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Beauty is only skin deep, but radiant skin can help you leave a wonderful first impression. For years, people have been asking me questions about my opinions about the best products and services, and to bust out the most common beauty myths. I believe consumers are often lied to, deceived and misled by cosmetic companies and salespeople that are under enormous pressure to meet sales goals.
The website and Facebook page are places to get honest information about the latest beauty products and services. I wish more people read the ingredients instead of believing whatever they’re told by hungry salespeople, fancy packaging, or infomercials. I always use meadowfoam and rose oil-based Secret Weapon Serum from Beauty Buster Skin Care. Following is general information about the most popular hair removal methods for you to keep in mind when deciding what you want to offer your customers. Using a depilatory cream for hair removal is a good choice for clients who may be timid about permanent hair removal. Waxing is a great method to offer clients, but do your research and find the best quality wax to use, which can help make the process less painful and can reduce irritation. If you decide to offer laser hair removal, there are various steps you’ll need to take. With threading, a cotton thread is doubled and twisted, rolling over unwanted hair to remove it in lines. Becoming an esthetician is an exciting decision with many different avenues and specialties. Zac Johnson is an entrepreneur who helps experts and professionals craft their marketing and messaging in unique ways to reach their target audiences.
In the competitive world of hairstyling and beauty, it’s important to focus on having a great reputation, increasing your business and expanding your reach and social media following.
While there are hundreds of social networks out there, you only need to focus on the big ones: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. To learn more about continuing your education and becoming a beauty professional, check out our courses and view your state guidelines. If your client is new, greeting him or her warmly and by name helps him or her settle into the new environment. Midway through the cut, after you’ve conversed and gotten to know one another better, ask which product line your new client uses.
When dealing with a returning client, as you walk her over to the receptionist to pay for his or her visit, ask if he or she would like to look at XYZ product line that you’d talked about earlier. These handmade Oak and Neoprene Rubber tools are specially designed by David Morin and are sized to fit perfectly the into the palm of your hand.  Our Thumb-Saver lets you use the heel of your hand to apply moderate or deep pressure and drive the rubber tip farther into tight muscles and tissue than you could ever get your thumb.
I completed my first 1000 hours of professional massage training in 1978, have massage athletes at two Olympics and have been teaching medical massage for over 10 years now – that’s a lot of massage. I use the forefinger of the hand not holding the tool to glide along with the rubber tip to feel the tissue being worked on to deliver just the right amount of pressure in just the right place without ever using my thumbs. There are many other unique techniques that I have developed over 30 years time to minimize the negative impacts a heavy schedule of massage had on my body and I’ve incorporated them all in the NCBTMB approved continuing education seminars I teach on Medical Massage to assist you in extending your career as a massage therapist. Welcome to Health Matters Seminars!There are many techniques courses but I don't know of any other series that covers the essentials of clinical practice with this depth: Essentials of Clinical Practice, Specific Problems Effectively Addressed, Assessment, Hands-on Techniques, Rehabilitation Exercises, Therapeutic Hydrotherapy, Soft Tissue Pathologies, Comprehensive Illustrated Course Manuals, DVD's of the Assessment Protocols, Hands-on Techniques and Rehabilitation Exercises, NCBTMB Approved. Physical therapy courses and personal trainer courses, fitness instructor courses, holistic massage courses and pilates courses dublin..
Greg scelsi, lmt personal fitness trainer, national strength professionals, 2006 graduate baltimore school massage, massage therapy, 2002.
