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Back in ’99, in the times of Y2K and a global millennium angst, The Matrix was one of the last movies that gave me a feeling of profound sublimity, this sense of being inspired and taken away on a plane where I could honestly doubt the lore of reality. The blockbuster struck the nerves of all generations at once as it played on the archetypal desire to be part of something that reaches beyond our everyday lives, and on the omnipresent feeling that there’s something wrong with reality as we think of it.
In this rather bleak period of his life, he is discovered by a group literally out of his world, and after a violent interlude with seemingly covert agents, this group takes him to a man called Morpheus, who is awaiting Neo with an impossible choice. This scene, connecting the first two acts of the story, has become a legendary piece of cinema as it established an iconic symbol of pop culture: the red pill and the blue pill.
The room where Neo is offered the ultimate revelation, feels as end-of-the-world as it did when The Matrix hit the screens, a vintage lounge with classicist Art Deco, decaying and with the aura of a long gone world that hailed riches, beauty and decadence as pinnacle of the real world. In this Film Noir setting, the dialogue between Morpheus and Neo seems at first like an initiation, the kind we imagine secret societies would use recruiting new adepts. Morpheus: You have the look of a man who accepts what he sees because he is expecting to wake up.
Eventually, Morpheus offers Neo to take him out of the digital dream world he is living in and into the real world — if he chooses the red pill. Today, more than a decade after The Matrix was made, and in a world that is rapidly becoming ever more complex and inscrutable, the choice Neo has to make appears to me like a decision on fate itself.
Many people feel, in a practical and every-day sense, that there’s something profoundly wrong with the world, and more and more people can actually put their finger on it. Yet, we are never presented with only one or two choices, something not only The Matrix original, but its two sequels have alluded to as well. The question would be to choose or not to choose at all, and maybe to face the many truths and alternatives “out there” in the first place, and not, what more and more people do, build their private matrix that defends against the onslaught of an extremely fragmented and menacing reality.
On this note, this scene has become a kind of writing on the wall, and the film itself a must-watch, again: We know we live in a kind of matrix, and any observer perceptive enough can see “the other side”, and eventually the path out of this trap.

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Anderson (played by Keanu Reeves) is a young computer programmer without relationship and friends.
However, the underlying message reaches much farther than even the filmmakers might have thought or imagined, and to me this scene and what it represents is ever more relevant today than it was 12 years ago.
Neo’s struggle is palpable, he is on the edge of his seat all the time, the disillusioned sceptic throughout.
The Matrix and its opposite are now entangled in a rather disturbing sense, as we are perpetually presented with countless choices — and countless truths.

There’s a divide between what we are told about the world and what we experience, so we seem to have less and less to base our choices on.
Even if we were told the truth and nothing but the truth and could make up our own minds, The Matrix, and the red-pill-blue-pill scene in particular, did not reflect on the fact that any truth’s subjective nature can make it impossible to decide when faced with choices.
First with Neo’s question, after he “converted” to the real world, if he could go back, and a second time when another character, Cypher, betrays his companions so he can go back to the Matrix in order to enjoy the illusion of a happy life.
The red-pill-blue-pill choice wouldn’t be based on what we know or are being told, as we are ever so much aware that there is always a catch, another side, something we are not told or cannot be told. I think sooner or later everyone has to make this personal choice — whether or not to go there. We look forward to receiving articles between 700 and 1,500 words, submitted as a Word document. This journey begins with the annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) but we will not only be exloring the world of technology.
Apart from that, the film seems to take sides with the ones who take the red pill as they don’t want to provide sustenance for the machines that created the Matrix. My Chrome browser   refresh button is subjected to my OCD tendencies especially on a Sunday morning when there are no new articles on tech sites.
Yes it's a sad reminder that I need to see a doctor but Monday rolls in and my tech loving cycle continues. Now that enlightenment has been shone upon you let’s evaluate just one of those side dishes. Try-Catch, try is used to evaluate a block of code while catch allows you to handle any errors that may occur within that block.

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