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The Eds, looking for some easy money, decide to catch some fish from Ed's backyard pool to sell, only to find themselves with absolutely no success.
Eddy, desperate to conceal his problem, tries to use his dad's wig to conceal his problem, only for it to be attacked by Ed. The Eds try to get Eddy across the street to Rolf's house, unnoticed, but The Kids suddenly appear and begin to take photos of Eddy's pimples, and are chased to Rolf's House. Kevin: "There goes the 'Ugly Dorkling'!" [everybody except Edd and Rolf laugh]Edd: [angered] "Are we just about done?!" [everybody abruptly stops their laughing, and Edd forces everyone out the door] "Please leave in an orderly manner! When the Eds were "fishing," Eddy wasn't wearing any shoes, but when Ed shows Eddy his zit at the pond, Eddy's shoes are on even though he was not shown putting them on. When Ed shows Eddy his zit, being a reflection in the water, his stripe should be on the other side. Before Eddy looks into the bathroom mirror, Ed applies a toilet plunger to his bib-covered head. When Rolf gives Eddy a mirror to show him that his head no longer has the zit, his head was not red. This is the only episode where Jonny makes a scam (although his and Plank's penny dance may be considered one). The second half of the Mis-Edventures mission, "Must Be Something I Ed" is similar to this episode.
The title card picture might be a play on the term "pizza face," meaning someone with lots of zits.
Once Eddy found out the results of Rolf's "cure," he referred to Rolf as a "quack." A "quack" refers to a person who promotes a medical remedy or practice that is widely considered to be ineffective. Kevin and Sarah were the only kids who didn't seem ashamed when Edd sent them out, showing their dislike for Eddy which has been seen vice versa. Also, based on her expression when everybody was taking photos, she looked worried, implying she shows sympathy for Eddy. When Rolf takes his pants off, you can see him wearing black socks, but in "One of Those Eds," he doesn't wear socks under his shoes.

The Eds are fishing.Edd, as usual, doesn't like anything that can be construed as a sport."Oh goody, goody! My first promo card of my Oc Jackie Fox.He said "You Look Like a Moron!!" I used Adobe Flash CS4 Professional to draw it.I hope you like it, fellows deviants!!
In this episode, Eddy gets a huge pimple and is aided by Rolf, who tries to help make it disappear while at the same time trying to not let others see it.
Despite Edd's skepticism that they'll actually find anything, Ed claims he got a bite and, upon pulling his Fishing Pole, The Eds find a fish-like creature constructed from various foodstuffs (Ed's Freezer Experiment, which Ed reveals that Sarah had hidden after he cleaned it out of their freezer) at the end of the fishing rod. Edd then tries to help Eddy by trying to conceal the "zit" with some foundation, only for the pimple to grow bigger.
Rolf pulls Eddy out of a Giant Tomato and shows Eddy his face, revealing that his pimple is gone, but his head has been shrunk considerably and he had a higher pitch voice. You can play connect-the-dots." [rolls up shirt revealing his back with a zit-connected boat] "See?
Dad's rug really does the trick, huh?"Ed: [freaked out] "Attack the wig!" [Ed grabs the wig with his mouth and shakes his head like a dog]Edd: [shocked] "Ed! However, once Eddy's reflection is shown in the mirror, the bib has all of a sudden vanished, but the toilet plunger stays. The mission involves Eddy having an allergic reaction from eating a footpowder-flavored jawbreaker that makes his face look sickly green, along with the kids taking snapshots of him in his hideous appearance at the end of the mission.
However, he wore one in "Quick Shot Ed" and "A Boy and His Ed," yet he showed no signs of fear. Ed, clearly happy to see it again, thrashes it back into the water, causing a wave that sends them flying into a bush. Eddy turns back to tell Edd he'd made it bigger only to find that Jonny had been charging the kids 25 cents to see his zit. Rolf begins making Carbuncle of the Flesh Stew, a remedy he'd learned about in The Old Country that is handed down through many pimply-faced elders. Eddy, outraged, demands for Rolf to fix his head while Edd, intrigued, asks for an explanation as to how he did it, while Ed asks Rolf to shrink his head, too.

Diplomatic Security Service agent known as Luke Hobbs is tasked to pursue and arrest the team responsible for the events that happened in Ed, Edd n Eddy's Frozen Adventure. Eddy, after recoiling, immediately pounces on Ed to reprimand him about ruining scams, but Ed seems to be distracted by something else. After a round of humiliation (which made his pimple grow considerably) by The Kids and Ed, Edd angrily tells them to leave the house, disgusted by their antics over Eddy's pimple. He gets Eddy to marinate in a barrel full of lard and Edd and Ed to help him prepare the broth, which includes softening a squid and grating a turnip.
The episode ends with The Eds chasing Rolf around his backyard to get him to shrink Ed's head, to fix Eddy's and to provide Edd with an explanation. After being asked by Eddy as to what he's looking at, Ed takes Eddy to the pond to see his reflection, revealing a red lump on top of his head. Ed then sadly leaves, but Edd tells him that he doesn't have to leave, which causes him to happily come back.
Rolf then adds the Pickled Towel of Mith and states that the simmering of the towel takes 14 days and 14 nights to prepare, which shocks Eddy. Upon an observation by Edd, Edd reveals it's nothing more than a pimple and that he should be proud of it, as he's now reaching adulthood. Rolf, sympathizing for poor Eddy, tells The Eds to stop by Rolf's House in 1 hour to get rid of the zit. Edd tells Eddy to stop worrying; however, Eddy decides to hide when Ed calls for Jonny and Plank. Rolf then places a crate on his head and then places a chicken in the crate, claiming they must be quick.
Ed states to Edd he really wants a chicken peck on the head, but Rolf tells Ed and Eddy to pick Eddy up in 24 hours, which Rolf spends carving a wooden shoe.

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