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Later, when I could afford a place of my own, I often made the recipe they taught me, and it has been a staple for me ever since. Some of my fondest memories involve sharing a plate of hot meaty tomato sauce over noodles with friends, always of course with several bottles of wine. These days I don't eat noodles but I have found a substitute that my family and friends seems to enjoy just as much, and I hope you will as well. Add the rest of the ingredients, mix well, and if you are getting this ready the night before, refrigerate. This is not my recipe, and I have seen it on several different websites and blogs, so I have no idea who deserves the credit.
Blend the coconut flour and beaten eggs well, then add the Parmesan, Italian seasoning, garlic powder and salt and mix well into a dough. If you are finding that your gnocchi fall apart when you cook them, the problem might be that you haven't incorporated the coconut flour in well enough.
Once your water is boiling, remove one of the gnocchi sausages from the refrigerator and cut into small bite sized pieces. Place the pieces into the boiling water, two or three at a time so they don't stick together. Once the first pieces are cooked, take out the remaining dough, cut it and cook as above until all gnocchi are cooked. HilarySeptember 4, 2012 at 4:19 AMI tried making these just now and the little pieces completely fell apart after about 30 seconds in the water, like egg drop soup. Watch this 3 minute video below showing how I open a coconut, drain the water and scoop out the coconut meat.
Place the marinated coconut meat onto dehydrator trays (I use an Excalibur Dehydrator) and let dehydrate until dry (overnight works well). I haven’t done a restaurant review here in a while, though we have been trying out a lot of new restaurants. Fried fish is such a quintessential part of Kerala cuisine that every seafood eating Malayali starts drooling at the mere mention of it.

As I am looking through my drafts folder, I see that it is mostly filled with mutton recipes. Anyone who has ever had a South Indian Vegetarian meal will be familiar with this quintessential South Indian dish that has so many small variations and deviations that you won’t be able to find the exact same recipe in two different households.
They may not have had much in the way of luxuries, but there was always lots of red wine and delicious food, and I was always included in their boisterous family meals. But if you are prepared to do a bit more work, you can cook them right away without chilling.
It is pretty much like any other day, except for the fact that it is the only day of the year when Siv sends me flowers. As compassionate human beings we all constantly think about making a change in the world, lending a helping hand to those who are less fortunate than us. Even though I had my camera with me on most outings, I just couldn’t muster up the energy to type even a mini review of some of the great places we tried. During my initial days in the United States, I remember seeing fried fish on a restaurant menu for the first time and getting all thrilled. I didn’t make any resolutions this year, have decided to just take on life as it comes. I am not sure if it is a Tamil Naadu thing or not, but at Siv’s home they normally make Sambar with just one type of vegetable as the main ingredient.
I wasn’t really planning on blogging this, but it turned out to be a great dish that I had to click a quick picture and note down the recipe before I forgot. Someone else also had said the same thing a while ago; that the term Mutton is used in the United States to refer to the tough meat of an old goat. I really don’t care much for flowers, but still it is kind of nice to get some roses once a year.
But more often than not, life and its daily grind gets in the way of our good will, and most of us never actually get to do as much as we would like to. Seattle is under a heavy(for Seattle) snowstorm and we have been homebound for the past three days.

Finally the amazing dinner we had at Altura this weekend has given me the inspiration to get out of my rut and publish a review!
But when the order arrived, it was the most tasteless batter fried Cod – the typical American Fish and Chips preparation. May the new year bring you joy, love, happiness, great friendships and lots and lots of delicious food!
Mutton aka Goat meat, while very popular in India, is considered somewhat of an exotic meat over here in the US and only the very adventurous foodie will dare give it a try.
I am sure I could’ve made it look a little better, but hey it is all about the recipe, right? Altura opened up to some raving reviews in early October 2011 in Capitol Hill, but we never got a chance to visit due to the holiday season hustle and bustle. But my mom throws in any vegetable she can find into her Sambar, the more varieties the better.
I tried to find the lost mojo week after week for some time and at some point I just gave up completely. Those days I could only cook a few dishes and fish was not really my forte, so I had no way of satisfying the cravings set off by that menu.
Most of last year was kind of a mess where I just couldn’t get a daily routine going and as a result we had to get take-out dinners day after day while the groceries sat rotting in the fridge and the pantry.
So needless to say, my Sambar also follows the same trail as my mom’s, always a medley of vegetables!
Also, almost all of my spare time has been totally and completely taken over by my latest addiction – photography!

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