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I was on a call with my pal Julie looking at some websites when we ran across the new trailer for Eat Pray Love. And that is what I have been thinking about ever since.  What would my version of the book have been?
With my remaining six months I would spend three months in France and three months in Italy. Your programme seems delightful, I think I might travel with you (especially since I have yet to discover the whole of Asia).
It’s funny because with the exception of Bali, which I knew little about prior to reading the book, my trip would have been the same. Yeah, I think that instead of spending three months in an ashram she could have very well spent that time volunteering her time and skills there, instead of just focusing on her spirituality.
The transition is always hard to achieve and for people like me who have to read the book first there is constant comparison between the 2, the movie always suffers I think. Hyperion has canceled "Displaced," the rebuttal memoir by the "Eat Pray Love" author's ex-husband Michael Cooper. One month in Tokyo eating every type of sushi, udon, teriyaki and tempura item that I could get my hands on.

I would stay out of Bangkok, spending only a day or two there and would spend the rest of the time exploring less touristy parts and eating my way through many of the wonderful regional delicacies that Thailand has to offer. I would kayak through the wine country (at a very leisurely pace) and then eventually end up in the north of the country where I would pop over to Bilbao.
Starting in Bilboa where I would spend a week soaking in the amazing architecture and then move to Barcelona where I would spend the remaining three weeks indulging in tapas and paella to my heart’s content. Although I think I would add some months down in Latin America, specifically Brazil, Argentina and Peru. I read it when it first came out but don’t remember anything difficult about the chapter. I’m just reading your post, having already finished my post for Wednesday which will be a question? Elizabeth Gilbert broke with Cooper before embarking on a global journey that provided material for her best selling book. Taking a million photos of all the incredible eye candy that is the city streets by day and by night. Then I would shop.  I found the best fitting clothes while staying in Korea.  I never have to worry about pants being too long!

I would spend one month touring the highlights of France (Toulouse, Normandy, etc.) and the last two months in Paris eating my way through every arrondissement.
At times I found the book a bit painful to read in that she seemed a bit whiney about life and a bit too self-absorbed, but I liked the process. She did what worked for her and what saved the book is that she didn’t become preachy about it. I would wander the street without a real plan just soaking everything that is the city I love most in the world. Fuji, Nagasaki, etc.  I would return to Tokyo for one last night of sushi before I headed off.

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