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Each book is filled with incredible recipes, drool-worthy photos and really warm personal sentiments. But even more than the photos and personality, Terry’s recipes are truly, hands down, the easiest, most fail-proofed, HEALTHIEST (and tastiest) plant-based recipes around. Terry’s books are those books that I grab when I want certainty that what I cook or bake that day will be an ultimate success. The food I make from her books are demanded by family, friends and family friends for months and years after they ate it – “you can only come to my graduation party if you bring that berry tart” or, “can you make that carrot ginger soup? Now, before you go thinking that Terry’s secretly paying me (with her amazing teff ginger molasses cookies – OMG I wish), let me assure you that she is not. The book tells (and shows) you the ins and outs of clean, healthy living – in a broader sense than just food.
But my favorite part of Eat Clean Live Well and the entire Terry Walters trilogy is how her recipes are divided by seasons. There’s just something so freaking exciting about finding a slew of recipes specifically for the current season.
I love being in the middle of autumn and going to the “fall” section in her book (’cause autumn=fall BTW) and finding loads of squashy recipes. Or being in the heat of summer and going to the “summer” section in her book (there’s really no second word for summer, is there?) and finding a bunch of peachy, watermelony and cucumbery things to make.
Rock my wool socks it did, and now I’m going to share this simply easy recipe with you, from Terry’s latest book (GO BUY IT) Eat Clean Live Well.
Also, Terry called for rice milk, but I had almond milk in my fridge so I used that instead. Then I dumped it into an 8×8 pan (I didn’t have one so I had to buy a classy disposable one)!
So, while that was becoming the most delicious, dairy-free mac n cheese EVER, I figured I’d go ahead and make the kale. The whole thing took all of 5-6 minutes (except for the cutting and washing of the kale – which I did while watching a Shark Tank rerun).

These bars are chewy with just the right amount of natural sweetness. Terry said this recipe is very flexible and can be adapted based off preferences or what you have on hand, just make sure to stick to 4 cups dry and 1 cup wet ingredients. Another hearty option is the Acorn Squash Cups with Ginger a Stuffing. Caramelized roasted squash with sweet and savory fruit stuffing make this a satisfying and warming side dish that you may just want to eat for breakfast (or even dessert). Don’t miss Chipotle’s FREE Cultivate [Food, Ideas & Music Festival] on Saturday, September 15th, in Chicago’s Lincoln Park.
Short of a gift card, or cash, there are a few nearly all-purpose gifts that will make almost anyone happy. Be on our exclusive foodie mailing list to get the lowdown on parties, as well as foodie news, foodie events & foodie recipes!
It’s just my duty and responsibility as a plant-partier to share the best resources in plant-party-world, and Terry’s books are some of those best resources.
She talks about decluttering, gift-giving and gardening (which is 100% non-applicable to me in my tiny NYC apartment, my aloe plant is barely makin’ it…but it’s still fun to read about). It’s like when Netflix gives you a list to watched based on “what you previously watched,” or when Spotify gives you new artists to check out based on your listening habits…or when Facebook pops up ads based on the secret piece of lingerie you bought for your anniversary, while you’re using Facebook in a public coffee shop….. For 30 ish minutes (I went a little over because I wanted those breadcrumbs extraaaa crispy).
Whenever I eat something like pasta, it’s essential to balance all the starch with a ton of greens, and lucky for me, this easy, quick kale recipe was not just a good way to get in the greens, it was one of the most delicious kale recipes I’ve ever made! Terry’s daughter Sarah asked her one day what she was making and she said some sort of no gluten, no dairy, no nut goey things, to which her daughter replied, No No Bars!
In fact, any combination of vegetables in a pot with something crust-like over it saves me time and effort and scores points with my family. But who doesn’t love leafing through the pages of a beautiful, glossy book of recipes and drooling over the photos? And while her previous two books were filled with personal anecdotes and backstories for her recipes, Eat Clean Live Well takes it to the next level. I turned to the “fall” section and found a “seared tart apple and kale saute,” which worked perfectly with the bushel (literally) of apples I had recently picked with my own two hands, and decided to whip it up, knowing, with certainty, that the recipe would rock my wool socks.

And I might as well share the recipe I made it with: Terry’s Baked Macaroni and Cheese with Peas.
If you notice eating carbs in the morning makes you sleepy, as she does, then why not change your eating habits?
This time, you basically move in with her – into her garden, her kitchen, her pantry…no, not her bed you dirty mind! It’s from the “winter” section of her new book, but I figured since I can see my breath outside now, I’m allowed to make a “winter” recipe. Pour into skillet with onion and sear 1 minute on each side to highly brown (apples will still be crisp on inside). She suggests food journaling and an elimination diet to help decide what food works best for you, then making small slow changes that allow you to get one step closer to the natural food source. Add rice milk, nutritional yeast, miso, garlic powder, salt and nutmeg and process until combined and smooth. Her books are organized by season, allowing the reader to use ingredients that are fresh and readily available. Place kale in skillet and saute until juice soft and bright green, adding water 1 tablespoon at a time as needed to deglaze pan and steam kale. The books are all gluten free and vegan, though they are more about eating as many whole healthy foods as possible.
Spread over casserole, sprinkle with paprika and bake 30 minutes, or until breadcrumbs are highly toasted.

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