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We have searched and search for what company could have made it, and these guns you have in the video are the closest thing we can find, the pins and hammers are basically identical.
Looks just like the style of guns in this videoi»?Robert Smith: I have the same gun, do yours have serial numbers.
He owned Nooney Hardware in his home town for years This shotgun is in near flawless condition. A  Im very excited to own this piece!i»?David Howell: I have i think the 2nd 1 u show my dad got at age of 14 used 1948 im trying to restore it i need a stock and trigger gard .

With that in mind, does it matter if it has coil or flat springs and does it have any bearing on the value of the gun?i»?T.J. Would you be interested in this gun?i»?nevadajim775: I have a friend who has an American Gun Co.
It belonged to his dad and he remembers following him along on hunting trips probably 80 years ago. My friend is residing in a care facility in Fallon, Nevada and is interested in selling the firearm.

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