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Eddy (after Edd explains the reason for Jimmy's copying of Ed to him) decides to mold him into a master scammer. However, once in a while an egg will actually contain two yolks, so this may or may not have been intentional. When Jimmy was going to do his second try at throwing eggs at Sarah's picture, Eddy gave him three eggs, but when Jimmy hit Ed and Edd, there were more than three eggs thrown at them. This episode marks the first allusion to the mysterious "Dodgeball Incident" associated with Edd. This is one of the few episodes that Jimmy calls Sarah for help whenever the Eds are threatening him. Running Gag: When Jimmy doesn't listen to Eddy, he gets a wedgie from Eddy, which happens four times. Additionally, this episode was referenced by Eddy in "Stuck in Ed" by a fourth wall break (when Eddy says "Oh yeah!
Eddy references renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci after Edd mocks Eddy for not coming up with ideas for scams. Jimmy is being tugged around a backyard by his retainer, frantically trying to stop when he slams full force into a fence and slides up it. This in mind, the Eds decide to make their debut in the flashiest way possible, and to this extent roll out a red carpet into the lane when the kids are all playing and stage a fake TV interview. When Rolf says that his audition is a "The traditional dance of the hairless otter", Eddy tells him "NEXT! The magic words Jimmy says during his magic act (Bubbly bubbly boo) are a parody of the fairy godmother's magic words (Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo) in Walt Disney's adaptation of Cinderella. When Jimmy plays the tune on his retainer, the sound heard is that of a Jew's harp, which is traditionally played by putting one end in your mouth and plucking the other end.
When the magnet got attracted to the dumpster instead of attracting the money that was thrown to Kevin and Rolf, Edd assumes the batteries must have been put in backwards, but if the batteries were in backwards, then the magnet should not work at all, not work in reverse.
Kevin - "Ha ha, losers!" This is what Kevin says in Ed, Edd n Eddy - The Mis-Edventures (except the GBA version) when the player loses all their energy.
When Edd says "There's no business like it!", he is referencing the song "There's No Business Like Show Business" from the musical Annie Get Your Gun.
Attention: About %80 of broken-missing video reports we recieve are invalid so that we believe the problems are caused by you, your computer or something else.
Video is definitely there but it may take some time to load because of high demands to the servers. Edd is holed up in his garage with the lights off when Ed and Eddy burst in and turn on the lights. Eddy then leads his friends around the cul-de-sac in an attempt to find out what the key will open. At the given time, the Eds head for the lane, Edd complaining that he wasn't talking about holding the key for ransom. Having captured them, the Kankers put the key to good use by locking the boys' feet in stocks made from the door.
This is the fourth episode where Kevin never uses the word "dork" or anything with the word "dork" in it. This episode is included on the Game Boy Advance video cartridge Cartoon Network Collection: Limited Edition.
One night at the Park n' Flush, the Kanker Sisters are fast asleep when they hear noises in their kitchen. The next day, Rolf is preparing to deliver a giant weiner to a market, when his animals start acting wildly. Meanwhile, Edd and Eddy find out Ed had been sleep-walking again and that he was sleeping in Kevin's refrigerator when he stopped sleep-walking. Meanwhile, the Kankers cause chaos throughout the entirety of Peach Creek, not just the Cul-de-Sac, leaving the kids cowering in fear. Eddy first tries to pull it loose using trees for leverage, but they simply come crashing down on him. Meanwhile, the Eds fail to get the ship-'n'-a-bottle off of Ed's finger through the tape; taping the bottle to the ceiling and jumping off the banister simply rips off a piece of the ceiling. The sisters extract them through the faucet, and Eddy is quick to brace for a heavy hitting.
May: [picks up a phone to call the police] "What number do you dial for 911?!" [Lee grabs May and smashes the phone with her fist]Lee: "No cops! Ed: [having gotten rid of the soap]: "I dispense with you, disgusting detergent of the deep! In the beginning of the episode when Lee tells her sisters they would get the bottle "Kanker style" and then laughs, Marie doesn't have her wristband on. When the Kankers rip open the fence into Kevin's backyard, Marie is back in her pajamas when they close it. When the screen overviews the Cul-de-Sac in ruins, Ed's house is destroyed, but when it shows Sarah hiding in her room, it is completely unaffected.
When Edd answers the door and finds out it is the Kankers, no lock can be seen on it, but later when he closes the door and walks away from it, there is a lock which Edd then uses to lock the door.
Ed's foot has been miscolored to Eddy's skin when the camera shifts to Edd while under the sink.
When the Kankers get into a fight in Edd's kitchen, you can see black pants, a green top and red cap. If you look closely at the title card, you can see a bottle there, referring to the Kanker's ship-in-a-bottle and the plot of the episode.
