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Nintendo has released a new sku for its Mario Kart 8 bundle and it comes with extra goodies. As with the previous bundle offering, the package contains Mario Kart 8 pre-installed on a Wii U consoles, but unlike its predecessor, this one comes with a download card for DLC packs one and two. And don’t forget about the Super Mario Maker bundle dropping later this week on September 11, exclusively at Walmart. It contains the game, the Wii U consoles and the 8-bit 30th Anniversary Edition Mario amiibo for $299.99. Experience the heart-pounding chase scene from the iconic film complete with cool vehicles and explosive action. Help Jor-El, his wife Lara and their robot Kelex send the infant Superman “Kal-el” into space towards the safety of Earth as Krypton falls into chaos. Gain access to three additional game packs, featuring new playable characters, vehicles and levels. In total there'll be six DLC packs, each with a mission level that can also be played in Free Play — over 40 characters, vehicles and customisations will be included across the packs. It's a marginal saving, though it should be pointed out this isn't a great deal for those intending to have both versions of the game, as each DLC pack only offers the content for one platform.
For some this is a valid option, however, and also represents another solid example of a sales partnership with Amazon.
The Wii U console will support microtransactions, according to Nintendo top dog Satoru Iwata. It’s a big deal for Nintendo to support DLC as well as microtransactions, since DLC has become a big business for publishers.
Does this mean that Nintendo will have a structure in place to mandate fixes to in game glitches, imbalanced features etc.? There needs to be a way to address easy-to-fix major gaming concerns without having to release a new version of the game. Shooters such as Call of Duty and Conduit 2 got patches and fixes, but they weren’t Nintendo 1st party titles, so I understand what you mean.

I think that is pretty much fun to unlock some modes in secret areas of the games than paying to have that content.
The only way I find DLC’s useful is actually expanding the game, with alternate storylines and such.
Play as the legendary Dark Knight and Commissioner Gordon, as well as the Joker and his goons as they chase down Harvey Dent’s police escort. Be the Batman and play as some of the most iconic faces of Batman through the years, including his first appearance in Detective Comics #27. He's the guy to thank for the generally brilliant nature of the content which massages your eyeballs on a daily basis.
Anyone that then buys the same content for the other system will end up paying a lot more than if they buy the game alone and then buy the discounted combo DLC packs for both platforms.
Other retailers already sell download codes for some of the packs, though Amazon seems to be first out of the gate with this bundle.Let us know what you think of this offering in the comments. However, he pointed out that Nintendo has no plans of offering first party titles as free-to-play games, nor do they have any plans of offering their games on phones and tablets. These types of games are becoming such a huge deal that major developers like Crytek have said that all of their future titles will be free-to-play, with the exception of the upcoming Crysis 3.
It’d be nice next-gen if Nintendo fixed major problems like the Grumble Volcano glitch, Coconut Mall glitch, etc.
I am an old school gamer, and I like to unlock features in the game (even if I have to grind for a bit) rather than paying for them. I will only support DLC if the game on the disc is filled to the brim with content and the developers packed in everything they could fit to make the best game possible from the get-go. Just think… Expansion pack for Super Smash Bros Universe(working title) could include five new stages, extra stage editor pieces, and 3 new characters.
We were sort of forced to buy used games (so its their own fault) or we simply wait for GOTY editions to appear. Whether there are issues and limitations with the Wii U infrastructure — such as the eShop — with season passes is unclear.Are you frustrated or even surprised by this news?

It's rather sneakily become Nintendo's most substantial DLC vehicle to date, serving up over $50 of extra content across four batches if you've opted to buy it all across both versions.
Another aspect that strips the appeal from this bundle is the fact that Amazon (and others) are offering physical versions of the game at a nice discount, making it less expensive to buy the disc version and then download the DLC separately. It’s also good to hear that Nintendo has plans of offering DLC to their own Wii U games.
It would make fixes to game breaking bugs in games like Skyward Sword and Metroid: Other M much easier to handle, as well as game tuning and balancing in Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. I will never, ever buy disc-locked content and I will never support games that are gimped because they miss an integral part of the experience (gameplay elements, main story elements) so the publisher can force us to pay for it later. I also like expansions, not some extra clothes, weapons, power unlocks, but actual contained stories within a game (with extra clothes, weapons and unlocks as bonus). The trouble is that the Wii U isn't listed as a platform for the Season Pass, with its fate on the individual DLC packs being unclear.The following content has been confirmed for the Season Pass on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. It ain't chump change.Ahead of the busy shopping season Nintendo - in North America at least - is bundling most of the goodness together in one package.
One can imagine adding extra mini games to titles such as Nintendo Land, or new content for Pikmin 3 and others. However, the free version of the game doesn't include everything, which means users need to purchase additional content from the eShop if they want to get more than the basic experience. One YouTube user has uploaded a video to YouTube which shows the process for downloading DLC, and even if you don't speak Japanese it should still be easy to follow. While the process may vary from game to game, the video should give you a pretty good idea of how the Wii U handles downloadable content.

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