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Baptise Vengeance, le prochain DLC pour le jeu Black Ops 2 sera disponible des le 2 juillet prochain pour les possesseurs d’une Xbox 360 et un peu plus tard pour les joueurs sur PC et PS3. Pour information, ce nouveau DLC qui vous sera facture au tarif de 1.200MSP contiendra 4 nouvelles cartes multi-joueurs respectivement baptisees Cove, Detour, Rush et Uplink ainsi que la nouvelle carte Zombie Buried. La trentaine bien entamee, Steve Hemmerstoffer plus connu sur la toile sous le pseudonyme Stagueve est l’editeur du site NowhereElse.fr. Baptise Uprising, le nouveau pack de contenu additionnel pour le jeu Black Ops 2 debarquera le 16 avril prochain sur Xbox 360. Hier, nous vous annoncions le lancement prochain d’un nouveau pack de contenu additionnel pour le jeu Black Ops 2. Fin janvier, le premier pack de contenu additionnel pour Black Ops 2 debarquait sur Xbox 360.
En poursuivant votre lecture, vous acceptez l’utilisation de cookies stockes dans votre navigateur afin de nous permettre d’analyser notre trafic et de diffuser des annonces ciblees. Find out when PlayStation 3 and PC owners can expect to get their hands on the Vengeance map pack, the latest Black Ops 2 DLC pack from Activision and Treyarch which made its Xbox Live debut earlier this month.
This is a program created to connect to either your steam account or your Xbox 360 account or PS3 account  and download to your system the Black Ops ll Vengeance Map Pack.This is the only working tool at the moment and you should be able to generate many keys, because of the new kind of coding. Lo que incluye este paquete es: cuatro mapas multijugador, un nuevo modo “zombie”  y una nueva arma. Vengeance incluye tambien el arma de rayos Mark II, que se podra usar ademas en otros niveles de juego.

Me enamore del cine gracias a Star Wars y Jurassic Park, aprendi ingles con Batman y los X-Men, ademas junto con Goku hice volar mi imaginacion; la lucha libre nunca me la pierdo gracias a mi tocayo Eddie Guerrero y con Master Chief me volvi un gamer de tiempo completo. If only somebody would come around to my house and take over as me for the day so I can immerse myself into a video game. As per usual the pack will release on Xbox 360 first on July 2nd with PS3 and PC likely to get their hands on it a month later.
With almost 30 years of video game experience to his name, Steven knows more than a thing or two about the industry and has been putting it all to words these past few years. Notez enfin qu’une nouvelle arme repondant au doux nom de Ray Gun Mark 2 sera egalement incluse dans ce pack.
Passionne de nouvelles technologies, gamer invetere depuis la fin des annees 80, amateur de cinema, collectionneur de sneakers et gadgets en tout genres, Steve sevit sur le Web depuis le mois d’octobre 2006. Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox) on your computer, tablet or mobile phone to enable functionality on a website (for example storing user preferences). En el, los jugadores se enfrentan en la profunda selva de Myanmar, en lo alto de una montana, sede de unas instalaciones tecnologicas.
Segun explica Activision, los jugadores se veran las caras con personajes de un pueblo minero abandonado del oeste, que han tomado forma de no-muertos. Treyarch keeps that dream alive with their latest Replacers trailer which also showcases the fourth DLC for the popular FPS Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 entitled Vengeance, along with some details on what to expect. Similar to past DLC, Vengeance includes 4 new multiplayer maps (including a re-imagining of the fan-favourite Summit from Black Ops 1), a new Zombie map and this time a brand new Ray Gun Mark II weapon is thrusted into the hands of you zombie killers out there.

Email * Now that Xbox 360 owners have had more than a week to experiment with the four multiplayer maps, new Zombies mission and Ray Gun Mark II weapon included in the Vengeance map pack, Activision is ready to discuss their plans for bringing the latest Black Ops 2 DLC pack to PSN and Steam.With Microsoft and Activision's exclusivity deal -- guaranteeing that each new Black Ops 2 DLC pack spends 30 days as an Xbox Live-only offering - being pretty common knowledge these days, it was hardly difficult for most to predict the early August PSN and Steam debut of the recently released Vengeance map pack.
Still, Wednesday's announcement from Activision marks the first official confirmation that the Black Ops 2 Vengeance DLC will make the jump to PlayStation 3 and PC on August 1.Just like the Revolution and Uprising map packs released earlier this year, the Black Ops 2 Vengeance DLC includes four new competitive multiplayer maps which will be added to a variety of servers' and playlists' map rotations.
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