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Disease: Dry mouth may be a sign of an underlying disease such as diabetes or Sjogren’s syndrome, a disorder in which immune cells attack and destroy the tear and saliva glands. Radiation and Chemotherapy: Individuals who undergo radiation or chemo-therapy for head and neck cancers experience xerostomia.
Substance Abuse: Dry mouth is a common symptom of substance abuse as many drugs reduce saliva production. Although there is no cure for xerostomia, there are steps you can take to help manage this condition.
Chew sugar free gum containing xylitol; gum stimulates saliva production and xylitol helps protect teeth against cavities. Talk to your physician about changing your medications to ones that do not cause dry mouth. Finally, be sure to visit your dentist regularly so he or she can provide protective fluoride treatments and other care essential to keeping your teeth and mouth healthy. At night, when you are thinking of going to sleep, you make sure that the doors are locked and the house is secure. Topical fluoride varnish applied by a dental professional provides extra protection against tooth decay.
Bad breath, also called halitosis, is most often caused by gum disease or another dental problem. The holidays are a challenging time for maintaining our oral health and preventing cavities and gum disease.
Anaheim, CA – (PRBuzz) – Obstructive Posted in UncategorizedMay 27, 2014 What a Pregnant Woman Should Know About Her Baby’s Teeth? A smile is one of the simplest and most contagious ways of demonstrating happiness to others. The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) estimates that approximately 80 percent of American adults have some form of […] Posted in Articles, BLOGMay 22, 2013 Benefits of Dental Implant (1) Benefits of Dental ImplantsPeriodontal diseases result to tooth loss since these diseases directly affects the specialized tissues that both surround and support the teeth. 7 Day Dental understands the challenges that may arise as a person ages and provides compassionate dental care, that takes into consideration, the unique […] Posted in Articles, BLOGApril 29, 2013 Do You Have Sleep Apnea? There are many causes of dry mouth, from over-indulgence of alcohol through medications and even underlying health issues, such as depression and anxiety.

Drinking plenty of water can alleviate many cases of dry mouth, by helping to keep the mouth moisturized.
In more stubborn cases of dry mouth, a dentist can supply a range of treatments from moisturizing gels and gums to mouthwashes.
Simple life-style changes, from cutting down on alcohol and tobacco to dietary changes, can also have a positive effect on the problems of dry mouth. If you are experiencing signs and symptoms of dry mouth in the Arlington TX area, contact the office of Dr.
Dry mouth can cause difficulty eating and talking and can also lead to halitosis (bad breath).
Every year, over 36,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer and over 7,880 […] Posted in Preventative Care ArticlesJune 12, 2014 Medical Science: Can Dental Stem Cells Help Stroke Patients In The Future? For maximum benefit, varnish is usually applied […] Posted in Preventative Care ArticlesJune 30, 2014 Good Nutrition for Healthy Teeth and Gum (0) With good nutrition you may be able to prevent two of the most common diseases of modern civilization, tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease, simply by improving your diet. Wisdom teeth are usually extracted for two reasons which entail either already […] Posted in Articles, BLOGMay 22, 2013 Abfraction (1) Abfraction TreatmentPatients always want to have the best oral hygiene possible and sometimes tend to be too rough with their brushing techniques. Chuck Le opened the first office of 7 Day Dental in Anaheim in 1990, the […] Posted in UncategorizedJanuary 23, 2015 Whitening Teeth with Fruit Mix is Simple and Inexpensive, but will It Work?
In fact, it is so common that bad breath is generally associated with […] Posted in UncategorizedApril 29, 2015 Why Patients May Experience a Toothache After a Visit to the Dentist? Irregular breathing, memory loss, and snoring are just a few of the side […] Posted in ArticlesApril 29, 2013 Afraid of the Dentist?
In many cases, it can be successfully treated at home, or is just a temporary effect arising from our lifestyles – perhaps where we’ve overindulged in alcohol the night before. A dentist will review a patient’s medical history and conduct a thorough dental exam in order to isolate the likely cause and treat it effectively. Many over-the-counter mouthwashes are alcohol-based, which can also lead to or exacerbate symptoms of dry mouth.
Without saliva to lubricate the mouth, wash away food particles, balance the acidity of the mouth, and remineralize the teeth, cavities and other infections can easily form. Abfraction is the result of this damage […] Posted in Articles, BLOGJuly 7, 2014 Anaheim Dentist Restores Smile of Unemployed Man (0) Anaheim Dentist Restores SmileAnaheim, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- Recently Dr.

Our […] Posted in Articles, BLOGMay 22, 2013 Tooth Structure (0) Tooth StructureTeeth are composed of two major structures, the crown and root, called tooth structure by dentist. For starters, you should understand that there are different types of dental […] Posted in UncategorizedSeptember 23, 2014 Beware of Microbeads in your Toothpaste! They look like little blue dots in the toothpaste, […] Posted in UncategorizedMay 22, 2013 Anesthesia vs. In both cases, avoiding sugar-based foods and beverages are a good idea, as sugar can dry out the mouth’s saliva, rather than produce it. Seniors are particularly susceptible to dry mouth because they often take multiple medications to control diseases they have developed throughout their lifetime. But […] Posted in Preventative Care ArticlesMay 18, 2015 Top 10 Healthy Teeth for Kids Tricks (0) Anaheim, CA - PRBuzz - Getting children into cleaning their teeth is definitely easier said than done.
Sedation (0) To better alleviate pain and dental anxiety during dental activities, there are now innovative and modified dental treatment options available now. Saliva is a vital component in the health of our mouths, and the first line of defence against dental problems. As any parent knows, we are attacked with advice as to the things that we must do […] Posted in Pedodontic Articles, Preventative Care ArticlesMay 22, 2013 Baby Bottle Syndrome (0) Baby Bottle Syndrome or Early Childhood Caries is the rapid decay of baby teeth in an infant or child from frequent exposure, for long periods of time, to liquids containing sugars.
Saliva is used by the mouth to rinse away any food debris, sugars and other matter in the mouth that may lead to the growth of bacteria. The combination of exposed root surfaces and dry mouth increases the likelihood of cavities forming. The […] Posted in Articles, BLOGJuly 10, 2014 The Importance of Treating Gum Disease (0) Treating Gum DiseaseDid you know that gum disease is infectious? Where dry mouth occurs, the natural production of saliva is hindered, and so insufficient quantities of saliva is present in the mouth, leading to inadequate rinsing.

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