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Inpatient eating disorder treatment has been hailed as the best treatment for eating disorder treatments.  Eating disorders exempt no one regardless of age, gender and race.
The treatment program involves a far-reaching plan essential in treating every aspect of the eating disorder which includes medical care, nutrition counseling and therapies. This kind of eating disorder treatment program is also called residential program- a specialized program designed to give far-reaching treatment program. The main objective of inpatient eating disorder treatment is to bring back overall health by maintaining sufficient dietary intake as well as limit too much exercise. Established in 1969, Magellan Health Services offers innovative health care solutions in association with government agencies, corporations and health plans across the country. According to The New York Times, people spend on average $30,000 per month on inpatient care for an eating disorder.
Once you secure confirmation that your eating disorder rehab will be covered by Magellan, you need to know what type of care is provided: inpatient or outpatient.
Keep in mind that no single timeframe is suitable for everyone seeking treatment for an eating disorder. Research shows that more time spent in treatment translates to better results in terms of long-term recovery. People with eating disorders are 50 percent more likely to harbor a co-occurring substance abuse problem compared to 9 percent for the normal population, according to the National Institutes of Health. Although treating a dual diagnosis is a serious challenge, total healing is not impossible.
Since an eating disorder is such a difficult health condition to treat when compared to other psychiatric disorders, you might require a more relaxing space to undergo healing.
Even though group and individual counseling, along with medication, are essential components of a good eating disorder rehab, luxury treatment facilities may add alternative remedies to aid in the healing process.
One of the most important amenities provided at a luxury treatment center is a private room.
With the number of amenities available to you at a luxury treatment center, and if your insurance will cover it, it is an option worth looking into. Many treatment centers offer their clients the opportunity to devise a payment plan, which makes treatment costs manageable. Health insurance verification is necessary on the part of health care practitioners to make sure they are paid for their services.
You can only say you have found the best treatment program for your eating disorder when you understand what an effective treatment entails. While some patients may find the combination of therapy and medical management beneficial and effective for their treatments, others may respond well to nutritional counseling, support groups and psychiatric medications under the guidance of expert clinicians.
Verifying your insurance coverage and finding the best treatment facility for your eating disorder don’t have to be laborious tasks.
Managed Health Network is one of the many reputable health care companies in the country that offers individuals and organizations behavioral rehab, including eating disorder treatment.
Shades of Hope is an all-addiction treatment center located in Buffalo Gap specializing in intensive eating disorders. Acadia provides premier psychiatric and chemical dependency services to its patients in a variety of settings, including inpatient psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment centers and outpatient clinics and therapeutic school based programs. December 21, 2012 by Deanna in Announcements, Castlewood In the NewsCastlewood Treatment Center for Eating Disorders is proud to announce our expansion to Monterey, California.
Castlewood plans to open its third residential treatment center devoted to the comprehensive treatment of those who suffer with eating disorders. We provide specific treatment for the eating disorder and co-occurring disorders  like Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression or Dissociative Disorders. During the Intake phase, a substance abuse history is created and a treatment plan is tailored for the patient's individual needs. Detox is the challenging but critical process of flushing drugs, alcohol and other toxins from your system in a carefully measured fashion. Recovery is a lifelong process, but one you will have prepared for during your time in rehab.
Inpatient programs are usually recommended for those who have been living with bulimia for a long period of time.
Individuals who have decided to seek treatment at a bulimia rehab center have several options. Bulimia rehab centers have trained specialists and medical personnel available to treat the causes of the disease as well as the symptoms.
According to the Emergency Care Research Institute, the costs of bulimia care can range from $8,000 to $50,000 per month. If work-related responsibilities are hindering you or a relative from looking for assistance for a narcotic or prescription drug issue or behavioral addiction, executive rehab treatments will be what you need.
Often, contemporary substance addiction and behavioral treatment centers offer the luxury amenities you would only expect in exquisite hotels, with your comfort and well-being being the top priorities.
According to a recent study published by the Emergency Care Research Institute, as many as 7 percent of females in the United States have had bulimia at some point in their lives.
