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Imagine how easy it would be to eat healthy if you didn’t have to think about what to make?  It takes planning to be successful at Dr.
Make sure you sign up for weekly emails so you can get more daily menu plans sent straight to your inbox!  You’ll get my free eBook, The 7 Day Salad Cleanse, that will get you started eating to live at a level that’s comfortable for you! PinspirationTAPDisclosureI use affiliate links in some of my posts in which I get a percentage of a purchase. We talked about all the items to see if we could figure out what to make and after a bit, they figured that fried rice might be a good idea (bingo! Then the boys worked in pairs to create their own version of fried rice, according to what ingredients they like. I know for a fact that this went down a treat since a few of the boys told me they would be heading over to the dining room to get a fork so they could eat this straight away (always a good sign!) and one of the boys make this for dinner the following night (an even better sign!). I think knowing how to make a meal from bits and pieces leftover in the fridge is an essential life skill, don’t you?
We spent the entire next day with noses pressed to the glass of the Rotterdam Zoo exhibits.
But all that bustle and bustle meant I was not thinking about what I’d have for breakfast this morning, easily the most important meal of the entire week.
While I like Chia seeds in my porridge and muesli I just cannot get used to to consistency when they are soaked in pudding for,. Whether you’re looking to impress or want something quick and easy, there is something for you in their range of canned tomatoes (crushed, whole, diced) and for an extra boost of flavour, many products in the range have seasonings too – fire roasted, with basil or green chilies.
The recipe I am sharing today really highlights the flavour of these lovely fire-roasted tomatoes in a soup with cheesy croutons, inspired by this grilled cheese sandwich with tomatoes.
Fire-roasted tomato soup with grilled cheese croutons   Print Prep time 20 mins Cook time 30 mins Total time 50 mins   Fire roasted tomaotes bring this soup to the next level! This is one of my favourite soups and the “fire-roasted” flavour brought it to the next level. Welcome to this month’s instalment of The Everyday Baker review (I’m spreading it out over the course of a year because with over 170 recipes, it’s a little hard to cover unless you divide it up into chapters!).  This month, we’re looking at “Quick to Make” baked goods. The 15 recipes in this chapter range from scones to Dutch babies with muffins, bread and biscuits in between.

This chapter is full of great tips to help you master some simple techniques to set you up for success with these recipes (and others in the book). As soon as I saw the name, I couldn’t go past Double Chocolate Espresso Wake-up Bread.
I also was interested to try the Heavenly Honey Bran Muffins although when I got to making them, I realised I didn’t have any foil muffin tim liners (Abby says these will stick to paper liners) so I went rogue and made this in a loaf pan (sorry Abby!). Packed with coconut, raisins, carrots, walnuts, wheatgerm and oat bran, this is the perfect breakfast loaf. Purchase The Everyday Baker for yourselves on Amazon (this link should bring you to the Amazon store closest to you) Or for free worldwide shipping, buy from The Book Depository.
Please note: The product links from Amazon and The Book Depository are affiliate links, meaning if you click over and purchase something, I will receive a very small percentage of the purchase price which goes towards maintaining eat. It's yummy and sweet from the blueberries and banana and has a great texture from the crunch of the nuts. The boyfriend-tulip-man just started his own business in shipping and logistics and needed some website photos, so decked in a highlighter yellow vest, hard hat, and all the camera gear I could carry, I hopped on board (ha…get it?!) for our little 4 person tour, led by the captain himself!
Monday morning breakfasts set the tone for the week, so they’ve gotta bring their A game.
It’s all very well to meal plan ahead of time and mark “must make” recipes in cookbooks but sometimes you arrive home after a long day and need to rustle up dinner in a hurry. I was excited to work with the fire-roasted variety as roasting fresh tomatoes is something I love to do, but don’t always have the time, especially on busy weeknights. The cheesy croutons are an easy addition to this dish which adds a little something special – all your favourite flavours of grilled cheese and tomato soup in a more elegant presentation.
I used the instructions for the weight loss version of the recipe, which were to omit the currants and only use half the amount of banana. Most of the information on this blog is based upon my own personal experience and research. The tulip-man and I have fallen into a lazy weekend routine involving ample episodes of Bob’s Burgers, possibly shooting a foodie video, and optionally changing out of sweatpants.
As we’re moving into the warmer months now, it’s much easier to have fresh produce on hand to work with but something I always make sure I never run out of is tinned tomatoes.

They are packaged without synthetic chemical additives of any kind and the processing equipment itself is triple-washed to guarantee no cleaning agents are present in the cans.
It really adds a depth of flavour to dishes like soups and chili and the end result tastes like you’ve spent way more time in the kitchen than you have which I always love! Depends on the recipe!), shaping scones and bread, scoring bread, preparing stone fruits for baking, chopping dried fruits, peeling and coring apples and pears to gauging the ripeness of bananas, this chapter has a lot of really solid information that even more experienced bakers will find interesting and useful.  As a teacher, reading how someone else describes a technique is always fascinating for me and the photos are a great visual aid in terms of me organising my own thoughts to explain to other people how something should look so I appreciate it on a whole other level than someone just baking at home.
THIS is the perfect loaf to make to share with a large crowd of people who like coffee and chocolate (so, teachers!).
I appreciated that those instructions were there for this recipe and I wished that all of the recipes in this book came with those types of adjustments. I've been passionate about it ever since, and I've finally arrived at freedom from food addiction. Laced with oats and mandarin oranges (our spotlight ingredient!), this chia seed pudding is cozy, quick, healthy, and fresh all at once.
They are such a versatile ingredient – from soups to stews to sauces – that as soon as I use a can, they go on my list straight away – I never like to be without them as I know I can always make a quick meal if I have a can on hand. And honestly for the home baker, they really are not left wondering what *anything* means in terms of the recipes and descriptions. A few seconds in the microwave or toaster oven will do wonders when it’s on its last days too! But I am wondering if I'll be comfortable until 11:30 am or if my stomach will be growling. Abby’s done a great job of thinking of everything she might be asked if she was there making the recipe in front of you.
Having Abby in the kitchen would be much more fun but failing that, this is the reference guide you need!

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