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What we know is that she is extremely hard to kill, and that she drops a Diablo's Horn when killed for the first time. To get the keys, you need to kill each of the three keyholders (The Countess, The Summoner and Nithalak) and make them drop their key. When you've gotten into everyone of these three places and killed their boss, you get all three artifacts. Hellfire Torch charm is like a Annihilus so that means it cannot be traded via the Trade Window and each character cannot hold more than one charm.
When you killed all the three Uber Prime Evils, a item will drop for each char present, in addition to the Large Charm. Once installed, I suggest that you start the Hero Editor, click on Options Tab , and for v0.66, Disable Version Warning Messages (lower right-hand corner).
2) Some of the Barb Mercs (even if they are dead) can cause a "divide by zero" error when trying to load your character file into Hero Editor.
5) There is a "bug" when trying to create "new" characters, if a character with the same file name doesn't already exist. 6) When scrolling the mouse over an item that is being worn, some damage modifiers can cause an overflow error in Hero Editor.
7) When there is an "empty" slot in an item's magic attribute list, clicking on "Magic" (for display of all of the item's magic attributes) will cause an error. As of this time, I don't know how to exceed these game maximums (but we can always hope that someone will figure it out). To edit an existing item in your char, click on the inventory tab, right-click on the item, and select "Edit Item (in Extras Window)". 1) To add a magic attribute to your item, expand the'Magic' branch by clicking on the plus sign in front of the 'Magic' branch.
2) Click on one of the 'Magic Attribute' sub-branches that is unused or click on 'Magic Attribute 30' (unfortunately if you have 30 or more attributes, then the Hero Editor can't add any more attribute). 3) Now in the 'Magic Attribute' column (right-most column), there should appear a small scroll bar to the left of the top-most input box.
Some special attributes such as magic-find, extra gold, increased sockets, replenish quantity, and requirements % can be found under the 'Extra' branch. Some other special attributes such as chance of blocking %, indestructible, knock back, regenerate mana, replenish life, and throwable can be found under the 'Other' branch.
Once that you've selected an attribute, the input box should shrink and show the default max value(s) for the attribute. 5) Set the value(s) to the desired amount(s) and click on the Save Modified Item button (below the middle column) to update your item. 6) To save your item in a file, go back to the Inventory tab, right-click on the item (look in the right-side window to see if the attributes are corrrect), and export your item. 1) To add states to your item, expand the'Magic' branch by clicking on the plus sign in front of the 'Magic' branch.
7) To save your item in a file, go back to the Inventory tab, right-click on the item (look in the right-side window to see if the attributes are corrrect), and export your item. 1) To set an item's quality, go back to the middle column on the Hero Editor Extras window (re-read the 3. 2) Click on the 'Item's Quality' sub-branch and a selection of Quality classes should appear in the Item's Quality column (right-most column).
3) Click on one of eight choices (Low, Normal, Superior, Magically Enhanced, Part of a Set, Rare, Unique, Crafted) to choose the quality class.