The Kanker Hissy Fit would reappear in the Cul-de-Sac Smash 2: Wheels of Fury game and would be used as a special attack by Lee. Above the Kankers' bed, a poster for a motor boat company can be seen with the phrase "Since 1957." This is a reference to the show's creator Danny Antonucci, whose birth year was 1957. After a series of tests, which involve things like manipulation of Ed in to doing the heavy lifting and throwing eggs at a picture of Sarah (and Ed and Edd), it's time for Jimmy's first scam.
In this episode, Eddy sees Ed do a little dance in the Junkyard and decides that he should create a show that will show off people's talent and make some profit. Rolf and Kevin, who are standing on the other side of the fence in the lane notice this, but are soon distracted by things flying out of Kevin's pocket, including a wrench, a bike pump, and a radio.
Once Kevin and Rolf give up on the dorks, Edd and Eddy climb out of their hiding place only to see Ed pretending to be a showman. The auditions are held in a garage, where everyone will have a chance to showcase their talent. Eddy then announces that they're doing a telethon for a charitable cause: Ed's eyebrow operation. Unlike Eddy's entertainment, the kids are actually pleased by this, and are willing to throw change at the performers, Rolf and Kevin. There's no budget for subtitles." This is a gag (and a fourth wall break) referring to the fact no one knows what Rolf says in his native language, although his dance might not require any verbal activity.
After trying Jimmy's retainer and finding that the key doesn't work on it, Ed attempts to use the key on Beatrice's udder.

Eddy gets the idea that the key will open the case, and runs after Rolf, who has stopped next to Edd. Another one of Edd's laments about how they must return the key to its rightful owner sparks an idea in Eddy's head, though, and shortly thereafter every kid in the cul-de-sac save Jonny receives an anonymous message informing them that "We have what you lost. Along the way, they trip over Jonny and Plank, who are napping; when Eddy and Edd head onwards, Ed carries the boy and his board away to protect him from the vultures. The Kankers have shown up, and they're none too happy about having been denied entry into a neighborhood brawl. The fence appeared to be white when he crashed, but on the second shot where Eddy comes across Ed, the fence is shown to be brown.
Stream cartoons Ed Edd n Eddy Episode 58 Episode Description : Eddy tries to convince the kids of the cul-de-sac (and himself) that it is still summer, even though it is actually the day before school starts. In this episode, the Kankers try to retrieve their missing ship in-a-bottle, even if it means going on a warpath and destroying the neighborhood in the process.
The Kankers awaken from their sleep quickly and rush down the stairs, where they find that the thief that was there had gotten away, leaving the kitchen in a mess, and that is when they notice that their prized ship-'n'-a-bottle is missing. Rolf is quick to sense trouble approaching, and rushes all of his livestock to his cellar before it's too late.
Kevin has the other Eds come get their friend back while he starts on his chores, and when they do, they notice that Ed has a mysterious ship-'n'-a-bottle stuck on his finger. Soon comes the first debut of the "Kanker Hissy Fit", which causes more damage and destruction throughout the cul-de-sac and leaves the everyone in peril. Without soap as an option for getting the ship-'n'-a-bottle off of Ed's finger (since Ed is scared of it), Ed suggests they use sticky tape.
However, the Kankers just take the bottle off of Ed's finger since that is what they came for this whole time.
For I, Ed, can remove the bottle with sticky tape!"Edd: "Sticky tape?"Eddy: [outraged with Ed's idea] "Stick? Later after seeing how much bonding two people do together, Eddy takes Jimmy under his wing as a temporary apprentice and tries to make Jimmy a scammer like himself. She makes the Eds play with Jimmy while she's at her ballet lesson so he will have someone to play with (also threatening Ed that she would break his model rocket in two if he didn't).
Jimmy goes for a trampoline scam, which is more successful than any of Eddy's previous scams (and Edd even admits that the would never have thought of making a trampoline from the materials that Jimmy used, to which Jimmy replies smugly that it was obvious he wouldn't, making Edd angry). Rolf, believing this to be the work of the sirens of the hungry tree, gets on his knees to begin begging forgiveness.
Eddy directs him for entertainment, and when both he and Edd laugh, he notes that it's all about the directing. Eddy" is auditioning local talent for his show, which will have glitz, tinsel, and TV cameras. It seems that Ed's eyebrow is starting to grow all over his body (as evidenced by the fake hair on Ed's belly). The Eds aren't out of it yet, and they return with their magnet from earlier, which they aim at the performers in an attempt to pluck up the change. Well, you're a-"Kevin: [interrupting and mocking Eddy] "Oooh, welcome to the dork telethon. The kids are repeatedly unimpressed, but Eddy does not give up, but Ed and Edd are unimpressed as well.
