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In 1728 the Boston Gazette ran an advertisement for a course in the “new method of Short Hand.” Teacher Caleb Phillips mailed his weekly lessons to students, giving rise to a revolutionary new approach to learning which over the centuries has evolved into today’s Online Education. We are a graphic design and web design company that specialise in luxury, high end design and development work. The Importance of Social Learning for Companies Infographic presents the benefits and value of social learning in the corporate environment. In order to retain more new material, it’s extremely helpful to enable the learner to actively engage in the process. Less than 30% of millennials feel they have the opportunity to contribute to the best of their ability at work. To dig deeper, check out the white paper, “Social Learning and The Future of Work.” It discusses the value of social learning in corporate education efforts and the challenges and benefits to implementing social learning technology. Conceptual vector of tag cloud containing words related to distance learning, distance education and e-learning.
Conceptual vector of tag cloud containing words related to healthy lifestyle in the shape of an apple.

Conceptual vector of tag cloud containing words related to distance learning, distance education and e-learning. Conceptual vector of tag cloud containing words related to social media, marketing, blogs, social networks and Internet.
The History of Online Education Infographic presents some notable events that have shaped the current landscape of distance learning over the centuries. Thata€™s why ita€™s important to make sure that your visual presentation makes you appear unique, credible, trustworthy and authoritative.
Human beings learn best by asking questions, discussing issues, sharing ideas, and teaching what we know. You only have one chance to make a first impression, so if you want make an impact, ita€™s vital that your graphic design is up to par. Social learning can take place in informal one-on-one encounters, among teams in the course of real-time problem-solving, communities of practice, through social software, expertise directories, and more.
When we are engaged — repeating information and ideas while interacting with others to explore an area of learning — it stimulates deeper critical thinking.

Clients are encouraged to visit our Design Studio, where they can relax and be part of the design process.
For instance, if you are building an online video marketing campaign, you want to make sure that visual design elements like intros and fonts create an emotional response from your viewers. The key is that the company fosters a culture of continual learning, in which employees are empowered and encouraged to share what they know with each other and to seek out colleagues’ expertise to increase performance across the organization.
No matter what a person’s dominant learning style is — auditory, visual, or tactile — active participation is the most effective way to solidify new knowledge for the vast majority of people.

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