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We joined a varied group including Home Boarders, Rescue shelter workers and fellow dog walkers. As dog owners and dog professionals we felt it was imperative that we equip ourselves with the necessary skills to deal with a Dog First Aid emergency. The course covered a broad range of topics from cuts, burns and poisoning to sunstroke and drowning, but one message it hammered home was that prevention is better than cure. We had the great pleasure of having a family photo taken at Express Imaging, City Road, Cardiff. It’s lovely to have a professional shot of her and you can really tell the difference between it and the ones we have taken of her. Express Imaging have very kindly agreed that if you book in for a photo shoot and quote: WalknRoll, they will give you 5% off !! I learnt about the Big Issue and the entrepreneurial side to selling it.  Giving me a new found respect for the sellers I see day on day on the streets of Cardiff. If the photos aren’t enough to convince you, read below for a wonderful account of the joys of owing a rat. I would say if you are ever going to take rats on as animal companions never just have one, if you see a pair or established group up for adoption take them all on. In conclusion as far as i’m concerned rats are the best animals on the planet, they are born survivors and have managed to hang on in spite of us. Having well and truly fallen in love with Roath I am proud that my business is considered a part of the community.
Dog food varies enormously in both the quality of ingredients and the care with which it is formulated and made. The ingredients can contain just meat which you and I would be happy to eat, or stuff which has been rejected as unfit for human consumption, or a combination of the two. Gristle, fat and skin and even feathers can be processed and incorporated and they count towards the percentage of protein you see stated on the packaging, even though they may not be of any nutritional value.
It’s much the same as the variability in sausages for people – you can buy expensive premium brands with a high meat content which taste excellent, or you can get cheap stuff which frankly doesn’t taste much better than cardboard!
Some manufacturers spend a great deal of money on research to find out the nutritional needs of dogs and cats, and go to great lengths to ensure their products provide everything the pet needs. The amount of money you pay for your dog food largely reflects its quality, both in terms of the ingredients (and therefore the digestibility) and the care with which it is formulated and manufactured. Whilst most dogs will venture out in all weather (dog walkers too!), when it is really rotten outside you don’t tend to walk for as long as normal.
In order to ensure your dog doesn’t suffer from less exercise remember indoor play can use up a lot of energy, both physical and mental. I am a big believer (where possible), in stimulating your dogs natural tendencies  based on their breed. Dita for example is a Jack Russell terrier and whilst she has never, thank goodness, been down a rabbit hole, there is no denying that she has the skills.
If you are planning a holiday with your dog(s) to beat the winter blues you may find it difficult to know where to go.
As the owner of a  Jack Russell I find myself concerned with the fact that many people don’t ask when they meet her if it is alright to stroke her.
The poster below shows clearly how not to greet a dog, it reminds us that if we don’t know a dog then we cannot tell how it will react. Dogs are wonderful and can lift our spirits and add to our day but we need to view them as animals first and foremost and try to learn their language so we can communicate better with them. Everyday we are constantly being told by the media how important it is to have a balanced diet and avoid additives, but do we ever stop and think weather our pets are getting the nutrition they need from their food.
This course aims to teach pet owners how to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle for their pets.

