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Dalmain Primary School provides a welcoming, inclusive environment where there is an expectation that everyone will work towards achieving their potential. The Dalmain Primary School Early Childhood team focuses on the development of Social, Emotional and Physical well-being of the students in their care. Through play the children are encouraged to be creative, problem solve, explore new ideas, investigate and develop conclusions they can test in different ways. Dalmain Primary School is a great choice for your children, providing a strong emphasis on the development of Literacy and Numeracy skills and on fostering positive attitudes towards learning. Dalmain Primary cultivates an environment of academic excellence where staff members, in partnership with the community, provide a challenging, inclusive, contemporary curriculum inspiring all students to be active participants in modern Australian society.
Students are encouraged, and expected, to take risks with their learning and accept responsibility for their actions.

The Dalmain Primary School P&C Committee have purchased the Tiqbiz phone app to further enhance communication between home and school.
The phone app is designed and organised through the company Tiqbiz and has a number of features parents will find very useful and informative. The app is free to download and there are no ongoing charges. The State Government has committed to the establishment of 21 Child and Parent Centres on selected public school sites in vulnerable communities. The Department of Education is the lead agency for the initiative working in partnership with other government departments and Non-government organisations selected to manage and provide services at each Child and Parent Centre site. Discover more about the initiative, including the location of the Child and Parent Centres and the nongovernment organisations selected to operate each centre here. Information on the rationale and research behind the Child and Parent Centres service model can be found in a Literature Review conducted by Edith Cowan University entitled Child and Parent Centres on Public School Sites in Low Socioeconomic Communities in Western Australia: A Model of Integrated Service Delivery.

Enrolments and expressions of interest from within and outside of the Kingsley area welcome.
They recognise that Dalmain Primary School is a supportive learning environment with a holistic focus on health and well-being. These community centres are intended to improve access to a range of early learning, parenting, child and maternal health and wellbeing programs and services that provide support to families with young children, birth to eight years – with a focus on children from birth to four years of age.

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