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As a precautionary measure, remember not to keep the ice pack on the swollen ankle for more than twenty minutes. The doctor may advise to use crutches or walker, so that all the body weight does not fall on your swollen ankle. The doctor might prescribe certain pain relievers to get rid of the pain caused due to ankle swelling. After a few days, it is suggested to carry out a few rehab exercises, to bring the ankle back to movement. Most of the ankle swelling conditions can be effectively treated with the help of the aforementioned tips.
It is suggested to apply ice pack on the swollen ankle several times during the day, for around fifteen minutes every time to reduce ankle swelling.

Leaving the ice on the affected area for a longer time might worsen the condition of the ankle. The ankle should be properly wrapped with the ace bandage, so as to provide protection to the swollen ankle.
This would prevent further aggravation of the condition and would help in treating ankle swelling at a faster pace.
This practice of using crutches or walker while walking would not allow strain to fall on the swollen ankle, consequently speeding up the recovery process. You might get relief from the pain, but these medicines do not help in treating the problem from the roots. Therefore, it is advised to follow the aforementioned tips of making use of ace wrap, taking proper rest, elevation and using ice pack as effective swollen ankle treatment options, rather than taking the support of pain relievers.

However, in case of severe tear of ligaments, which might occur as a result of ankle sprain, surgery might be recommended.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. It is important to treat ankle swelling as soon as it occurs, so that the recovery process is speeded up and any other major problem in the ankle is avoided. It is strongly recommended to have rest and restrict the movement of ankle, until pain subsides.

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