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Overpower can be an interesting mechanic, which grabs the enemy player by the head and slams it behind Diablo -- bringing the enemy player closer to your allies for a good spanking. To play safe without too much complication, one can go with Soul Feast (level 1), Amplified Healing (at level 4, if you communicate with a healer), Block (level 7) and Lightning Breath (at level 10). With a good team of friends who help with heals or shields on Diablo, and assassins applying stuns or pulling enemies to you, Diablo can be a mean Warrior to respect and to instill fear with. The videos shown below do not show a strategy I will share now, but from what I could experience in a practice mode played afterwards you can start with getting close enough to a player to cast Overpower. Regeneration Master: Gather 3 Regeneration Globes to permanently grant you +3 health per second. Lightning Breath: Diablo becomes unstoppable and channels a cone of lightning that deals 80 damage per second.
Fire Devil: Casting Fire Stomp grants Diablo an aura that deals 15 damage every second for 10 seconds. Storm Shield: Activate to give you and nearby allied Heroes a Shield for 20% of their max health for 3 seconds.

Are you the type who needs to do your very best, uncovering each and every single secret in the process of leveling up your character to the most powerful combination possible? At level 4, this ability can be altered to either cause those fire waves return back to Diablo causing 50% damage to anyone caught by it, or you can choose to allow the fire wave to not extinguish on impact and continue to damage enemy players behind the first one impacted. If the enemy is knocked into an unpathable location, they are instead stunned for 1 second. Or do you prefer to breeze through the game as fast as possible, finishing it with minimal effort, just so that you can view the ending? At level 1, this trait can be altered with the Soul Steal talent which gives Diablo 3 Souls each time he uses Overpower.
At that point, cast Shadow Charge at that same player which will cause him to be knocked back toward your allies and in trouble. I suppose game developers would prefer you to be from the former group, as that would mean you would have gone through the game just as they had intended. This might be specially good when the enemy is close to your towers, as the towers will lower down the enemy's health.

Well, we do know that Diablo 3 is going to be quite the hit when it finally arrives, but just so you can prepare yourself and want to have the best possible in-game character, then you might want to check out the Diablo 3 Hero Planner.Do bear in mind that this is not a skill planner, but rather, it is a complete build planner which assists you to equip your gear as well as pick the skills of your choice. He can ram at players from a distance with Shadow Charge, knocking them back and dealing damage upon impact. It will definitely be on the radar of serious Diablo 3 player for sure, and since you have that competitive streak in you, I am quite sure you are willing to give it a go, never mind if you do it under the guise of curiosity.
It is understandable, after all, for anyone to want to remain ahead of the pack at all times.
I still remember the crazy sleepless nights when my mates and I raced through Act after Act in Diablo 2 to see who finished a particular Act first.Filed in Gaming.
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