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Ohio teens soon will be able to opt to learn the rules of the road on the information superhighway. Ohio teens younger than 18 currently must complete 24 hours of classroom instruction and eight hours behind the wheel with an instructor to obtain a driver’s license. The change worries owners of Ohio driving schools, who say that jobs and youths will be in jeopardy.
Backers of the change say online options will offer families cheaper, more-flexible alternatives to traditional driver’s education. Online education is also a bargain, Tsifrin said — usually $100 or less, plus in-car training costs, compared with prices of around $400 at traditional driving schools. Ohio is the 16th of 26 states that require teen driver education to allow online courses, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Dan Cox, president of the Driving School Association of Ohio, said driving schools aren’t entirely opposed to online education.
Register now with National Driver Safety Services (NDSS) and take advantage of the premium services that put us above all other online driving safety course providers. This 6 Hour Adult Drivers Ed is approved for Texas residents aged 18 and older, and required for anyone between the ages of 18 -24. Getting your Adult Driver’s License is easy when you take your Texas Adult Drivers Education course with NDSS.

Texas Adult Drivers Education doesn’t have to be difficult, boring and frustratinga€”this course is broken up into easy-to-manage chapters that allow you to move through the course at your own pace.
Stowaways bound for Britain were being caught at the rate of 90 an hour in Calais yesterday.Overwhelmed border guards and police were removing an average of two migrants from every vehicle they checked. Highwaymen: An army of migrants at the French port storm the trucks forced to stop or slow due to the strike in desperate attempts to board trucks to Britain.
Drivers stuck in long tailbacks could only watch as would-be stowaways smashed wing mirrors and used knives and crowbars to break into the rear of vehicles.
Under the new law, online courses can replace the 24 in-class hours, but behind-the-wheel training won’t be affected. Critics of the new law say as many as half of those schools could close because of online competition, usually from out-of-state operators.
And because students still need in-car training, the supporters downplay the threat to Ohio driving schools.
Chris Widener, R-Springfield, who chairs the House committee that heard testimony on the switch, said the driver’s-education language is flexible and could support a blended option, but that decision rests with the Department of Public Safety.
Some said they envy teens who will learn online because extracurricular activities keep them too busy to schedule classes.
She and her mother, Meg Beech, said it’s sometimes difficult to coordinate their schedules to get Stella to class, so an online option would be convenient.

Don't waste your time with traditional traffic schools, register with NDSS and begin driving down the road to success. Residents older than 25 are not required to take an Adult Drivers Ed course, however taking this course through NDSS allows you to take your license exam online instead of at the DPS. Our online courses are fun, convenient, and hassle-freea€”so you can get the information you need in a way that makes sense for you.
You can study as much or as little at a time as you like, and with unlimited log ins and outs you’ll be able to take a break, come back, and pick up right where you left off. In just four hours 350 were detained.With parts of the French port resembling a battleground, a soldier turned trucker said the incessant gang attacks on lorries made it a€?worse than Afghanistana€™. Others said they prefer to learn in a classroom so they can talk to instructors and stay focused. If you have any questions about signing up, completing the course, or getting your licensea€”feel free to contact us anytime. We queue for hours without any backup as the migrants run amok.a€?Last week when someone broke into the back of my lorry a French lorry driver phoned the police, but nobody came.

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