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The North Carolina Reiki Training Center is an Approved CE Provider for the NCBTMB and the premiere instructional school for Reiki Energy Healing.  Located in scenic Asheville, North Carolina, the NC Reiki Training Center is fully licensed to provide CE Credits to North Carolina and Florida massage therapists. Classes for CE can be more than specifically about traditional medical techniques.  Add a Reiki CE Certificate to your credentials and palette of healing skills. To view all the Reiki Classes that the North Carolina Reiki Training Center has Approved by The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB), please click on this link to the NCBTMB website. Taking Continuing Education Classes should be fun, enlightening and rewarding.  Spend a weekend in beautiful, scenic Asheville, North Carolina and earn your Massage Therapist CEU credits at the same time.
Need a place to stay while in Asheville, NC?  Your best bet is to try Air BnB.  Rooms are as low as $41 per night in some really cool locations.
Approved CE ProviderThe North Carolina Reiki Training Center is an approved Continuing Education provider (#451391-10) by the The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. Places To Stay – Asheville NCWe recommend trying Air BnB for a cost effective and often very cool place to stay while visiting Asheville North Carolina. Odilia Marie Forlenza, RMT, founded the NC Reiki Training Center located in the heart of Asheville, North Carolina. Arizona College offers a wide variety of continuing education opportunities for Massage Therapists.
Currently, there are seven continuing education unit (CEU) courses available at the Arizona College campus in Glendale. Continuing education is a vital part of maintaining your massage therapy license and improving the services you provide.
If you have not yet received your massage therapy license and would like to do so, please visit our Massage Therapy Program section to learn more about starting a career in massage therapy. The Form and Function course is very different from the other PNMT seminars and quite different from seminars offered by other institutions.
The objective is that students learn very thorough structural analysis, range of motion, and orthopedic testing. The Spine and Thorax course is meant to teach you to see, touch, and understand the magnificent role the back muscles play in our body. At the end of the training, you will never see the spine in the same way, and the effectiveness of your treatments will improve. You will learn strategies to determine the most effective treatment protocols that make a massive difference in the way your client feels. The Upper Extremity seminar could be the most practical hands-on workshop you will ever take.
The course information on nerve entrapment can transform the way you understand the relationship of muscles and nerves.
Adhesions anywhere in this system can result in mild to severe dysfunction including headaches, chronic pain and other neurological impairments.
Course Description: Building upon Craniosacral Therapy I, this course is designed to instruct students to go beyond the basic techniques used to locate and address adhesions of the craniosacral system proper. If you are interested in enrolling in any of the courses listed above please note the following information. As a practicing massage therapist in the province of Ontario, Canada you are required to maintain 30 CEU’s for every three years you have a general certificate as mandated by the CMTO.
Continuing massage therapy education information is now more readily available compared to before because of the invention of the internet. There are now more massage therapy continuing education online CEU’s that are easily accessible to be downloaded to your computer or iphone or ipad. Imagine that instead of ordering a DVD set that will take time to get packaged and shipped, you now have the opportunity to watch new techniques on your computer or mobile phone almost immediately after download. Generally, if you know how to fill out your name, address, phone number etc., you can order a downloadable massage therapy CEU course straight to your computer. Massage therapy continuing education classes can help teach you new ways to better serve specific needs of your clients, which in turn can mean more clients and a bigger bottom line. Massage therapy CEU’s give you the opportunity to specialize in one area and develop a positive reputation in both the home and massage communities.