4) Now expand the 'Quality' branch and click on the sub-branch that corresponds to the quality class that you selected above.
If the right-most column shows "Not Available", then you're selecting something inconsistent with what you selected in the 'Basic2' branch. 6) Pick your specific quality and then click on the Save Modified Item button (below the middle column). 1) To create a new item, click on the Extras button at the bottom of the main Hero Editor window.
3) Expand the All Items tree by clicking on the plus sign in front of the "All Items" and then expand Misc, Armor, or Weapons depending upon what type of item you wish to create. 4) Continue expanding sub-branches until you see and click the specific item that you wish to create.
4) Finally, go over to the right side of the window and click on the "Save New Item To PickedUp" button.
To add empty sockets to an item, from the Inventory tab, right-click on the item and select "Make Item Socketed (if possible)". To add more empty sockets, in the Hero Editor Extras windows scroll down the middle column for the 'Magic' branch and add a new attribute 'Increased Sockets' and add the desired number of sockets (if you haven't already, go read the 3.1 Adding an Attribute sub-section to add this atttribute). When you add more empty sockets, please be aware that in the past, filling more than 7 sockets (6 sockets on amulets and rings) caused instability problems for your character.
To change the item code for a weapon (or any other item), you must first copy the item to the Picked Up area. 1) In the middle column, expand the 'Item Code' branch and select the 'Items Type Code' sub-branch. Expand the sub-sub-branch for your weapon (in my case a bow) and click on the type of weapon that you have (say a "Short Bow"). Now go back to the Item Edit tab, and scroll up or down the individual item type codes looking for 6s7 (the items are sorted in item type code order). 3) When you change an item type code, be sure to check the 'Number Of Sockets' sub-branch (under the 'Other' branch). If you look at the tabs on the main Hero Editor window, you will see that you can change Waypoints, Skills, Quests, Mercenary Experience and Introductions.
For edited characters, I usually enable all waypoints and set all quests to "Long Finished". When setting quests, it is best to make sure that the appropriate waypoints are also enabled, so I highly recommend enabling all waypoints all the time. So I would recommend, editing your high-level chars with ZonFire99's Hero Editor and resetting the character level to 99 before opening your character with D2 LOD 1.10.
2) Set the level to 99, create as much space as you need to import any 1.09 items that you want to convert, and save the empty 'mule' character into both the Diablo II directory's \save sub-folder and a backup sub-folder. 4) If you haven't mixed anything up, D2 will convert your character (and all of its items) to 1.10 format. 5) Save and exit the game and then use the Hero Editor to open your converted 'mule' character. With all the problems that people have been having with the 6 "missing" Operating System files that are needed to run VB6 applications, like Hero Editor, I have written a "program" that will automatically install these 6 files, as needed, etc. To get to Lillith, you have to open an "Pandemonium Portal" and make it lead to Matron's Den, the how-to is explained under the Keys and artifacts section below. When you got them, you put them in your cube and transmute to create an Uber Portal to a special version of Tristram, which is populated by a Uber Uber Diablo, Uber Mephisto and Uber Baal with their minions. The item is called Standard of Heroes and the sole purpose is to show others you go thru the ultimate hell and back.

Make any changes that you want as long as they stay within the maximums for Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, Energy, Life, Mana, Stamina, and Character Level. In the Hero Editor Extras window, the Item Edit tab will be selected and three columns will appear. As an example selecting '146 invis' will make you invisible to other players (but not monsters). Editing Your Items section, if you've forgotten how to get there) and expand the 'Basic2' branch by clicking on the plus sign in front of the 'Basic2' branch.
For example, if you clicked on "Part of a Set" for the 'Item's quality' sub-branch, click on the 'Set' sub-branch under the 'Quality' branch. As mentioned before, go back to the Inventory tab and export your item to save it in a file. Depending upon the type of item, in the Description area, you may see damage (for weapons), one or more requirements and possibly the base number of sockets for the item.
For example, from the inventory tab, click and hold a jewel in your inventory and move it on top of any item with an empty socket, then release the mouse button.
You can do this by right-clicking on the item and selecting "Copy Item (copy into Picked Up)". The individual item type codes and brief description should appear in the right-most column.
As an example, if I wanted to change my Short Bow to one that had the highest minimum 2-handed damage, I might choose a Diamond Bow because it has Two-Handed Damage: 33 to 40.
Select that item type code and click on the Save Modified Item button (below the middle column) to save your changes.
In certain circumstances, the base number of sockets will be changed when you change the item type code, especially if you set the base number of sockets to less that maximum for the item.
Unfortunately, I've heard of various problems when trying to convert any high level character (character level above 99).
Be aware that some conversion will occur right away and further changes will occur as you save and exit from a 1.10 game.
In the "Item Edit" column (left-most column), the item that you wanted to edit should be selected. Be sure to click on the Save Modified Item button (below the middle column) to save your changes. Once a socket is filled, the additional attributes should be visible in the Description area to be right.
Now from the Picked Up area (move your cursor over the right side of the Inventory tab display), right-click on the item and select "Edit Item (in Extras Window)". I tend not to bother with a mercenary nor introductions, but you can click on the appropriate tabs to make whatever changes that you desire. When you got all three keys, put them in your cube and go to Act 5 then transmute to open a Pandemonium Portal leading to a random area.
In the middle column, select the 'Magic' branch and the item's magic attributes should appear in the right-most column. All of my Unique items seemed to convert without any problems although the above Skill Level attributes did disappear.

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