However we also experienced that your browser may cause the problem if this is the case restart your browser completely and try again. Hearing this, his friends are quick to leap on him, and Ed drains the bottle of its contents.
Edd, still feeling guilty, tries to convince Eddy that they just have to give it back, even as Eddy uses the key on a manhole cover and Ed tries it on a fire hydrant. Edd is moralizing on the state of humanity, but Rolf, not really understanding what Edd is rambling about, simply suggests that Edd should eat more fiber. Edd and Eddy cry for mercy as the Kankers' place the soles of their feet against those of their chosen boyfriends, giving them footsies, which Edd and Eddy deem disgusting and Ed deems clammy. Something dear and personal, like a box of photographs, or a diary with pages of truth and duration, or as simple as a locket of love. At school, the Eds find they’ve been assigned separate home rooms, and must negotiate with the Kankers if they want to spend the school year together. In the meantime, the Eds find out that the ship in-a-bottle is stuck on Ed's finger and now they must try to find a way to get it off of Ed's finger. Edd determines that removing it will not be easy, and the trio try to find a way to get it off. So, they go to Sarah's bedroom to find the tape without her permission, where Sarah is hiding away in her toy box from the Kankers. Edd realizes that the bottle is theirs and calmly closes the door and locks it before he immediately freaks out and tells the others who the bottle belongs to, causing Eddy and Ed to freak out. The girls then leave with their possession, arguing over who gets to carry it while they head back home. The countertop is chest high to Lee, but when the Eds are on the floor, Ed is above the counter top and Edd's hat is barely over the top.
Eddy believes this is because they're "getting good at this." It also happened later on in "May I have this Ed?" when the Eds managed to escape the school dance without being harmed from Rolf's oversized dance suit tearing down the school. All of the kids are excited by this and run off to audition, except for Kevin, who auditions by blowing them a raspberry and walking away. Unfortunately, only Jonny and Ed can hear the board's statements, which naturally means that Plank isn't going to appear on the bill.
Eddy starts the show, and right from the start, it doesn't go well, as Nazz is the first up.
Unfortunately, Edd seems to have put the batteries in backwards, and the magnet turns back on them and slams them into a dumpster lid that subsequently shuts, leaving them "kinda funky". Bravo."(giggles) "That was fun!" (giggles)Ed, Edd n Eddy was filmed in front of a live studio audience.Live from Peach Creek, heeeeeeeeeerrrrrreeeee's Eddy!"Operators are standing by to take your money! Seeing this, Edd yells at him to freeze, as any movement might set off the soda; Eddy, who is smarting from not having gotten a taste of the soda, proceeds to tickle Ed, making him shake wildly. Eddy quickly hides the key behind his back, and when Lee notices he's hiding something, Eddy quickly jams it into Ed's mouth.
It's our responsibility to see that this key returns to its forsaken owner so life can-" [The key flies into the gap in Edd's teeth.] "Mortified?
May wants to dial 911, but the phone is crushed by Lee, who would rather recover their ship-'n'-a-bottle "Kanker style".
She scolds the Eds for entering her room without her seeking permission first, and the Eds leave for Edd's house with the tape. After the Kankers break down the door, the Eds try to hide from the Kankers, but they fail to stay hidden in the cupboard under the kitchen sink.
The Eds make it out safely except for Eddy, who somehow got his finger stuck in the faucet.
The Eds decide to play games, much to the misery of weaklings Jimmy and Edd, so Eddy chooses dodgeball.

Unfortunately for them, Edd's invention seems to be averse to certain metal alloys, and when Ed turns on the radio in an attempt to "get funky", they fall out of the tree in front of Rolf and Kevin, who quickly figure what's going on. Showbiz, and this strikes Eddy with the idea to go into show business; after all, there's no business like it. Eddy is annoyed by this, but is willing to put up with the idea of a prima donna so long as the show gets rolling–a statement which Ed takes as his cue to roll up the red carpet and get them out of there.
Her tuba actually manages to swallow Eddy accidentally, and she blows him out of the end, with Eddy only serving to make her tone even more sour.
Soon enough, the soda is set off in Ed's stomach, and Ed explodes out of the garage, spewing soda fizz everywhere as he flies through the cul-de-sac.
Hearing this, Eddy apologizes, but as soon as Edd turns his back, Edd receives a sharp kick in the butt. Rolf offers to show them what's inside; when Eddy accepts, Rolf opens the suitcase and pulls out an accordion, which he proceeds to play. Kevin makes a similar accusation, and the two fight, with Kevin wanting his headphones back and Rolf wanting his eggplant cup. The Eds then make a break for it, but Ed is slowed down by Jonny, and the Kankers tackle him. Shortly after, the Kankers show up to destroy Sarah's room while searching for their lost possession.
