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Con Edison's New Bill Design — one that is easier to read and provides a detailed breakdown of your charges. Pay your bill, report and check the status of a power problem, submit a meter reading and much more with My conEdison. My conEdison makes it easy to manage your account, get outage and safety information and communicate with Con Edison using your Android smartphone. Sometimes, there are special occasions where we'd love to have a commemorative video file to remind us of that particular event or happy day. SKIA is a unique social app that automatically detects people that have attended the same event as you.
Welcome to the official Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara application for Android, featuring the teaching ministry of Pastor David Guzik. Check out all kinds of content that interests you including messages and commentary on the Bible by Pastor David Guzik. It is for those people who only want a flash light app without all the other non essential add ons. Simple Flash Light has been tested and confirmed working on Samsung Galaxy S2,S3 and Sony EXPERIA. A well-known Makeover Game in the FASHION industry for you to express your makeover sense with Hair Spa, Makeover , Makeup & Dressup! Click the button, then use a QR code scanner to download the app directly to your Android device. Better still, a thorium reactor would be incapable of having a meltdown, and would generate only 0.6 per cent of the radioactive waste of a conventional nuclear plant. See also the Thorium Energy Amplifier Association's 2010 report, "Toward an Alternative Nuclear Future" [PDF]. But it's also something that every single environmentalist out there ought to celebrate, as an environmentalist. Every environmentalist in existence should give daily thanks, on their knees, for the incandescent bulb.
Anything but whale oil, which was replaced by the very light bulbs and electricity that envirohadis so often despise. Note that I really don't see hybrids as all that environmentally benign, so our plate - ECO FROD - reflected that. Well, at the end of this year, the HOV stickers on hybrids expire, and probably won't be renewed, and we've put 60,000 miles on ours with decent - not great, not terrible - results. So - no stickers soon, a car with hypercomplex technical systems and a so-so support chain.
I kicked the issue over to my frugality friend at Downturn Living, and she and her readers were clear that the frugal, economically sensible thing was to keep the car. I was initially kind of anxious about a NGV - just that the logistics of refuelling are more complex (there are some 26 fuelling stations in the parts of Southern California where we typically go - and I worry that TG, who tends to run her vehicles on fumes would wind up getting towed. But I put them all into a map and loaded it into our Garmin, and so far - after 4 days and 300 miles - it's been pretty darn easy.
Home filling stations are (sort of) available - the Phill brand went BK and may be releaunched - but I'm unsure of the economics for someone who drives as little as we do. And the new car is interesting - really downmarket and defeatured compared to our hybrid, which not only has a leather interior but is in a far higher state of trim. We bought the car through our credit union's car-buying service, and got a great deal on it. Back in the 70's I read Amory Lovin's Soft Energy Paths and noted his belief in building out a NG infrastructure as a transition plan to hydrogen. Iraq's government should try to get the best deal (it should also distribute a chunk of the profits to everyone, a la Alaska, or it's likely to become another weak rentier state). I've been unhappy with the quality of data released to support AGW, and so was unwilling to jump onto the bandwagon - while supporting things like energy independence. What we have is a body of research supported by hundred of millions in research grands based on a premise promulgated and legitimized by a guy who is well on his way to making a billion from claiming to manage it.
And I thought it was bad for hucksters to 'create' issues that they could then sell patent medicine to cure.
A pair of interesting pieces at The Oil Drum, a site whose views lean strongly toward Peak Oil. The second piece is an interesting "what if" look at oil demand in the OECD countries, and outside of it.
I should add that from January 2001 to June 2009, California lost 425,800 private sector jobs, while adding 163,700 government jobs, Oh, wait.
New Zealand is zooming ahead with smart meters - but the implementation may not be very smart. That experience may help to explain why California's PG&E thinks it's smarter to hold out for true open standards. On a serious level, this all part of Russia's squeeze play on Europe, for whom Russia is the #1 source of natural gas, and Algeria is #2. But you'd think the Nigerians might have been a bit more awake at the switch when the joint venture was named.

The official SCE bill pay login is available through a web browser or use the phone number on SCE bill pay for quicker payments.