Licensed massage therapy & massage ceu programs massage therapy students learn harness healing power touch, provide sought- services. Copyright © 2015 Caroldoey, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. I’ve known David for over 15 years and his commitment to the well being of the profession as well as the therapist was evident throughout the weekend; he stressed ethics and integrity along with body mechanics and self care. The non-lubricated, clothed approach is a welcome and practical addition to my arsenal of techniques- many thanks- and the specific strokes and factual knowledge remind me that there’s always more to learn- even after thirty years of practice.  It’s also really wonderful having such quality coursework available on the outer islands. So, sign up on your home island, or give yourself the gift of an inter-island holiday.  Either way, you’ll be glad you did. I implemented the techniques that I have learned from the first three courses I’ve taken with you and after 6 weeks of working with her twice a week she can now do her hair completely without her arms going numb.  Thank you from both of us. MMT IV Lumbar & Hip course was excellent, exciting, filled with new material even after 15 years of practice. This class along with the previous two MMT courses have been an uplifting sweep of fresh air in my practice. David has streamlined a therapeutic package of medical massage into a graspable and manageable format.  I have been able to apply all the techniques immediately after each course and have received positive feedback from multiple clients. Lora Condon, The Beauty Buster herself, recently answered our questions on beauty, the importance of a skin care routine, and must-have beauty products.

I finally decided to dedicate a part of my esthetic career to being The Beauty Buster, a beauty consumer advocate. It also describes the services I perform, the organic product line I developed and where my next appearance will be. People get so used to being lied to that when you speak the truth, they don’t believe you! Beauty school offers many other courses; one focus is to become an esthetician, who (among other things) offer clients various hair removal services. The cream breaks down the hair follicle until it’s jelly-like, which takes between five and 10 minutes.
The process is simple: hot wax is spread over areas with unwanted hair, covered with a cloth, and once the wax dries, the cloth is quickly pulled off, taking the hair with it. The method uses a laser, or highly concentrated light, to destroy the hair follicle upon application, and this type of hair removal can be done practically anywhere on the body. Low-level electrical pulses go through the needle, into the skin, and destroy the follicle. Whenever there’s a new movie premiere, an awards show, or just gossip on a celebrity, social media is on fire!
Use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to engage in the conversation, sharing tips on duplicating the styles, while also redirecting users to your site. Each is unique in its own way – and everyone has their own favorite social media platform.
With a mere three new followers each day, you’re looking at over 1,000 new followers over the course of a year. Trust and faith in your skills are now handed over for the delivery of a flattering new look.
Always welcome them warmly by name, and ask them if there’s anything you can do to make them more comfortable. Before you jump in to a cut or color, review exactly what your client wants done to ensure he or she will be happy when they walk out the door. Also, beauty trends change over time, so it’s critical for you to stay educated so you can remain at the top of your game. Nimmo’s T-bars very successfully in my treatments and his tool was the inspiration for a variation I created in 1999 when I first started to experience pain in my thumbs. Each course is packed with valuable new information from lecture, demonstration and the closely supervised hands on practice. Everything was valuable: the topics covered and techniques shown in class and especially the instructor’s enthusiasm. The systematic teaching of the techniques in supine, prone and sidelying positions makes learning easier. It is a pleasure to observe David’s 30 plus years of experience when he shows techniques to the class and to me personally. They can be temporarily and minimally made smaller or larger, but usually there is no dramatic change from any creams, masks or scrubs. The Beauty Buster is known for being brutally honest and well educated on the latest beauty trends.
Having knowledge of each hair-removal method is important to help you decide which services to offer your clients.
Waxing can be used all over the body, so most salons offer intimate waxes, including bikini and Brazilian waxes.
The paste is applied going with the direction of hair growth and then flicked off from the opposite direction once it’s dried.
It’s a quick procedure, and many clients achieve permanent hair removal after three to eight sessions.
And you’ll need the equipment, unless you work at a salon that has the equipment in place for you to use. This is often uncomfortable or painful for your client, and it often requires multiple sessions to achieve permanent hair removal. If done correctly, the mouth method (meaning that the end of the thread is placed in your mouth while performing the service) is the most precise and gentle. Knowing what kind of services are available, the details of each, and which are most popular will be critical in helping you decide which hair removal services to offer. There are already thousands of users creating beauty- and hairstyle-related videos, but your expertise will set you apart from the pack! For even better responses and growth rates, provide full tutorials on how to best go about executing each cut, dye, or style. People talk about what the celebrities are wearing, who did their makeup, and how their hair was done. If you have a blog and write articles related to recent events and the latest fashion and beauty trends, even better!
