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In-service inspection (ISI) utilizes ECT techniques to examine SG tubes in PWR, and Dual-Function probes, a kind of bobbin probes which allow high-speed inspection, are most commonly used. OMNI-200 is a pusher-incorporated digital tester and it is capable of both time-sharing and simultaneous multifrequency testing.
Inspection using the Smart Array ECT System with fast and high accuracy performance instantaneously produces a large amount of data. It has been confirmed that these equipment and software comply with the JEAG 4208-2012 “Eddy Current Examination for Inservice Inspection of Light Water Cooled Nuclear Power Plant Components”, and it has been confirmed that the inspection system has sufficient practical applicability to actual plants. The inspection and analysis results have shown that the Smart Array ECT System is capable of detecting small SCC both in circumferential and axial directions on expansion and expansion transition with TS where there are some difficulties in detecting cracking, as well as on the straight tube section. Performance tests were carried out using test specimens simulating flaws in SG tubes in order to verify the automated screening and depth sizing capabilities of NEL3DView.
Wall thinning of SG tube outer surface was simulated to evaluate automated depth sizing capability.
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This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. MME Group consists of three specialised operating divisions, whose main activities are material testing, inspection and corrosion prevention. After a successful start in the maritime industry, MME Group developed into a leading all-round specialist with a vast knowledge and experience.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. NEL has developed and manufactured the Smart Array Probe in 2007 as a next-generation ECT probe for ISI to offer good flaw detectability equivalent to that of rotating probe with a high level of inspection speed.
2, has been completed by combining the Smart Array Probe with the pusher-incorporated tester “OMNI-200” and tube-walking robot “Pegasys”, both of which were developed by Westinghouse, and NEL3DView analysis software developed by NEL.

But detectability tests were conducted using test specimens with artificially induced SCC, which are most difficult to be detected in the field. It was evaluated that the depth was 22%TW, whereas measurement confirmed the actual depth of 19%TW: the difference was 3% (approx.
Maeda et al., “Development of Smart Array Probe and Introduction of New Inspection System”, 7th Int’l Conf. Akagawa et al., “Field Demonstration of Smart Array Probe and Suitcase Eddy Current System in Japan”, 28th Annual EPRI SG NDE Workshop, 2009. Maeda et al., “Development and Field Practical Performance of Smart Array Probe”, Maintenology Vol.
In the case of fluctuating ambient temperatures a stable output signal is very important for reliable measurements. This type of PSV first aid kit is mandatory on all coaches or minibuses but can also be used in a taxi or minicab or any car or fleet vehicle to help comply with company Health and Safety guidelines. Since its founding in 1963, the company has grown steadily, while maintaining the optimal balance between the different activities.
An efficient certification structure quarantees our customers that their wishes are fulfilled accurately and professionally. It is equipped with a total of 48 pancake coils (16 on the circumferential and 3 rows of coils in the axial direction). Both are high performance equipments developed by Westinghouse which can facilitate SG ECT.
It has been confirmed that Smart Array Probe has enough sensitivity to detect tight cracks as shown below.
Test specimens (a) - (d) were fabricated by artificially generating SCCs in Alloy 600 SG tubes. EU regulations mean we have to point this out, hence the annoying message, which will only appear on this first visit.

Also it was demonstrated that there were no glitches with the NEL3DView software functions after going through performance tests using test specimens simulating flaws on SG tubes.
An EDM notch simulating an axially oriented flaw on the outer surface of SG tube supported by broached egg crate (BEC) type tube support plate (TSP) was used to verify the automated screening capability. To make things easy we will assume that you're happy to receive cookies but you can change settings any time by using the Change cookie settings link in the Special menu.
It has been confirmed that the inspection system has sufficient practical applicability to actual plants. Test specimens (b) - (d) simulating SCC on the expanded tube and expansion transition were manufactured.
The result indicates that the software recognized signals from the flaw, although signals were very small.
Generally, when transmitter and receiver coil pairs of a transmit-receive type probe match the orientation of a flaw, flaw detectability improves. The Smart Array Probe can achieve high sensitivity without missing any axial or circumferential flaw through a single scanning operation by switching the coil pairs as shown in Fig. 1 by utilizing the application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) incorporated in the probe head to select appropriate transmitter or receiver coils in sequence. They were subject to the destructive examination after the ECT inspection to confirm the crack geometries.

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