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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This is an officially licensed RoboCop t-shirt features the robot "ED-209" and says "Enforcement Droid Series 209 Omni Consumer Products" with the famous quote, "You Have 20 Seconds to Comply." Also on this shirt is the RoboCop logo. RoboCop is the 1987 science fiction action film that marked the first American film directed by Dutch filmmaker Paul Verhoeven (Starship Troopers). Detroit Police Department Officer Alex Murphy (Peter Weller) carries the SIG-Sauer P226 in 9x19mm as his sidearm before he becomes RoboCop. While the pistol was briefly featured earlier in both Rambo: First Blood Part II and Short Circuit, RoboCop is still one of the earliest films to feature the P226, and likely the first film to ever feature the gun prominently in actual firing sequences. Clarence Boddicker (Kurtwood Smith) uses two different types of the Desert Eagle in the film.
OCP executive Kinney (Kevin Page) nervously holds the polished chrome (or nickel) Desert Eagle Mark I on ED-209.
Mexican standoff: Steve Minh with his Mossberg 500 Cruiser shotgun, Joe Cox with his Beretta 92F, and one of Sal's men with a Detonics Scoremaster. A clubgoer catches Leon's Detonics ScoreMaster after it's knocked out of his hands by RoboCop.
The Heckler & Koch P9S is the standard sidearm of the Detroit Police Department in the movie. Detroit PD officers practice on the range with their P9s while RoboCop fires his Auto 9 in the background.
A closeup of a P9S being fired at RoboCop when as SWAT opens fire on him in the OCP parking garage. The convenience store robber with his Sterling Mk 6, a semiautomatic Civilian version of the Sterling SMG. When Emil Antonowsky (Paul McCrane) robs the gas station he threatens the clerk with an Ingram MAC-10 fitted with a recoil compensator and a modified folding stock. An Intratec TEC-9 mini with the barrel shroud removed can be seen in the hands of one of the guards at the cocaine factory. Deranged ex civil-servant Ron Miller (Mark Carlton), whom RoboCop punches out a window, uses a full-size Uzi in his siege of City Hall. The Micro Uzi is used by several of Sal's men as well as Sal himself in the cocaine factory shootout.
Clarence Boddicker (Kurtwood Smith) uses a modified Mossberg 5500, a short-barreled semi-automatic shotgun with a shortened barrel and heat shield, to fire at Murphy and Lewis during the highway chase and then to blow Murphy's limbs off during his death scene. Clarence Boddicker (Kurtwood Smith) holds his custom Mossberg 5500 as he prepares to fire at the police car.
Steve Minh (Calvin Jung) wields a Mossberg 500 Cruiser with a distinctive sling swivel at the front throughout the movie, notably in the drug lab shootout. Mossberg 500 Bullpup shotguns are used by the Detroit SWAT teams, seen during the standoff at City Hall and when the police open fire on RoboCop at the OCP building. A SWAT officer holds a Mossberg 500 Bullpup shotgun during the standoff at the Detroit City Hall. Lieutenant Hedgecock (Michael Gregory) gives the order for the SWAT officers to open fire on RoboCop with their Mossberg 500 Bullpup shotguns. Leon Nash (Ray Wise) uses an Ithaca 37 with pistol-grip and extended magazine tube during the van chase with Lewis and Murphy. Leon Nash opens fire on Lewis and Murphy with his Ithaca 37 while Joe Cox uses a Remington 870.
The Franchi SPAS-12 is used by one of Sal's men during the drug lab shootout and by at least one SWAT officer during the standoff at the Detroit City Hall.

The SWAT officer on the left at city hall aims his SPAS-12 with the stock extended as Hedgecock negotiates at City Hall. One of the guards at the cocaine factory fires at RoboCop with what appears to be a Remington 1100 with extended magazine tube. One of Boddicker's men (professional stuntman Neil Summers to the far right) fires his Remington at the cops. Murphy takes out one of Boddicker's men (Neil Summers) when he tries to grab his Remington 870. In a continuity error, the Remington 870 Folding Stock shotgun with an an extended magazine tube Joe Cox uses switches to what appears to be a Remington 870 police magnum with a standard mag tube. A Daewoo K1A is used by several of Sal's men in the drug lab shootout including Sal's bodyguard (Allan Graf). Sal's bodyguard (Allan Graf) is shot by RoboCop but still keeps his finger on the trigger of his Daewoo K1A. Some of Sal's men during the drug lab shootout are seen with AKM assault rifles fitted with black furniture. When Clarence Boddicker (Kurtwood Smith) and his gang are asked by Dick Jones (Ronny Cox) to kill RoboCop, they are provided with an experimental military weapon being developed by OCP called the "Cobra Assault Cannon".
SWAT officers firing at RoboCop; the officer on the left has an FN Minimi while the other two have Steyr AUGs (they are holding them sideways to deflect the brass). An MM1 grenade launcher is briefly shown being used by one of the SWAT officers that are ordered to open fire on RoboCop.
An officer in the background (towards the left) wields an MM1 behind two officers using Mossberg 500 Bullpup shotguns.
Phil Tippett, who animated the stop-motion Imperial Walkers in the Star Wars films The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, directed the stop-motion animation of the ED-209 unit, which included the guns' firing. ED-209 moves its right gun-arm cannon on RoboCop (Peter Weller) but Robo grabs it and shoves it away just before ED fires. Peter Weller stars in the film as Alex Murphy, a Detroit police officer who after being gunned down by a vicious gang, is resurrected by a mega-corporation as the cybernetic law enforcement officer of the future. His partner, Anne Lewis (Nancy Allen) also uses one in the abandoned factory and throughout the remainder of the film, although it appears that her sidearm was a P9S earlier.
Visible in this image are the bulges on the side of the frame to fit a double-stack magazine, which is the key difference between the P226 and the single-stack P220. His main weapon is an Desert Eagle Mark I in .357 Magnum with an elongated threaded barrel (sometimes fitted with a suppressor).
Goins) uses a Beretta 92F during the shootout at the drug lab, as does at least one of Sal's thugs.
Sal's (Lee de Broux) bodyguard (Allan Graf) in the drug lab also uses a Detonics Scoremaster.
Guns, guns, guns!" Sal's bodyguard (Allan Graf) on the upper right aims his Detonics Scoremaster. Lewis is seen giving a P9S to Murphy during the van chase and Murphy uses it during the shootout with Clarence Boddicker's men (although it appears that she carries a SIG later). Think you can outsmart a bullet?" Emil with his MAC-10 on the bookworm gas station attendant. He switches to a Remington 870 in the warehouse (presumably using Joe Cox's 870), while Emil Antonowsky (Paul McCrane) uses the Ithaca. They appear to be standard Police Magnum Folder variants, though at least one has an extended magazine tube.
This appears to be a standard 'Police Magnum Folder' variant, with factory folding stock and regular wooden foregrip.