Edd leaves to get soap for the problem while Ed leaves to get the Kankers to help with it, much to Eddy's fear. After causing Ed pain, Eddy turns his attention to Edd, who flashbacks to the torment of gym class and a mysterious "dodgeball incident". Sarah promptly shoves Eddy and Edd down Ed's throat and through his ears, then she and Jimmy leave for the candy store.
Her audition is horrible, with one loud, long, horrible note that destroys everyone's eardrums. Sarah and Jimmy then arrive, each with a bag of jawbreakers, and demand that Jimmy's shampoo be returned.
Jonny goes flying, landing in Eddy's arms, and both he and Edd look back as the Kankers proceed to try and beat Ed's swallowed loot out of him. Rolf, meanwhile, stays hidden in his cellar through the end of the episode, and the Cul-de-Sac has been almost completely destroyed due to the Kankers' rampage. This memory frightens Edd so hard that he (along with Jimmy) breaks down into anguished tears of fear. Edd remarks that Eddy truly created a monster and Eddy replies that it makes him feel all warm inside.
Luckily for her, she's the neighborhood heartthrob, so there's no way that Eddy's going to miss out on casting her.
When the song ends, however, Eddy has managed to get his friends out of there, leaving Rolf strangely alone.
She pops out of her toy box and screams at her brother, only to get spotted by the Kankers and be tied up in a sack by them and have her mouth shut (literally).
The act after her is Rolf, who wants to do his native land's "Dance of the Hairless Otter", but isn't even allowed to audition because, according to Eddy, there's no budget for subtitles. Eddy believes that the key could open anything, from Al Capone's wallet to King Tut's tomb to some exploited cartoon character's theme park. When Sarah learns that the Kankers are looking for a ship-'n'-a-bottle, she remembers seeing Ed with one stuck to his finger.
Edd tries to convince his friend that they should just give the key back, but Eddy ignores him, as he thinks that the key is sure to open a door to some great treasure. The lane breaks into an all-out brawl, and that's when Eddy steps in, telling them that he has the key.
She manages to unseal her mouth and blurts to the Kankers about her sightings on their ship in a bottle. Jimmy is about to whistle for Sarah when Ed pleads Jimmy to not to since "Sarah is bad for Ed!".
Sarah dances and plays the banjo while Jimmy provides a background by twanging his retainer. No ringing forthcoming, Eddy signals that Edd should call up the next act, and Edd ducks backstage to call up Jimmy, only to find that Jimmy is undergoing a wardrobe malfunction. He then lands on Eddy while telling him not to hog the ball as well as saying to let Jimmy have a turn. Eddy yells at them to stop, and tells Jimmy that if he gets rid of Sarah, he's in the show. As Eddy watches, befuddled, Edd tells him that the key has indeed unlocked one thing: the paranoia and hostility that festered beneath the surface of the cul-de-sac. Jimmy is happy that he gets a turn and to make it easier for Eddy to stay in position, Ed then rubs Eddy's shirt on his head a few times before sticking him to the garage door like a magnet. Finally, though, the phones ring, but on the other end is Ed, wanting to know if you keep donations in the fridge. In a panic, Edd and Eddy inform Ed of the dire emergency, only for Ed to declare nonchalantly that he has a key. After Ed gives Jimmy the ball, Edd notes that the position is way to far for Jimmy and asks him to move Jimmy closer. Ed puts his hand in his pocket and finds a hole, which leads him to suggest that his key fell out of his pants. His tricks don't go as planned, however, failing in the most spectacular ways, and the kids all laugh at him. Hearing this, Edd and Eddy swiftly realize the key they've been carrying around this whole time belongs to Ed. Eddy mocks Jimmy that he will not him that hard, but this proves to be a mistake as Jimmy is incredibly angered by this, hitting Eddy so hard with the ball that Eddy falls through the garage door. Jimmy, unable to take his magic act becoming a comedy of errors, runs offstage in tears and ends up getting in an accident.
Eddy desperately tries to get the key to work, but by now it's too late; the Kankers have found the Eds and proceed to capture them.
Kevin loudly calls for more entertainment with the express purpose of heckling it when another call comes in.
Eddy takes the call and finds out that Ed wants to know if pledges are bigger than a breadbox.
Eddy slams it down, and hears Kevin heckling him again, replete with an announcement that the kids should just go do their own show.
Rolf agrees with this assessment, and the audience leaves, much to the Eds' annoyance and despair.

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