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Just few months after the Obama Steve Jobs dinner, US commandos (some say Seal Team 6) found and took out Osama Bin Laden just last night. Coincidence?
The location gate comic is fiction of course, as both Apple and security researchers confirmed that consolidated.db is a device cache and is not sent to Apple nor any third party. WASHINGTON: “More than ever,” says legendary US investigative journalist Seymour Hersh when asked if he still believes Pakistan helped the United States get Osama bin Laden (OBL). When the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist first made this claim in an article published last year, it shook Washington and forced the White House to reject the story as false. But Mr Hersh repeated the claim in his new book, “The Killing of Osama bin Laden,” published this week, insisting that he was right. In an interview to Dawn on Tuesday, Mr Hersh said that since last year he had seen new evidence that cemented his belief that the official US account of how OBL was found in his compound and killed was deceptive. He reiterated his claim that Pakistan had detained OBL in 2006 and kept him prisoner with the backing of Saudi Arabia. He said the then army and ISI chiefs had made this deal with the Americans, which upset other Pakistani generals.
In an interview to Democracy Now, a network of more than 1,400 radio and television outlets, Mr Hersh said the US and Pakistan had jointly created the ‘myth’ “we discovered” where he was living.
Mr Hersh told Dawn that the colonel was later moved to the US and was now living somewhere near Washington. According to Mr Hersh, when the CIA asked Pakistani officials to make the May 2, 2011, operation at OBL’s compound in Abbo­ttabad a surprise raid, they agreed “because they had kept OBL in custody without telling us”. The Americans were already very upset and the Pakistanis did not want to make it worse, he added.
We should be rewarded by US with defence equipments and billions of dollars for cooperation against war on terror. I always knew that US can't do this type of raid deep inside pakistan without alerting Pakistan air defence. Would it not have been more convenient to have it declared "We believe that Bin Laden must have died due to his Chronic Kidney Disease". So Pakistan hid OBL for four years, and US made them pay the price with the humiliating raid. Osama bin laden is still alive,its a false story that he has been killed,nobody got killed,it was an stage managed raid and made it looked like somebody has killed and story spread Osama bin laden has been killed and US did this because people of US was getting impatient and wanted answer from American government that why such a strong nation couldn't catch Osama. I have been a huge admirer of Mr Hersh since the 1970s, but on this one I think the expression, to "guild the lily", fits his "expose". Mijndomein Open navigatie Producten Domeinnaam E-mail Webhosting Webhosting Plus Websitemaker Webwinkel Alle producten Blog Helpdesk Webmail Mijn account Deze website is tijdelijk niet beschikbaar. Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! The actual hunt began with Bush and it was Bush's persistence, handling the intel, training of our military etc that got OBL.

Its all about the poor decision making for me and we have seen nothing but poor decision making coming from the only fool in that room. To answer your question, NO there is no reason we should believe anything that comes out of his mouth. I noticed that many news commentators emphasized Osama's compound did not have telephone or internet connections.
They just admitted to an illegal international assassination with a special ops force that infiltrated a sovereign nation without permission. To order a killing an unarmed person with no security around him along with his family makes us look like them. Dominic Di-Natale of FOX News who claims to have conducted the interview said in a tweet that he carried it out during a 40-minute phone call. On the other hand, even if there was a loophole that FOX News made the most of,  the biggest question is why would Dr. Media That Matters - From the serious to the hilarious, we share stories that rise to the top. As is well known, the senator was a prisoner of war in North Vietnam for more than five years, during which time he suffered both physical and psychological torture. The United States and Pakistan then struck a deal: The US would raid bin Laden’s compound but make it look as if Pakistan was unaware. Their radars are watching, their F-16s are up all the time,” said Mr Hersh while arguing that it was not possible for US helicopters to enter Abbottabad without alerting the Pakistanis. He was ready to go public,” said Mr Hersh, claiming that the disgruntled general was made PIA chairman after his retirement to compensate for his silence. He did not contradict my story, although if there is one guy who can end my story, it is him,” Mr Hersh said. I learned much more, that gave me much more flesh on the skimpy bones I guess I had,” he said. World leaders and their agencies have their own agenda and we the common people are made fool. You can actually search a video interview by CNN reporter Christiane Amanpour on YouTube where she says that American intelligence knows that OBL is living in a villa in Pakistan. This was indeed preplanned operation by US navy seal with active support from pak Airforce & army. It was known that Osama was under Pakistan protection and he was handed over to US in a secret deal, all the drama of US secret operation was for local public consumption.
The last quote in this story -- “I did have more contact with people in the ISI after I wrote.
Shakeel Afridi, the Pakistani doctor who helped the CIA in their search for the most wanted man and Al Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden. Shakeel Afridi, the Pakistani doctor who helped the CIA in their search for the most wanted man and Al Qaeda leader,  Osama bin Laden.

For all interview request on my Afridi story, pls contact Fox News' medial relations dept via +1-212-301-3700. This interview was hosted by Bill Maher and it dates back way before the raid actually took place. Nobody was punished on this incident except poor doctor who was made scapegoat and Talibans made a big deal of Doctor story and opposed polio vaccination drive and lot of innocent anti polio drive workers paid heavy price by loosing their lives. I learned much more, that gave me much more flesh on the skimpy bones I guess I had” -- he admits he did not have all the facts for his original story.
He withholds things so he can start drama and then finally releases the info so everyone looks like an idiot.
Pakistani journalist from BBC world Service UK says no one responded to the number when he called. Afridi is being kept in a high security prison where more than normal care is taken to ensure no such lapses ever occur, especially since the doctor is not an ordinary prisoner.
It is highly unlikely that the doctor was able to give a lengthy interview without getting caught. None of the three detainees who were waterboarded provided Abu Ahmed’s real name, his whereabouts or an accurate description of his role in al-Qaeda. They further added that he is only allowed one meeting a month and that too is with his family members only, adding that the meetings take place under the supervision of the deputy superintendent of the jail. Since then, it would appear, he has been rushing around seeking bits and pieces that conveniently fit his narrative.
That he turns around the silence of station chief, Jonathan Bank, as affirmation that he is again on shaky ground.
He was arrested from near the Torkham border while trying to escape the country days after the raid on 23 May 2012 that led to Osama Bin Laden’s death. Bank's silence may have another simple interpretation: Unlike some others involved in the dark arts, he in fact continues to respect the oath of silence one assumes he took. He was  subsequently sentenced to 33 years imprisonment for treason and having ties with local Islamist warlord. They took me up into one of the interrogation rooms, and for the next 12 hours we wrote and rewrote. The North Vietnamese interrogator, who was pretty stupid, wrote the final confession, and I signed it.

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