Note that the 870 he drops has an extended magazine tube, despite it previously having a standard mag tube when he lays it down (Previous screencap).
The Cobras are actually older-specification Barrett M82 long-range .50 BMG rifles which have been dressed up extra plastic housing over the receivers and fitted with gigantic scopes (The scopes were originally supposed to show computer-generated targeting information, but this idea was scrapped due to budget constraints). The Minimi used in this scene is a full-size variant (as evidenced by the stock) which has had its barrel cut down.
Referred as having a 'modular weapons system', the left 'gun-arm' contains two 20mm cannons while the right contains a single 20mm gun and three missile launchers (firing heat-seeking missiles). The muzzle flashes were created with pieces of cotton (stretched numerous ways), painted a special orange color, and lit with flash-bulb tubes modified to be placed inside the guns of the actual ED-209 miniature.
Apparently, the ED-209 has perfect targeting because there is no collateral damage despite the heavy caliber.
As he begins his new life as "RoboCop", Murphy starts to regain a bit of his humanity with the help of his former partner Anne Lewis (Nancy Allen). Later on the station range, we see many police officers firing their P9s, indicating clearly that this weapon is their standard-issue. Another 5500 with heat-shield is seen in the hands of a Detroit SWAT officer during the hostage incident at City Hall. When the SWAT officers advance on RoboCop, their AUG's are held sideways to eject the brass cartridges downwards. The Cobra fires some type of powerful high explosive incendiary round that explodes upon impact (judging by the lack of substantial recoil, this is likely some form of low-pressure grenade); in the film, Clarence Boddicker memorably tests the weapon by firing it at the 6000 SUX sedan stolen by Joe Cox (Jesse D.
Clarence!!" Boddicker demonstrates the power of the 'Cobra Assault Cannon' (actually a modified Barrett M82) on Joe's new car, much to his protests. The ED-209 unit also contained twin launchers in a pocket behind the head that could fire either explosive mortar rounds or gas grenades - These weapons were in the design but were never used in the film. The effect was enhanced with a large amount of optical diffusion to give the 'flashes' the more 'burned-in' look of gunfire. The popularity of the RoboCop character would spawn two more feature films, a 1994 live-action series, two animated television series, a four-part movie miniseries as well as a 2014 remake. A chrome (or possibly nickel) version is used by Dick Jones (Ronny Cox) in the climax of the film. Apparently, these are loaded with high-penetration rounds, because they can somehow damage RoboCop, whereas he is impervious to the AK rounds fired at him in the cocaine factory. The cannons are used on the hapless executive Kinney during its initial demonstration in the boardroom scene. The chrome pistol is the same weapon used in the infamous scene in which the hapless OCP executive Kinney (Kevin Page) is hamburgered whilst "threatening" the ED-209 prototype.
RoboCop renders this weapon useless by bending the barrel under the receiver of the gun - A notable goof, as the robber would need to be as strong as RoboCop in order for him hold the weapon still as the barrel was twisted around.
Anne Lewis (Nancy Allen) obtains one of these rifles and uses it against Leon Nash (Ray Wise) during the shootout at the abandoned steel mill. Both the cannons and missiles are also seen fired at RoboCop when he confronts Dick Jones inside the OCP building later in the film. The Desert Eagle was originally supposed to be RoboCop's main firearm, but it looked too small in RoboCop's hands once the suit was completed.
After RoboCop and Lewis take out Boddicker and his gang, RoboCop takes one of the Cobra Assault Cannons (presumably, the same one used by Lewis) to the OCP office building and uses it to destroy the ED-209 Robot out in front.

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