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Because the insurance industry is always changing, it is of the utmost importance for agents to stay well informed. Are you ready to get enrolled in Web CE courses and be better prepared for your next license renewal?
Tuesday, May 13 – A total of 12 new Charge Nurses at the British Virgin Islands Health Services Authority were pinned by the Hospital Nursing Director Ms.
A Charge Nurse is the frontline supervisor who is responsible for the immediate functioning of a Unit and who is responsible for ensuring that nursing care is delivered safely and appropriately.
In March 2013, 12 nurses enrolled in an education programme for senior nurses where they were taught on the main competencies of becoming a Charge Nurse.
Upon completion of the education programme the nurses were tested and all 12 nurses were successful, with Nurse Edith Augustine and Nurse Avalina Valrose receiving the top scores. The Charge Nurses will work with Nurse Managers on their specific units where they will be provided professional growth opportunities through supervisory responsibilities. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Real estate agents are often required to improve in their field through continuing education courses.

Once you become a member of Wise Agent, you have access to a whole list of organization and administrative features, and keeping track of your continuing education courses is one of them. Not only can you keep track of which courses you’ve taken and which ones you still need to take, Wise Agent has also partnered with McKissock so that we can offer you even more courses in continuing your real estate education and advancing in your field. In an effort to help insurance agents get the resources they need to flourish, we chose a North American industry leader for continuing education coursework. To address these needs, Web CE and Benson Financial Solutions offer comprehensive materials designed to get you prepared for your license renewal. Web CE offers over 750,000 continuing education classes each year for insurance agents across the United States.
Jascinth Campbell-Hannibal on Monday afternoon at a ceremony held in the Training Room at Peebles Hospital. The curriculum covered modules in the following areas; human resources management, understanding the organisation, understanding self and others, financial management, image building, effective scheduling, communication and conflict management. The Charge Nurse Pinning Ceremony held by the British Virgin Islands Health Services Authority was to acknowledge and to celebrate the new qualified Charge Nurses.
Or maybe you just like staying on top of the most recent industry trends and standards, and are always looking to add just one more credit to your resume.

Wise Agent wants to see you succeed and that’s why our software for real estate includes not only the standard contact and calendar database, but a way to help you continue to learn and grow too! What makes these insurance-agent education materials so effective is their convenient coursework setup. You’ll be able to see all your required and elective courses, as well as when they begin, where you are in them, and when you’ll be done. Our self-study education model helps insurance agents get the education they need to renew state insurance licenses. With a focus on making the renewal process easier, insurance agents everywhere can take comfort knowing they have somebody on their team, working to help them do their job. Web CE courses give insurance agents the competitive edge that is needed to get their license renewed in confidence.

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