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ABOUT EDGARS ACTIVEEdgars Active is home to the trendiest international and local brands of sports fashion and active wear.
Speed & Sound Magazine is South Africa’s leading aftermarket performance motoring magazine.
Put together your look from a selection of hot branded sneakers, tees, track pants, chinos, hoodies, jackets, headwear, accessories and much more. Speed & Sound Magazine was created by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts and even a full ten years since it’s inception, Speed & Sound Magazine still communicates with it’s readers on a “man-on-the-street” level which gives the staff great insight into what is wanted in the magazine.

Speed & Sound Magazine’s readers are the ones who dictate the content, and the advertisers know this and advertise only the latest and greatest products and trends with most adverts being updated on a monthly basis, keeping the content fresh. Speed & Sound Magazine’s advertisers also know that Speed & Sound Magazine is a direct link between them and the readers, who are all potential clients, and as a result Speed & Sound Magazine has a great relationship with nearly all the advertisers who are listed in their pages. Speed & Sound Magazine has ensured South Africa’s aftermarket industry has become one big family with everyone in the game linked in one way or another.
Speed & Sound Magazine, setting the pace in South Africa’s aftermarket performance motoring.

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