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Cool City Maps like these Crumpled City Maps by industrial designer Emanuele Pizzolorusso make guiding yourself around your favorite city less complex and origami-like. NOTE: If you use this map on a video on YouTube please post a link back to this post to help support me. Added Nether and A snow biome jar with animal jars, too.planning to add more biomes in the future.
Hey dude, I just downloaded the map and I was wondering if I could make it my personal schematic? The way things are looking as of now, there will be an update by the end of the year, guarenteed.
Thankyou soooooo much GTawesomesauce, big diamond for you from a while ago for this, but I have just completed my Youtube Let's Play of this map with all links etc going to you.

I love this map, but I accidentally while trying to make the nether portal made all the lave from the nether jar turn to cobble. I love your server it is so fun, and has the best mini-games on there thank you for making it :) Ps People shoulden't Spam on your page just because it is popular.
The Sunken Island Adventure is an example of an amazing imagination and amazing terra forming skills. The Map is a desert island with a beach around the out side of the island with two huge mountains being the main focal point. It would be really cool if you could have a quick look at my silliness and maybe if you left a comment with a link in the comments section, some of my subscribers would get very excited and DL this map. If your not aware terra forming is basically sculpting the land in your own way using Mods such as MCEdit World Editor or similar Mods.

After the Map got released it quickly became really popular as its an amazing creation, so the developer started changing the Map in a number of ways so it can be played as an Adventure Map.
The maps are currently is production and some of the first released will be London, Paris, New York, Tokyo and Berlin. Also most dont use the spider spawner to make a fishing rod, which comes in handy for food during the first days.a suggestion from my part would be to make the jars a bit bigger and ad the second role that all activities has to be done inside the jars.

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