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Profits from ECS are gift-aided to the University of Cambridge to fund future research activities.
Courses and events often lead to further engagement such as research collaboration, consultancy and executive education. ECS organises briefing days for multinational companies, linking key researchers from across the University of Cambridge to provide the company with an insight into the latest research in some of their key areas of strategic development. ECS has a team of Associates, mostly alumni of the University of Cambridge, all with experience of working in industry at a senior level, who provide consultancy based on research from the Department of Engineering, covering the fields of management, policy and some focused technologies. ECS education specialists can support the design and delivery of bespoke programmes based on Department of Engineering research to meet companies’ strategic and capability development needs.
ECS is working with leading universities in Asia and the USA to deliver a programme for a leading international company which manufactures equipment for construction and power systems. Roadmapping is a powerful technique for aligning technology developments with commercial and policy objectives. Dr Andrew Flewitt has used IfM’s roadmapping techniques to help develop strategies for the commercial exploitation of high performance zinc oxide thin film transistors on flexible plastic substrates. Part of the University, ideaSpace actively supports University innovation, including a number of spin-outs from the Department of Engineering.
Cambridge alumnus and former lecturer at CUED, Tony Robinson, has founded a number of companies all with strong connections to the Department. Educational research has made it clear that parents who are actively involved in their children's learning at home help their children become more successful learners in and out of school. Telephonitis --Give your child practice in reading numbers left to right by dialing a telephone.
Let 'Em Eat Shapes--Cut bread into different shapes--rectangles, triangles, squares, circles.
Disappearing Letters--Promote creativity and build muscle control with a pail of water and a brush. Latest fromEntertainment Thando Thabethe mocks celebrities who hide their baesShade alert!
He said that the rotation of principals was influenced by Corruption Watch reports which showed that most corruption as schools was done by principals because they had been at one school for too long. Lesufi also said the results of preliminary examination that learners wrote recently were of a poor standard, especially in the fields of accounting, mathematics and mathematical literacy.

Lesufi said that the department was hoping to reach its target of having 3,000 schools operational in the province to take the pressure off on the current 2,780 schools.
He further said the department was losing more teachers than they were recruiting, noting that in 2014, around 7,000 teachers resigned from their posts. Lesufi later said that schools in Gauteng were full and children from other provinces would not be accepted in these schools for the 2016 school year. He added that by 2017, Gauteng should not have schools based on race, but rather schools based on the performance of the learners.
Lesufi ended off by stating that his highlight of the year was the dropping of chalk boards at many schools. ECS is also available to help the Department of Engineering as a whole disseminate its research and develop successful collaborations with industrial partners. Key to that aim is ensuring that new ideas are taken up and translated into new or better products and services. Organised by ECS on behalf of the Department of Engineering, with additional presenters invited from other universities and industry, the course has places for 40 delegates and has been sold out in recent years. ECS manages all aspects of the briefing, including all the commercial and contractual arrangements. This briefing has resulted in the negotiation of an agreement between the company and the Department for ongoing collaboration across research, education and consultancy. ECS has expertise in developing courses using active learning techniques to embed new knowledge and skills. Managed by ECS, it exists to create the best community for, and environment to support, the creation of new ventures in Cambridge. When he started his fourth company, Cambridge Financial Engineering Ltd, he moved to ideaSpace which he found to be a supportive and energising environment. Make a list of telephone numbers your child can read--for relatives, friends, the weather bureau--and have your child make a call or two. Teach the name of each item of clothing your child wears--shirt, blouse, sweater, sock, shoe--when your child is dressing or undressing.
Ask your child to look for letters of the alphabet on boxes and cans of food and household supplies.
On a warm day, take your children outside to the driveway or sidewalk and encourage them to write anything they wish.

Ask your children to guess the weight of several household objects--a wastebasket, a coat, a full glass of water.
If you no longer have access to the e-mail address associated with your account, contact Customer Service for help restoring access to your account. Lesufi was addressing journalists at a media briefing at the Department of Education in Braamfontein. Managers attend courses in economics, finance, marketing, leadership and strategy at the IfM. Roadmapping can be used to support the Department of Engineering’s commercial collaborations, the development of early-stage technology spin-outs and strategic research plans for key industrial partners. Parents of young children in prekindergarten through third grade find them to be easy and enjoyable ways to work with the school--using materials they have at home to build their children's skills. Ask your youngster to choose a pair of similar shapes, then to put jam on the first piece, and to place the second piece on top to make a sandwich. For example, find five A's or three C's, or any number of letters or combinations on cereal boxes, soup cans, bars of soap.
Ask your child to water one plant and ignore the other for a week or two, keeping both plants in the same place. Plants usually perk up with water just as children perk up with good words and smiles from parents.
Reprinted with permission of the National Education Association and The Home and School Institute, 1994. He is not yet sure whether he will need office space, and for how many people, or a hot-desk environment he can use once a week. Then print the words on paper and ask your child to attach these papers to the clothes in the closet or drawers. Next, have them estimate their own weight, as well as that of other family members, and use the scale to check their guesses.

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