We provide electricity and energy efficiency rebates and incentives for lighting, CFLs, food service technology, HVAC, air conditioning and related electric appliances and systems to help manage electricity costs.
Contact information for users with problems making payments online for SCE are listed below on this page if you need it. A lost password or login issue requires information from the resources payment section when bill pay for SCE is not accessible. Con Edison provides reliable energy service to nearly nine million people throughout the New York City metropolitan area.
Con Edison of New York and O&R set new records in energy delivery in 2010, during a summer of record-high temperatures and corresponding high demand for electricity. Consistent with Con Edisona€™s sustainability strategy, all capital projects undergo rigorous environmental analysis.
In New York City and Westchester County, Con Edison of New York works with community boards or municipal planning boards to formally address public questions and concerns on social and environmental issues associated with major new construction, expansions, and shutdowns. O&R employs a Citizen Participation Plan format for major projects, when directed by the New York State Public Service Commission, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, or other government agencies. O&Ra€™s community relations department is actively involved in creating partnerships with not-for-profit agencies, business groups, civic organizations and local governments. Con Edison is known for its consistent reliability in a region dependent upon uninterrupted energy service for the strength and expansion of its economy. In 2010, we received PA Consulting Groupa€™s 2010 Outstanding System-Wide Reliability Award. Con Edison has improved its customer service during power interruptions, increased the number of customer service representatives, and cut down on customer wait time and company response time.
Con Edison provides customers with real-time information about service interruptions, and estimated service-restoration times.
We measure our service reliability using two standards; the System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAIFI) and the Customer Average Interruption Duration Index (CAIDI). The SAIFI is the total number of interruptions divided by the total number of customers served. CAIDI is the average time (in minutes) to restore interrupted customers, or the interruption time divided by the affected customers. Con Edisona€™s customer service representatives field customer questions around the clock, and provide information about energy conservation programs and more. Con Edison has received PA Consulting Groupa€™s 2010 Outstanding System-Wide Reliability Award. NEW YORK, NY -- Con Edison expects residential gas heating bills to be about four percent lower this winter compared to last year, due in part to lower costs of natural gas. The average residential gas-heating bill from November to March (based on monthly usage of 170 therms) is expected to be approximately $206 per month, down from $215 last year. New Yorkers can increase their savings by signing up for Con Edison’s energy efficiency programs or call 1-877-870-6118. Con Edison’s Level Payment Plan helps customers even out energy bills throughout the year, giving them more control and protection from seasonal cost peaks. Con Edison has adequate natural gas supplies for its 1.1 million customers in Manhattan, the Bronx, Westchester County and parts of Queens.
Talk of the Sound is a hyper-local news site, considered the source for news and information in New Rochelle since 2008. If you would like to become a contributor, suggest a story idea or have a news tip contact us. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. That's 1050 each and every week that you clap eyes on that ugly default homescreen background.
If you connect with them, both of your stories will converge together, and the pictures will appear your respective timelines: no need to do anything else. Improved accelerators that combine small size and reliability are not a trivial technical advance. A 400 MeV relative called "Pamela" (Particle Accelerator for Medical Applications) promises new possibilities in treating heretofore untreatable cancers, and the demographics of cancer and aging are likely to make Pamela-style accelerators reasonably popular public projects. And instead of (or in addition to) turning lights off for Earth Day, turn them on for an hour to celebrate the achievement of their invention. We bought it, first and foremost, for the HOV lane stickers, but also because I thought it was neat technology, and because I do think that cutting back on our energy consumption in non-hair shirt ways is a good thing to do. We had to replace the main battery (warranty) but it was brain damage to get the local dealer - Scott Robinson Honda, who does Honda's fleet cars (American Honda is here in Torrance) struggled for a bit to deal with the driveability problems caused by the dying battery, but once I escalated they were great in getting it all dealt with.
We do long trips, and the odds are that we'll be renting more for that - I'd guess that 10K of the hybrid's miles are on road trips. Well, the combination of Iraqi terms and local risks meant that there were profitability questions, something state-owned firms whose mandate is to secure control of resources don't face. And I've been worried that core data - which keeps somehow being unreproducable or unavailable - needs to be rigorously reviewed before we make critical policy decisions.

