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Colonial Massachusetts was among the very first places in the world to make the education of young people a public responsibility. The Intellectual Life of Colonial New England, by Samuel Eliot Morison (Cornell University Press, 1955). Additional Info: If Availability is being shown as "OUT OF STOCK" kindly confirm availability by calling on 033-22314502 anytime. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. The English Puritans who founded Massachusetts believed that the well-being of individuals, along with the success of the colony, depended on a people literate enough to read both the Bible and the laws of the land.
The English Puritans who settled Boston in 1630 believed that children's welfare, on earth and in the afterlife, depended in large part on their ability to read and understand the Bible. The youth court shall expedite a hearing to make anappropriate adjudication and a disposition to ensure compliance with the Compulsory SchoolAttendance Law, and may order the child to enroll or re-enroll in school.
Concerned that parents were ignoring the first law, in 1647 Massachusetts passed another one requiring that all towns establish and maintain public schools.
The success of the colony also rested on a literate citizenry; men should be able to read and understand the laws governing them. The founders of Massachusetts Bay recognized that the next generation would need leaders who were learned in theology, philosophy, and government. These activities may include field trips, athletic contests,student conventions, musical festivals and any similar activity. For both religious and political reasons, then, the Puritans began almost immediately to establish schools.The first was the Boston Latin School opened in 1635, the nation's oldest publicly funded school.

Unlike most schools in England, Boston Latin was not established by a church; it was created by the Boston Town Meeting. Voters agreed to use rents collected for Deer, Long, and Spectacle Islands in Boston Harbor to support the school and pay a schoolmaster.A few other early Massachusetts towns followed Boston's example. In 1636, Charlestown voted to use the rent for one of the islands it owned for the maintenance of a school.
The immediate family members of acompulsory-school-age child shall include children, spouse, grandparents, parents, brothers andsisters, including stepbrothers and stepsisters. The next year, the town of Salem opened a school, and two years later, Dorchester dedicated public funds "towards the maytenance of a schoole . Provided, however, that the parent orguardian of any child enrolled in a full-day public school kindergarten program shall be allowedto disenroll the child from the program on a one-time basis, and such child shall not be deemed acompulsory-school-age child until the child attains the age of six (6) years. Theapproval of the absence is within the discretion of the superintendent of the school district, or hisdesignee, but approval should be granted unless the religions observance is of such duration asto interfere with the education of the child. All children in early Massachusetts were expected to learn to read and write, but most received a basic education at home from their parents.It was not long before Puritan leaders began to worry that many parents were not fulfilling this obligation. This definition shall include, but not belimited to, private, church, parochial and home instruction programs. Five years later, disturbed by what it perceived as persistent parental negligence, the General Court passed a more comprehensive law, the first to require that towns provide schools (although in practice the law was generally applied only to free, male, white children). All towns with 50 or more families were obligated to hire a schoolmaster to teach children to read and write.
In towns of 100 or more families, the schoolmaster (who was usually a recent Harvard College graduate) had to be able to teach Latin as well. Responsibility for education was shifting from the family to the town.The 1647 law eventually led to the establishment of publicly funded district schools in all Massachusetts towns.

The schools were distributed around the town, so that no child had to travel more than a mile or two. In larger towns, a young man whose family could afford to forego his labor might attend a grammar school and, if he hoped to enter the ministry, Harvard College. During the colonial period, many Massachusetts towns required students to cover part of the cost by paying tuition, supplying wood for the schoolhouse, or lodging for the schoolmaster.Nor did public mean universal. At no point in the colonial period were parents required to send their children to school, and many poor children had to be satisfied with whatever education they received at home. Teachers often complained of schoolhouses that were freezing cold because townspeople failed to supply enough firewood. Most had little more than a chair for the teacher and benches for students, who were obliged to provide their own hornbook (alphabet sheet), spelling book, primer, catechism, and writing supplies.
Once children were old enough to help out on the farm, they usually attended school only in the winter months when their labor was not needed at home. During the five- or six-month sessions, they learned reading, writing, and basic arithmetic. When John Adams drafted the Massachusetts Constitution in 1780, he included provisions that guaranteed public education to all citizens. In 1789 Massachusetts was the first state in the nation to pass a comprehensive education law. Just as it had in the colonial period, Massachusetts continued to set the standard for public education in the new United States.

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