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Alternative Classic Ford ProjectsWhen we look at the average age of our readership we realize that many of you have been around almost as long as we have. This painfully stock Falcon sedan is another example of a perfect alternative project car starting point. At the other end of the range for early Falcon possibilities is this beautiful '63 Falcon Sprint custom job. A peek inside on this radically customized Falcon shows great taste and attention to detail everywhere.
This Galaxie is a '63 version and shows that the convertible Galaxies are cars with class to spare.
Galaxies make excellent alternative project cars and they have a very colorful factory racing history. Going back one generation this bullet or dolphin style T-Bird has the streamlined tonneau to cover the rear seats, a rare optional item. Going back to the original '55-'57 Thunderbird then you're talking about a much smaller car.
Enter text here.There is certainly no shortage of glory in the Mercury camp, and like the parent company, Mercury has a very colorful racing heritage. Clones and replicas are an area of particular interest for enthusiasts starting out on a limited budget. Speaking of outrageously cool graphics it's hard to top an original Thunderbolt graphics package as a suggestion for eye appeal. Another school of thought for an alternative look for your classic Mustang is the Trans-Am dress code.
NASCAR fanatics can choose from a whole array of historic choices such as this Holman and Moody '65 Galaxie straight from the days when the cars you could buy off the showroom floor also ruled the roost at Daytona. If a Mercury clone is more to your liking interesting examples from the racing world abound. This '64 Galaxie station wagon certainly shows that we aren't restricted by two doors when it comes to coolness.
If you've got to have a "truck" but you don't want a truck, the Rancheros were a great alternative.
On Monday night was to be held (postponed for a day) launched a rocket Falcon 9R, which will be special in three respects.Firstly, the new version must be launched rocket (v. Upon separation of the first and second stages Falcon 9 is at an altitude of 90 km in area and moves with a speed of two kilometers per second.
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During our long period of Ford ownership when we look back over the years we've had plenty of classic Mustangs.
Although the pickup hybrid vehicle was originally based on the tiny Falcon platform, the later versions of the Ranchero were based on the larger Fairlane starting in 1966.
Many consider this body style to be Ford's finest muscle car design triumph and second only to the Mustang in sublime dimension.
Although the car had a few parking lot dents, it was relatively rust-free and complete right down to the stock wheel covers. The car's styling is clearly at the transitional period from the busy embellishment popular in the early '60s to the later, more elegant designs.
From the shaved door handles to the lowered stance nothing escapes the attention of this enthusiast.
From NASCAR warfare to the factory lightweights for drag racing the Galaxie was in the middle of it all. This '64 two-door post design was offered as the Ford Custom and was the most spartan Galaxie offering. These cars are extremely valuable too, and it's rare to find one done as a customized project.
If you're not interested in a Fairlane then this Mercury Cyclone might be a good suggestion for you.
The pedestrian post body style, Wimbledon White exterior, and dog dish hubcaps scream grocery getter.
You'd have to hear this solid lifter 427 at idle to believe the potential of this little sedan, and that little old lady from Pasadena would have had her had hands full with this car.
With a clone you can get the flavor of a favorite for a fraction of the real thing's entry fee. With the 427 eagle on the doors and Thunderbolt lightning bolt logo on the rear quarter, this car screams of Ford's Total Performance.

This '70 Mustang looks super cool, although it's not a replica of any specific Trans-Am racer. Beside the Galaxie, the Fairlane was also outfitted in NASCAR trim and there are many examples of Mercury NASCAR possibilities to choose from as well. Beside Mercury's extensive history in drag racing and NASCAR it also campaigned in almost every other field of racing as well. Here you have the styling of the Fairlane car (being a '66 Ranchero) with an optional big-block engine if you wanted it, plus the huge bed. To return to the start, the first step you need to repay the horizontal velocity component and start to accelerate in the opposite direction.
Hence, by this time it was possible to get a big-block in a Ranchero and a little later 428 Cobra Jet versions were created. From a standpoint of versatility Ford was determined to be second to none and it offered this model of the Fairlane in no less than five body styles. Actually, the formal roof line also gives the car an additional "sleeper" dimension that some people love. This is not high-dollar stuff here, just a high level of attention to paint work and detail. This owner decided to go with the Thunderbolt-style power, even though his car is not a sedan or a replica. This car was very popular with young families of the time, and most people chose the inline six. If this were our car it would look the same as it does here but have an EFI 347 with an AOD and 3.55 gears. For original equipment under the hood this convertible was equipped with the killer 406 FE 4V engine.
This '63 example is a factory 427 version and borrows the fiberglass "teardrop" hood from the factory lightweight racers offered at the time in very limited numbers. This beautiful '64-'66 square Bird customization is one of the nicest T-bird jobs we've ever seen.
Convertible Thunderbirds of this vintage are now so valuable that usually owners let them stand in their original glory. However, this fellow found a basket case two-seat Thunderbird and created the fantastic custom job you see here. The reason our buddy is starting with this car is because it is a '69 XR-7 R-code 428 CJ convertible. Using a teardrop hood, high beam air inlets, and these graphics, any '64 Fairlane can have Thunderbolt appeal. The blacked out upper surfaces, sponsorship decals and mini-lite-style wheels speak the Trans-Am performance message loud and clear. Here is a perfect Mercury clone project subject in the form of a Dan Gurney Cougar coming straight from the original Trans-Am days. It's one of many ultra-nice Ford station wagon models we've seen given the restomod treatment. Indeed we've seen countless Ranchero's of all stripes that make fantastic alternative classic Ford projects. In the second place, this mission is resuming operations after a year of the accident, and a six-month break.