When you call a bulimia hotline, a helpful operator will answer any questions you may have. If you wish to connect with non-sponsor centers, you can browse top-rated listings, visit our homepage and browse by state, or visit SAMHSA. However, studies show that women are more commonly affected by eating disorders than men, and usually start during adolescence. Sufferers have differing struggles and thus treatment must be individualized and made according to the needs of each patient. The program is done in a safe and relaxing environment to promote complete restoration of patient’s overall health as well as find out the main issues that come with eating disorder.

Inpatient treatment does provide sound behavioral example about normal eating, and identify and figure out the psychosocial factors that influence the illness. It usually consists of three substantial meals while other centers incorporate three meals and snacks a day closely supervised by the facilitators. Extremely compromised cases are placed in total bed rest or even on a wheelchair to save their energy. But, it is only through this that proper treatment can be started so you can enjoy life once again. In fact, Magellan’s main focus is on providing behavioral health management services to clients across the nation. If the former is permitted, as is usually the case, you and a counselor at the treatment center of your choosing will talk privately about how to handle your case. Once a recommendation has been made, you then need to contact Magellan and ask for approval of the suggested treatment duration. Although a 90-day program may work for some, others may require only 30 days of residential therapy.
One of the reasons for this is that it equates to more opportunities to tackle the root cause of the disorder. When you first show up at a treatment center, you will be subjected to a rigid assessment by the staff to identify the best way to resolve your problem. When you are ready to begin your journey toward sobriety, feel free to call us at 1-888-997-3147 at any time.
These additional remedies may include family, equine-assisted, adventure, couples and even art therapies. The luxury factor does not in any way promote slackness in treatment, and it should not bring to mind a spa vacation. First, they will ask you to show your health insurance identification card to determine which health care network holds your coverage plan. For most purposes, the most effective treatment appears to be the combination of psychological counseling or psychotherapy, a focus on nutrition, and administration of medicines. It’s been around for over 40 years and has served more than 1,300 organizations, including government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, Taft-Hartley trust funds and health plans. The new residential center, Monarch Cove Treatment Center, will be located in historic Pacific Grove, California.
Castlewood plans to bring to the west coast our unique approach to the treatment of Eating Disorders. Castlewood specializes in trauma resolution therapies, including Exposure and Response Prevention, EMDR, Internal Family System Therapy, and Attachment based therapies. This is where physical and mental healing and your therapy begins in a peaceful, relaxing setting.
Bulimia rehab centers can help individuals living with this disease, by addressing the reasons behind the eating disorder and helping the individual establish new healthy habits.
Inpatient treatment facilities are also called residential programs because the patient resides at the center for 30 days, 45 days or longer. Every effort is made to ensure the privacy of the recovering individual, and each facility has a privacy policy that can be made available to patients and their families.
Aftercare programs are designed to provide support and encouragement to patients after treatment has been completed. The costs will vary based on the type of treatment program, the location of the facility, the needs of the patient and the length of stay.
Some private bulimia treatment centers are located in the mountains, the desert, near the beach or in serene environments. During this process, the patient answers some questions designed to help determine the best course of treatment. During the intervention process, the afflicted individual is surrounded by family, friends and other loved ones. Pairing highly-rated drug, alcohol or behavioral addiction treatments with the freedom of computer and mobile access, a businessman or woman can get support while staying relatively "plugged in". From in-house massage therapy and private rooms to 5-star chef-prepared meals and fine linens, you can get the best-rated drug, alcohol or behavioral addiction treatment for yourself or your relative while keeping comfortable. The individual receives support, therapy and other treatments designed to ensure long-term success. The number of people suffering from eating disorder is growing and this has caused great concern to their loved ones. These could be just few of the many questions you may have in mind about inpatient eating disorder treatment. It is individualized in order to meet the needs of every patient most especially when the eating order is already severe, moving ahead through outpatient care transition. Moreover, the program will also provide a variety of skills essential in helping patients manage healthy weight and outpatient care transitional program to make their in-patient stays shorter. More so, you have to follow their strict meal preparation and ensure to consume everything they have prepared for you. Counseling sessions mainly compose of weekly sessions with the center’s in-house registered dietitian, medication and psychiatric management, nutritional counseling and education, personalized counseling sessions and even family sessions conducted by the clinical director. Although treatment is individualized, incorporating group programs and therapies is very effective in the recovery process as this allows you to talk with the attending staff, therapists and even to your fellow eating disorder patient.
