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Erectile dysfunction is a disorder which often associated with conditions causing to poor blood flow.
In accordance with statistics 35-70 % of men with diabetes have erectile problems in their lives. Sexual arousal in a man is a complex of things involving hormones, nerves, blood vessels and brain work. This was the first time a multidisciplinary team employed an iterative co-design method to determine the ergonomic layout of an emergency ambulance treatment space. ED treatment makes a complex of methods such as: lifestyle changes, giving up smoking, medications.

Giving up smoking, keeping a diet, and physical activity can improve your sexual life greatly and make you healthy and happy.
Fusari’s original contribution to the project was to develop a process which allowed the research team to understand how treatment protocols are performed and analytical tools to reach an optimum configuration for ambulance design standardisation.In leading on the ergonomic layout of the ambulance interior, Fusari, researcher with Harrow (RCA, PI) and Ed Matthews (RCA, CI), conducted participatory observations during 12-hour shifts with front-line ambulance clinicians, hospital staff and patients to understand the details of their working environments in relation to urgent emergency calls. These drugs act by increasing the amount of nitrogen oxide (NO) that relaxes blood vessels in the cavernous tissue and enlarges blood flow to the penis. This reconstruction improves blood flow to the penis and bocks of veins through which blood leaks from the penis. A simple yet accurate 1:1 mock-up of the existing ambulance was built for detailed analysis of these procedures through simulations.

Paramedics participated in interviews, role-playing and co-design methods using visual cards to demonstrate how tasks are performed, equipment is used and current limitations overcome.
In parallel, Fusari exhaustively audited (logging and photographing) all equipment and consumables used in ambulances, to define space use; 12 layout options were refined using CAD modelling, which were presented to paramedics. The preferred options and features were developed into a full-size test rig and appearance model.A full-size mobile demonstrator unit featuring the evidence-based ergonomic layout was built for clinical testing through simulated emergency scenarios.

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