The wider and more advanced range of knowledge that massage therapists receive through continuing education classes often equates with more earning power, whether you are working in your own private practice or as an independent contractor or employee of a big business franchise.
A major bonus in taking massage therapy continuing education courses is the opportunity to mingle, socialize and network with other like minded people. This is a nice break from spending time in isolation regardless if you are in private practice or at a multi-disciplinary clinic. In these massage therapy continuing education courses you have the opportunity to receive treatment as compared to always giving treatment. These courses also give you time to reflect on where you are with your practice and the direction you want it to go. Massage therapy continuing education is essential for you to grow both professionally and personally. Subscribe to the Palpation Newsletter today and receive information on guest blogs, CEU courses, online training, business tips and much more! After graduating from the Florida College of Natural Health in Miami, summa cum laude in 1995, Wolfgang Luckmann attended the College of Acupuncture and Massage and graduated with distinction in 1997. Trained in the British Public school system in South Africa, where he taught languages in schools and colleges, Wolfgang has brought 20 years of teaching experience to his numerous holistic courses. His workshops are a blend of his experience as an acupuncture physician and massage therapist and are highly customized to fulfill the needs of the individual practitioner.
The Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage is committed to providing its graduates and the massage community with a broad menu of continuing education classes.
It is our philosophy that continuing education should be one of the cornerstones of the OSTM program. Essential oils have been used for medicinal and healing purposes for thousands of years.  These natural plant based oils contain properties that support the body’s own healing system and many practitioners are realizing the benefits of these oils in treating acute and chronic pain, reducing stress and supporting overall health.
In this class you will learn a multi-layered approach to integrating essential oils in your massage therapy practice.  You will gain a deeper understanding of aromatherapy and the safe and effective use of essential oils.  You will become proficient in the use of 20 essential oils, learn blending techniques and discover how to use these oils to treat pain and reduce stress – for you and your clients! Gail Valente, LMT is a 2001 graduate of the Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage in Rochester.  Since 2005 she has owned and operated Retreat House Massage and Wellness Center. In 2006 Gail took coursework in Foot Reflexology at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.  Gail enjoyed sharing this work with her clients, seeing the deep relaxation they experienced and was eager to continue her study.
Most recently Gail has returned to Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage to teach new massage therapy students professionalism, law and ethics, and communication and business.
This is a 1500 year old technique that aims at releasing all  PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL congestion in the body, with a full body massage.
It is known in Hawaii as the “ Dance Of Massage” because of its long flowing style  and continuous rhythm and beat accompanied by selected tribal music.
In this class, you will first examine the causes of lymphatic and circulatory disorders according  to the  Western and Eastern medicine model . Strengthens the organs responsible for lymph and detoxification  by stimulating qi that stimulates circulation, reduces water retention and frees stored up toxins. In this two day workshop we will explore the benefits of this healing modality and learn a Reflexology flow that you can incorporate into your menu of services.  Two thirds of our class time will be at the table giving and receiving Reflexology, allowing you to leave confident in your technique. Kennan (Director of Education) 585-241-0070 for more information or to register for the course.
In partnership with Crouse Hospital, earn the profession’s first Specialty Certificate in Military Veteran Massage.
NCBTMB is proud to partner with Crouse Hospital in Syracuse, NY to empower practicing massage therapists with the opportunity to achieve a Specialty Certificate in Military Veteran Massage—an exclusive certificate available to graduates of Crouse Hospital’s 80-hour CE Program. When you attend an accredited institution, you are attending a school that has undergone a rigorous process that evaluates educational quality. The NCBTMB is an independent, private, nonprofit organization that fosters high standards of ethical and professional practice through a recognized certification program. The courses are designed to help professionals learn new techniques that enhance their skills and advance their career while satisfying CEU license requirements. All courses are taught by highly trained experts that walk students through innovative massage therapy approaches which are designed to improve safety, relieve pain, and promote overall wellness.

Below is an outline of the massage therapy continuing education courses currently offered at Arizona College.
The Mystery of Pain is a fascinating journey into the very heart of how you treat pain and suffering. While most other seminars focus on how to treat specific muscles or conditions, this seminar is dedicated to clinical reasoning or the ‘why’ of treatment.
Along with more precise treatment, students will learn to be truly efficient and effective in their sessions. You will learn how to efficiently evaluate and treat patients with various types of back pain involving the lumbar and thoracic area. This seminar is designed to be a hands-on experience, and the style of therapy is easy to learn, allowing you to immediately utilize the techniques taught in class. You will learn to accurately measure muscle length, use orthopedic assessments and be amazed at the immediate improvements.
You will also learn to apply these techniques to the bones and membranes of the hard palate and facial bones. This consent is not required for you to apply or enroll and you may always call us directlyEmailThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
Some massage CEU courses that are usually two or three days long are made into five day courses with instruction in the morning and free time in the afternoon. Already in South Africa, Wolfgang created workshops for teaching staff to teach German and English to non-speakers and Second language speakers of these languages. Most of his workshops are based on traditional Chinese medical philosophy in some form or another. Our goal is to host an array of guest presenters who are knowledgeable and accomplished in their respective fields. Your comprehensive take home manual will allow you to continue to explore essential oil blending, replicate the class recipes and give you confidence to continue blending on your own. She became the teaching assistant and co-teacher with Eileen Donovan, longtime Kripalu Reflexology instructor.
The therapist and client will become entranced in a spiritual state.  You will learn how to transform a loving touch into techniques for healing. It is based on the premise that there are zones and reflexes on the feet which correspond to and are relative to our body systems and organs. Your detailed take home manual will support you as you explore this new modality with your clients.
This consent is not required for you to apply or enroll and you may always call us directlyNameThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Once you have successfully completed a course, you will receive a course completion certificate. The course will explore how new insights in the neurophysiology of pain have massive implications for the practice of manual therapy. The learning environment for this course will be highly interactive with case studies and problem solving scenarios. Students will also find this course to be a great review of the anatomy and function of the neck musculature. The basis for Lomi Lomi is an integration of Mind – Body – Soul in a ritual of transformation and inspiration. At present, many spas, schools and establishments are inviting Wolfgang to train their staff and students.

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