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So I will have to go by what works I have read of his for this blog.Kaiji Kawaguchi is a mangaka and is known for his works such as Zipang and Eagle. Too bad it isn't detailed why Ishida tried to murder that girl.Btw thanks for recommendation, I may check Araragi as well soon. Through out his career he has received several awards including the Kodansha Manga Award (26) for Zipang and the Shogakukan Manga Award (51) for A Spirit of the Sun.What sets Kawaguchi apart to me, is that his works really make you think. They are filled with decisions for the characters to make and therefore make you think on what decisions you would conclude as well. Each character seems to be struggling with a life altering decision and what justice really is to them.Araragi TokkyuuI first became acquainted with Kawaguchi when I read Araragi Tokkyuu. I was finally sold when I read the first chapter.Basically, Araragi was once a law student. He was really oblivious to everyone around him and did not take notice to humanity and how easy it was to toy around with them.
He eventually worked together with a group of Vietnamese illegals and they began to help the Yakuza. Even though Araragi was working with the Yakuza, he was doing what was the right thing to do in his mind. Later he comes across several life altering choices he must make.Araragi Tokkyuu makes you think about justice and how you perceive it.

What matters is what humanity needs as a whole.ConfessionAfter reading Araragi Tokkyuu, I become intrigued with his works.
I came across Confession and it sounded very interesting.Two Friends are mountain climbing when an accident occurs.
When there is no hope left, the Ishikura confesses he killed a fellow friend of his and the other climber, Asai.
The two wait it out in the cabin and soon Asai suspects Ishikura will kill him too to keep his secret safe.
There are many things in this story that make you think about your fight or flight responses. Asai had a strong will to live and even used a trump card of his own to catch Ishikura off guard.Tokyo X DayThis one is a oneshot and was not very long either. Basically this manga is about being prepared for the worst, especially if you know it will come.The manga shows the reader the drastic damage an earthquake can cause and its after affects. An earthquake occurs and the boy (presumed to be the narrator) thinks on what he should have been prepared on.A manual entitled 'Disaster Preparedness Tokyo' was created by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
This manual helps the household to prepare for possible earthquakes hitting Tokyo directly (and other disasters as well). This oneshot manga is included in the manual so the people of Tokyo would know what a magnitude 7 earthquake would look like if it hit there.There are of course many other mangas by Kawaguchi.

Sadly these are the only three I have had time to read, but I plan to read the others soon. I also wanted to briefly go over a few of his more well known work as well.A Spirit of the SunThis manga is about a boy named Genichiro Ryu. On top of that, Japans economy collapses making it even more difficult for him.The Silent ServiceThe prequel to Zipang, this manga tells the story of the ship Yamato. Navy and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force are working together to make a nuclear submarine. Once finished, the captain of the submarine declares the ships independence and claims the ship to be Yamato.
He likes to put his characters in bad situations and let the reader see the outcome.He seems to want to teach people a little bit about humanity and being prepared for the worst.

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