One is a reproduced letter to The Guardian by Colin Campbell, one of the worlds preeminent depletion analysts, and co-author of the 1998 Scientific American article, "The End of Cheap Oil." He's not a crank - read his pedigree, and the background information he brings to his commentary. The Jevons Paradox (sometimes called the Jevons effect) is the proposition that technological progress that increases the efficiency with which a resource is used, tends to increase, rather than decrease, the rate of consumption of that resource. Now, the national average is also pushed up by more poor people in southern states getting things like air conditioning, and other salutary developments. But successful smart grids are going to require a lot of rewiring - in utility executives' heads.
Hence Russia's $7.5 billion weapons sale to Algeria in 2005, paid for via gas concessions to Gazprom. Boone Pickens, and taken up by an array of people with real expertise, and a genuinely diverse set of views. For this example, we will assume that both customers’ home energy consumption is 500 kilowatt-hours per month (or roughly 16 kilowatt-hours per day).
The transmission and delivery infrastructure has been consistently reinforced and upgraded to meet growing demand, and Con Edison of New York plans to invest an average of $1.36 billion a year on system enhancements over the next 20 years. Formal Corporate Environmental Health and Safety Procedures (CEHSPs) specify how to address environmental considerations in project designs to minimize any adverse environmental impacts through appropriate facility location, and the use of environmentally-friendly processes and equipment wherever feasible. The process includes issuing public notices, providing a public comment period, and participating in public hearings.
These plans facilitate two-way communication with individuals, groups, and organizations that have expressed an interest in a project or are affected by the project activities. The company relies on these contacts as a prime source of information and as a forum for communicating vital information, programs, or projects. In addition to making needed enhancements to energy-delivery infrastructure, the companya€™s regulated utilities are actively working with customers to reduce peak demand, and maintain a high standard of reliability. The utility urges customers to save even more money with the company’s energy efficiency programs. HEAP (Home Energy Assistant Program) grants are also available for qualified New York State residents.
Happily, it produces energy without producing any carbon dioxide: so an economy that ran on thorium power would have virtually no carbon footprint.
Until we really try, it will be hard to even know where the alligators are, let alone get it down to an economical level.
As long as a steady trickle of good news results, and the setbacks are manageable, a path is laid for continued improvement in the underlying technology.
Not just as a celebration of the human achievement and technological progress that has given us lives without parallel in human history, though it is that. If state-owned firms want to pay extra at the auction, it's essentially a form of development aid. That's another set of policy questions, which focus on the next elected government's approach. A Look at Non-OECD Oil Demand" assumes slightly rising production, but wonders if a series of recessionary shocks that drive down oil demand in 1st and 2nd world countries might just result in substitution by demand from non-OECD countries.
The features and approach look set to ensure that improvements are more modest than they should be.
Nigeria is just one more piece of that puzzle, though the pipeline route to Europe is going to be a real problem.
During the next three years, O&R plans to accommodate anticipated demand growth by reinforcing and upgrading its electric system at a cost of approximately $164 million. CEHSPs also provide guidance on how to address environmental issues when acquiring or divesting real estate, equipment, and facilities. Depending on the location, public notices may be made in Spanish or other foreign language newspapers, as well as English language papers.
These plans detail the citizen participation activities and resulting actions for each project. Our demand response programs provide all of our customers with the opportunity to save energy and money during the hottest days of the year, when peak demand stresses the system. Do not light a match or smoke, turn appliances or lights (including flashlights) on or off, use a phone or start a car. It's wise to expect some unexpected difficulties along the way, as well as unexpected costs, and not see this as some kind of near-term fix. And what is implemented will mostly benefit the utilities, rather than the homeowners being charged for them. But there's a good argument that smart grids are going to force them to have far more dealings with their customers. Our work with regulators and local collaborators also facilitates customer installations of renewable energy sources including photovoltaics and wind-powered generation. If they're not proactive, and careful about how they handle that, they're going to find that browned-off can be at least as dangerous as brownout.

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