create a better impact with the audience? Days later, the duo were spotted again in Las Vegas with Swift's then-boyfriend Calvin Harris. Since joining the Beat The Fish team in 2016 Ivan has made an immediate impact, leading the news section and contributing numerous feature articles. Sous la houlette de Tim Holmes et de Gil Norton, Ed Harcourt chantait des chansons a faire palir la concurrence. The movie may be way off on some poker-specific details, but as an overall homage to Texas Hold’em, it is very watchable.
Malgre des disques de grande qualite, les annees 2000 ne firent guere de place a ce garcon. 28 snow in North Texas Dallas Veterans Day Parade © Copyright 2000 - 2016 Fox Television Stations, LLC. Les beaux albums From Every Sphere et Strangers ne firent pas beaucoup parler d’eux et peu a peu, on oublia ce Harcourt. Depuis, Harcourt est devenu un pigiste de luxe (The Libertines, Marianne Faithfull) et ecrit pour les autres (Sophie Ellis-Bextor).En 2016,Ed Harcourt pense enfin a lui et annonce son retour. Furnaces a ete produit par Flood et a ete enregistre avec une Warpaint et un proche de Tom Waits. Quant a l’artwork, il est signe Ralph Steadman, le collaborateur de Hunter S Thompson.

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