Knowing how to provide First Aid may mean the difference between life and death for your beloved pet. Many dog behaviours can get them into trouble including scavenging for inappropriate foods (and other things !), roaming, resource guarding etc. We will teach you what your dogs normal vital signs should be and what to look for if your dog is sick or injured. You will learn how to check your dog’s respiration rate, mucous membranes, capillary refill time, heartrate and temperature. You will know when and how to use a pressure bandage for a snake bite and a pad and pressure bandage to stop bleeding. This course is taught as a team effort with a registered Veterinary Nurse who can answer any (tricky?) technical questions you may have. Impulse control involves teaching your dog to think for himself by working out that calm behaviour works and aroused behavior is ignored.
This course includes polite taking of treats, playing with toys nicely, mealtime manners, not jumping up on visitors, sitting for the lead to be attached and removed plus door etiquette. Having your dog come back when called is not only critical, it may even be a matter of life or death.
This course is specifically designed to get your dog to want to come back to you all the time, especially in an emergency. Click Enroll now to be taken to the Client registration portal or contact Debi for enquiries.
Head Nurse, Jane Hammersley, with the help of Rachel Trafford, was on hand to guide people through a number of different exercises designed to help owners learn how to correctly give emergency care to a dog. Jane also explained many different areas of dog care, including what is normal, such as respiratory rates and temperatures, knowing this helps owners detect when there is a problem. Jane commented, “The day was a real success and it was great to see so many people come to learn more about caring for their dogs.  Just as it is with people, this sort of training can often make a huge difference. So if you would like to be included on the waiting list for news of future courses, please contact Jane on 01477 544554. Attention all rabbit owners, you may be aware of the recent warnings to protect your pets from a new strain of Rabbit Viral Haemorragic Disease (VHD). Whilst we hope to never need any of what we learnt, we do recognise it’s important to know. Dita had a lot of fun and whilst I may be biased I think she looks beautiful in the photos. It tells the story of James Bowen, who whilst living in sheltered accommodation and busking on the streets finds an injured tom cat (he later names Bob). The distraught owner was later informed by the vet that it was due to the presence of Xylitol in the cake. They share our lives to such an extent that they will invariably get their paws on little bits of non doggie food from time to time. Lets think.I have kept rats for years and can remember the personality of everyone I have ever known, from a timid rescue rat we called Nibbler who became the most lovable little critter. They traveled everywhere with me entangled in my hair, ratstails!, even to Glastonbury too. Boys tend to want to be fed and cuddled.Rats are quirky little creatures and its always fascinating to watch their interaction with each other, the friendships they forge and the mortal enemies they make and the ratty politics that ensue. To be honest in a fair world rats would not be sold as pets in stores especially for the the meager price it costs to buy them as this price does not represent the value of a living creature or the future costs of caring for them. Give them some credit for their tenacity and maybe a nice bowl of sweetcorn and a hammock to sleep in too and they will reward you with being awesome. These do add valuable nutrients, but they are much cheaper than meat and are often used to bulk up the product.

Many dogs will manage on poor quality cheap food, as do people, but most will enjoy better health if they have better food.
The GOOD DOG GUIDE  makes life a little easier by compiling a list of dog friendly accommodation, pubs, restaurants etc.
It also would suggest we need to educate children to respect dogs and not view them as living teddy bears. Our pets needs the same attention to health and nutrition as we do, a poor diet can lead to illness, weight gain and bad behavior among other issues. You will practice making a donut bandage to stabilise a penetrating wound and a Robert Jones bandage to restrict limb movement of a fracture. Held at St Luke’s in Holmes Chapel, the first aid course provided attendees with lots of helpful and interesting tips and techniques to correctly respond to different kinds of canine health and behavioural issues. With all the recent news about dangerous dogs, one particularly interesting section was about detecting the signs of aggressive behaviour, not only in your own dog but in others, which could help owners to avert a nasty incidence.
It’s great to know what to do in an emergency situation and it will give a much better chance of a positive outcome. The virus is highly contagious, which can prove fatal in rabbits and has been detected in Cheshire for the first time. This is a sweetener that is harmless (or so they say), to humans but can prove fatal in certain dosages to dogs. He was very jealous of Brian being around and would wait for him to go to bed of an evening before jumping up to sit with me on the sofa of to be cuddled.
I wouldn’t recommend taking your critters everywhere with you now in hindsight but those little fellas were really bold and boisterous Agouitti rats who were completely fearless. Usually, the ingredients of dog food vary from batch to batch, depending on what is cheapest on the market at the time.
A few dogs cannot tolerate poor quality ingredients, and must have expensive food to thrive.
Attendees were even invited to practice resuscitation techniques using Casper, the CPR Dog mannequin and also tried out their bandaging techniques on a toy dog! Putting them back on immediately if we identify a hazard (hence why we only let off dogs with good recall). We are currently avoiding rivers when they are full, communicating with each other when we see hazards such as glass in parks and maintaining full concentration while walking our dogs. For example, if a food is labelled ‘chicken’, as long as the majority of the meat in it is chicken, the balance could be made up of any other meat or fish. After this course the student will have a greater understanding of the possible injuries and illnesses that could affect their pet and know that gaining immediate professional care is vital to ensure that pain and suffering is reduced as much as possible. In your home we ensure your dog is returned to where they are found and that all dangers are out of their reach.
Only in the best ‘prescription’ diets made to treat particular diseases does this not happen.
First aid is important to know for your security dog not only to comply with associations and local authorities but also for animal welfare and to help a dog in need. The nature of working with dogs will pose a risk that they may be harmed in the course of their work or transport. NASDU promotes Welfare, Standards, Training and Education within the Security Dog Sector and offers support and guidance to its membership.

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