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In my NewsBlog Nnamdi Ebo, I provide perspectives on news, events and analysis of unique stories, and I also offer original content, articles and photos; with contributions from some of the best minds. Just before his discovery, Piot’s professors told him that he had no future in infectious diseases.
Piot is now one of the world’s foremost infectious diseases experts, and a former under-secretary general of the United Nations. Peter Piot: In the 38 years since 1976 until this current outbreak, there have been something like 1,500 people who died in total. JB: But the death toll was rising rapidly for months before the international community responded.
JB: We’ve seen a surge in the number of deaths now for weeks with no sign that the virus is slowing down. PP: I think this is a result of a perfect storm of a lack of trust in authorities, in western medicine, dysfunctional health services, a belief in witchcraft as cause of disease and not viruses, traditional funeral rites, and a very slow response both nationally and internationally.
JB: Most of what you point out here has to do with things that we had no control over — an accident of geography, local beliefs.
PP: This outbreak has highlighted the fact that we need to make sure we are far better equipped for epidemics in general.
I also think this outbreak is changing the paradigm that there will be more investment, and accelerated development of drugs for rare diseases. JB: Strengthening health systems seems to be the thing we need most to make sure all nations can identify and respond to outbreaks like this, but that’s also the hardest thing to fix. JB: Those long-term timelines don’t exactly square with political agendas, which are  short term. Most people’s views of Ebola are probably informed by Hollywood — they think of it as a deadly and contagious virus that swirls around the world, striking everyone in its path and causing them to hemorrhage from their eyeballs, ears and mouth until there is no more blood to spill. About the blood: while Ebola can cause people to hemorrhage, about half of Ebola sufferers ever experience that Biblical bleeding that’s become synonymous with the virus.
More often than not, Ebola strikes like the worst and most humiliating flu you could imagine. What makes Ebola scary is the fact that there is no cure or treatment yet on the market, but those who have access to hospital care — including fluids and antivirals — have a much higher chance of beating the disease.

Buhari In Paris to meet Hollande 12:45 am By admin President Muhammadu Buhari has arrived in Paris, France – on a 3-day visit – on the invitation of French President Francois Hollande. Nigerian govt may recall troops abroad to fight Boko Haram 3:04 am By admin Nigeria considers possible ‘troop surge’ to fight Boko Haram. Peter Piot was a young scientist, in 1976, he received a shiny, blue thermos in his Antwerp lab.
Back then, many people believed that science had solved the problems viruses created in humans with new vaccines and antivirals.
He’s been watching the world’s largest-ever epidemic unfold from his post in London, and we spoke with him about his thoughts on the outbreak and how the global community can prevent future tragedies of this scale.
For nearly 40 years, this disease has largely been ignored by the international community except for brief flashes of interest, mostly spurred by Hollywood. I always thought it was an accident of history where someone becomes infected — from a bat probably — and then an outbreak is contained. The longer we wait, the longer there is an insufficient response, the worse it will get, the more difficult it will be to control this epidemic through quarantine and isolation and all the methods that worked in the past. Can you point to a place where the ball was dropped in this Ebola response, something that should have been done to minimize the suffering in West Africa? Another impact is that there will be a financially protected team that can deal with outbreaks at the WHO and that there will be massive support to strengthen the health systems and services in these countries.
After war, we say ‘never again.’ After Katrina, we say ‘we’ll do this and that,’ and then it gets out of the public eye. There I think we’re better prepared with early alerts and the good news is that China is quite open now.
You need to have contact with the bodily fluids — vomit or sweat or blood — of someone who is symptomatic and shedding the virus to get the disease.
The trouble is, until now, Ebola always strikes in Africa — and among populations where few have access to that kind of advanced medical care. It was filled with the blood of a Belgium nun who worked in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (then Zaire).
But Piot would later discover that — in that “soup of half-melted ice” and cracked vials — lurked a deadly virus he named Ebola.

Early in the second or third week of July, I gave an interview with CNN and I said this crisis requires a state of emergency and a quasi-military operation.
But the good news is also that experimental therapies and vaccines for Ebola are now being tested for their efficacy so I think that’s positive.
There is an illusion that there is one fix for the three neighboring countries [battling Ebola — e.g. The  others return to a normal life after a months-long recovery that can include periods of hair loss, sensory changes, weakness, fatigue, headaches, eye and liver inflammation. That’s why health-care workers and family caretakers who nurse the sick have borne the burden of Ebola.
The woman had fallen ill with a mysterious sickness, and Piot was asked to screen the blood for yellow fever. I hope that the Ebola epidemic is a wake up call for that if we don’t invest more in these health systems, that we are at risk for a repetition of the current Ebola crisis.
In more recent years — still fortunately small outbreaks — there was open and prompt reporting [to the international community about flu cases]. But I felt that it was really getting out of hand and it looked like a completely different type of Ebola outbreak than we’d seen before.
But it shows again: when the right, or bad conditions are all combined with each other, then these things will happen again. It took 1,000 deaths before a public health emergency was declared by the WHO, and cynically it took two American doctors to become infected. I think that’s where particularly the local office of the WHO was inadequate, that’s for sure. It’s important to have a commitment to the long-term view — so when we’re talking about global health programs and international development, that there is the long-term view that includes building health systems. Again, about half of those infected with the virus die, and this usually happens fairly quickly — within a few days or a couple of weeks of getting sick.

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