Flight profile is well illustrated by the scheme: This is a photo in big size Orange marked areas of the engines, after the separation of the engines of the first stage will include three more times. Launch All very nice, but at night the landing will be less spectacular.Therefore, a bit cheated. Although we love all Mustangs, there comes a time when we yearn for something a little different.
Besides the timeless two-door hardtop, the car was also offered in a two-door sedan or "post" version. Adding nothing more than a set of Vintage Wheel Works five-spokes transforms the car on the outside, as you can see here.
This Wimbledon White example has only a set of American Racing wheels and a factory style R-code 427 hood to tip off an unsuspecting opponent. The 427 FE the owner installed certainly replicates the Thunderbolt power source accurately-and this car gets with the program in an authoritative way when the throttle hits the floor. The big news powerplant for this car was the brand-new-for-'62 260 cubic inch Fairlane V-8.
Why mess with perfection when this 10.9:1 compression mill pumps out 385 hp at 5,800 rpm in stock form? On a car as rare and valuable as this one, this fellow has the right idea; stopping his modifications at the hood and period-correct Cragar SS five-spoke mags. Like the '63 Falcon we saw earlier, this car has the shaved door handles and emblem delete treatment for a more streamlined look. However, don't imagine for a moment that getting a Thunderbird convertible to look like this one isn't a major project.
The owner tossed the Y-block engine and now the car has supercharged 5.0 EFI power and overdrive.
If you're after an alternative slant for your garden-variety fastback how about a colorful replica of one of the original 50 factory prepared '68 Cobra Jet Mustang racers?
And thirdly, for the first time SpaceX and throughout the history of space exploration will attempt a soft landing of the first stage to the Baikonur launch.

First stage on three engines repay horizontal speed and will accelerate toward the spaceport. Fortunately for us, the classic Ford universe is filled with many cool alternative project possibilities.
This car had a formal roofline and was popular with drag racers because of the rigid body structure. We were going to go to town on this car with all sorts of interesting modifications and upgrades but somebody we met saw it with the wheels, fell in love, and made us an offer so good we couldn't refuse.
This engine would shortly become the famous 289, which in factory modified form, would go on to win twice at Le Mans in the GT40 later in the 1960's. Engine options were the order of the day and the 406 could also be had in a factory three-deuce set up.
The 390 FE engine that came as standard equipment in this car makes them interstate express vehicles and we'd love to have this car with an FE and AOD trans combination for the drivetrain. If cutting up an original bothers you, check out Regal Roadsters for a fiberglass kit alternative. Although this project car had a high initial cost, the result is certain to be very valuable. The Rye Ford Cobra Jet graphics on this car certainly add visual excitement and would garner plenty of attention at the traffic light. To perform the latter task of the first stage will have to be developed after the separation, slow down, repay the horizontal speed, once again turn for the final braking to reach the landing area and to make a soft landing. Then, as the three engines stage slow down, falling from 90 to 50 km, because the missile has a very small cross-sectional area and badly hampered incident flow.
The range of choices is considerable and Falcons, Fairlanes, and Galaxies all count as very worthy subjects. Never underestimate the value of a good set of wheels and tires no matter what type of classic Ford car you're working with.
If you came across the little old lady from Pasadena in this car you'd definitely have your hands full with her "brand-new shiny red Super Stock Dodge." However, we'll have the Blue Oval sleeper solution to her a little later on for you.
As alternative project car possibilities go remember that with the Falcon platform you get lightweight, compact size, and the potential to easily fit a very powerful midsized engine. Fortunately, thanks to a wonderful scenario for the Orbiter, we can look at this process is almost as immediate audience. Also in this area is likely to be made ??more precise aiming in the sea near the landing point (in case of engine failure at the final stage).
Some of these cars have interesting racing pedigrees and the range of possibilities for replicas or clones is huge. In our long and varied classic Ford travels we have seen interesting incarnations of each body style, and even the four-door cars have their place in the classic Ford world.
Then, when you turn on the third has only one engine, the missile will go to the safe path and produce the main landing or four spare area.
Both the Galaxie and Fairlane have colorful NASCAR histories and replicas of these racers would be very interesting subjects.
This car started life as a plain jane Fairlane 500, but this fellow chose to go with a custom color, emblems and molding delete, and larger late-model Bullitt Mustang wheels and tires. The same is true of Mercury with the Comet, Cougar, and Cyclones all being great project possibilities and all having a colorful and extensive racing heritage. It is interesting that despite the fact that the return to the launch pad has never been used in the history of space exploration, this regime is being followed for the Space Shuttle. The exact sequence diagram in flight is not yet known, but these approximate values ??close to the truth – the laws of physics and ballistics has not been canceled. Even classic Ford vehicles that are usually considered outside of the Total Performance framework make interesting possibilities. In the event of an accident at the beginning of shuttle flights had to switch to RTLS Abort (Return To Launch Site – return to the starting point). Certainly the Thunderbird is one choice that is not considered a muscle car, per se, but nonetheless they are great-looking cars that came from the factory with plenty of power.
Also consider the likes of the Maverick, Pinto, and Mustang II; even fullsize trucks make great projects.
This regime has never had to use it, but it was fully designed, tested, programmed, and the astronauts were trained on him. This fuel could go on all the rocket acceleration, and a simple calculation on the Tsiolkovsky rocket equation shows that in the tanks is still about 30 tons of fuel.
Incidentally, in the case of a successful landing the first stage will not be re-used, and to explore the stands SpaceX. The road to the re-usable steps is not straightforward and easy, for example, serious problems may arise with the soot from the burning engine and gas generator kerosene. Starting on Monday postponed for a day, so you can easily understand the Orbiter, it will be done.
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