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Your pet is your family, and the American Red Cross wants you to know how to care for your furry friend.Today, the Red Cross launched the Pet First Aid App for iPhone and Android users. Ellis Dog Academy is inviting pros, care-givers and dog lovers to join us on Saturday November 3, 2012 for the Pet First Aid course.  Learn CPR, what to do if your dog is choking, signs of illness, fever, distress, allergic reactions…all things that are good to know! Even if you are not attending the course, we can still arrange purchase of the first aid kit for you to ensure you are prepared for emergencies.
This is a four hour Cat and Dog first aid course including a break in the middle for refreshments.
It tells your clients that you care about their cats and dogs, and that you are capable of delivering first aid in an emergency.
First aid is the immediate care given to a pet who has been injured or is suddenly taken ill. Cat and Dog First Aid Training is delivered in a class room environment for at least four hours with a comfort breaks and refreshments. The Cat and Dog First Aid Course is a combination of discussion and practical hands-on tasks. Assessment of the cat and dog first aid course will be conducted on an ongoing basis throughout the event. Strictly no smoking inside the building, depending on venue there may be designated smoking areas during breaks.
The correct course of action taken immediately after a cat or dog has been involved in an accident or suffered from sudden sickness can save its life.

Although accidents and events happen instantly and without warning, an illness may been present for some time but only discovered and suddenly become an emergency. Cats and dogs cannot communicate verbally and explain how they feel or what has happened to them. If your cat or dog is injured as a result of a fight, would you be confident enough to provide emergency first aid prior to taking the pet to your vet? We have complied this Cat and Dog First Aid training course suitable for cat dog owners, professionals, dog walkers, cat sitters and carers. No matter how calm and friendly a dog is under normal conditions, when in pain and distressed they will bite! We use training aids that represent nasty and traumatic wounds to learn about cleaning, packing and dressing. We have a selection of nasty traumatic training aids that represent incisions, lacerations, puncture wounds, stabbings, embedded objects, open fractures, bites and stings, ulcers etc. These are designed to assist in training to treat and bandage wounds prior to taking the animal to the vet. Our first aid cat and dog first aid courses are about managing a scene, treating an injured animal and getting to the vets as fast as possible.
Delivering an injured animal to a vet in a far better condition that if no first aid has been used is the prime objection. You can pay totally securely via PayPal and take full advantage of their buyers protection.

We require a deposit of ?20 per person *third person is only ?10 – so three people is ?50 deposit, ?50 to pay on the course. Dog First AidEmergency treatment and first aid for dogs is not a substitute for veterinary care.
Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. The program covers a wide variety of topics including: Injury Prevention, Choking, CPR, Bleeding, Fractures, and much more! However they do have indications and signs that may reveal vital information that could help you to determine a course of action. Valid for 1 year – it is a PDF sent via email so it can be stored, printed and sent to anyone who requires it. With videos, interactive quizzes and simple step-by-step advice ita€™s never been easier to know Pet First Aid.A a€?We understand the important emotional role that pets play in the lives of families and this tool helps pet owners learn how to recognize health problems and when to contact the veterinarian,a€? said Leighton Jones, Chief Disaster Officer of the American Red Cross of Massachusetts.

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