Your first priority should be to create an account on at lest the aforementioned four, and make a note to provide regular updates to the sites.

So what kinds of beauty products would benefit the client – and possibly your paycheck? If your new client will have to wait, point out your salon’s assortment of beauty magazines and provide an estimated timeframe for when he or she will gain access to your chair.
Great customer service will help your clients trust you, which paves the way for upselling. To be able to continue in this work I love and respect so much I had no choice but to find ways to work smarter and deliver the highest level of treatment I know is possible, without using my thumbs.
My “L-Bar” tool fits comfortably into the palm of your hand (it come in regular or large size) and has a flat rubber tip that allows the therapist to deliver a focused pressure precisely where it’s needed. Hoffmann also discusses benefits and contraindications, history, types of myofascial release, tools, draping, and how to address specific complaints.The course is broken down into small, manageable units, with quizzes to test and reinforce knowledge.
After 3 courses with you I feel that I have advanced to a new level and know that will continue as I put into practice more of what I have learned. Lacking only the Lower Extremity Course to complete certification it is clear to me that this work has broadened my idea of how massage therapy can be administered. Drugstores sell a variety of hair removal creams, but they contain many chemicals, can be harsh on the skin, and don’t always work.
Waxing can be painful (after all, you’re ripping hair from the body), and it can cause irritation in sensitive skin, but it lasts for three to six weeks. To become an electrologist, you must go above and beyond your training and become licensed and certified. Threading is most often used on the face and is great for shaping eyebrows and removing fine facial hair. Raymond Nimmo, designed a “T” shaped wooden hand-tool with a pointed rubber tip to assist in applying direct and focused pressure on trigger points between the ribs and transverse process to reduce pain and edema associated with subluxations.
This Myofascial Release Continuing Education Course is approved for continuing education by the New Jersey Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy, New York, Florida, Georgia, Washington DC, National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB), College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) and Massage Therapist Association of Saskatchewan (MTAS).Sign up today to enroll in the course. This Head & Neck course has given me the confidence, skill and techniques to address and effectively treat problems in what I feel is the most challenging area of the body.
Everything presented in these courses confirmed the work I was already doing and expanded my “tool box” with lots of superb techniques. It’s actually dehydrated and open to more bacterial invasion, fine lines and inflammation. Salons and spas use antibacterial, antimicrobial products that are safer for and easier on the skin. This method leaves hair skinless for a few weeks and has the possibility of becoming permanent after numerous sessions. At the end of the course, upon satisfactory assessment scores, students can immediately print out a certificate of achievement. Actually, this class was very supportive to my being able continue in this wonderful profession.
Work at your own pace and have fun learning something new.All course material, including video clips and assessments are online. Thank you for showing me how to save my tired thumbs by using so many other combinations of hand, fingers and forearm to continue to get the results my clients anticipate. After completing the course with a 75% or better grade, you will be able to download your certificate of achievement immediately and attach it to your resume.Follow these three easy steps to take the course. It fits my hand so well I was amazed at how easy it was so use and how it was impossible to tell the difference between fingers or Thumb-saver.
Known for its effectiveness in alleviating pain and in creating healthy changes in the muscular and connective tissues of the body, this massage has become the foundation for many therapists' work.Fascia refers to a type of connective tissue that encompasses the entire body, while encasing each individual structure in the body.
So every bone, every muscle, every organ, every vein, every artery has a layer of fascia that runs around it.
He completed his massage therapy studies at the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing in California.
Through its continual and multi-directional network of fibers, the fascia maintains the structural integrity through motion. Through the development of disease or injury, the fascia can become restrictive and a source of tension, exerting pressure, causing pain, and limiting mobility. The selection allows therapists to choose courses that most interest them and benefit their careers. Instructors are educators and working professionals themselves who bring passion to their topic.Please call us at 801-280-9084 or email us at ce (at) Jumozy (dot) com, if you have any questions.

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