To do this more quickly and conveniently, you can use a third-party service to check your coverage for you. Through this consultation, you’ll develop a format for your personalized treatment plan.
On occasion, consent is given but for a shorter length of time than the one proposed by the counselor.

You should understand that your treatment length will be determined based on your particular needs, history and whether you have comorbid conditions. Once the root cause has been identified and addressed effectively, the patient is less likely to relapse. If the staff uncovers a drug or alcohol abuse problem in addition to your eating disorder, both issues will have to be addressed at the same time.
These programs often offer a wide range of therapies that can supplement the medical and psychological recovery processes used at traditional treatment programs. Luxury eating disorder treatment does involve rigorous programs that you should follow to get to your desired destination.
To confirm your coverage, they will contact Magellan to see if you have paid your dues completely and how much is covered. Ideally, a treatment plan created specifically for your case should be used to make your treatment successful. Set between Pebble Beach, Carmel, Monterey and close to the Big Sur coast, the area is renowned for its natural beauty, seasonal Monarch butterflies, and grazing deer.
Treatment at Castlewood incorporates a comprehensive and individualized approach in a secluded, peaceful environment. Treatment should be customized to each patient's needs, and it is possible for every person to find a program that works for him or her.
This is appropriate for those who have a less serious illness, need to maintain a presence at home or have previously completed inpatient treatment.
Some paperwork will also need to be completed, including paperwork concerning financial arrangements, policies and procedures.
If you need help determining the top-rated luxury treatment facilities for bulimia and other behavioral disorders, dial our no-cost hotline now at 1-888-341-7785.
They can put the recovery methods they learned in inpatient treatment into practice in this safe environment. In addition, the patient can attend support group meetings and receive therapy on a regular basis.
The fact that the disorder has negative impact to the mental, physical, social and emotional well being of patients, if it goes untreated for a long period of time, it can lead to death. The succeeding paragraphs will give you an in-depth knowledge about this kind of eating disorder treatment program. Under inpatient eating disorder treatment, the patients’ safety and well-being is on top of their priority. One thing is for sure though; they share the same goal and objective to provide the finest eating disorder treatment possible.
You should give unwavering attention to your treatment by attending your counseling and therapy sessions and doing your assigned individual work along with your group work. They will also inquire about your secondary insurance if you have one and verify it in much the same way that your primary insurance is verified. It’s also known for fine beaches, world class golf courses, Cannery Row and the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Whereas other treatment providers often merely address eating disorder behaviors, Castlewood is known for helping clients address the underlying causes that give rise to eating disorder symptoms. This beautiful new location plans to open early in 2013 and  to continue the tradition of excellence for which Castlewood Treatment Center is known.. Since eating disorders have no single cause, a combination of therapies is often recommended to help the individual achieve full recovery.
Some centers are exclusively private with an individual room for each patient, and some offer a private room as an option for an additional cost. Individual plans and coverage vary so it's important to check with your insurance company regarding your coverage. Some individuals have strong family ties and support networks so they may wish to stay near home. Interventions can be supervised by a trained professional to ensure the most optimal results. In addition, they share similar structure but differ slightly on the progression of the program.
When all else fails, however, there is no other way for you to obtain treatment but to pay out of pocket.
Often, those living with bulimia suffer from other disorders, including anxiety and depression. At many private bulimia treatment centers, the patient's family members play an integral role during the recovery process. High-quality, inpatient eating disorder treatment is available to fight this debilitating illness. Although this could significantly impact your financial health, remember that investing on your sobriety is money well spent.
Family members and loved ones then become a part of the patient's support system after treatment.
One of the benefits of rehab is that programs can be tailored to each recovering individual's unique requirements.

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