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Growing families on a budget will find two very impressive daily drivers in the Honda CR-V and Ford Escape. If your priorities end up somewhere in the middle, you're going to want to read on, as we outline more of what makes these two models so different, even though they both score very high here in our full review process. Fuel economy ends up in Ford's corner: the CR-V's top EPA ratings hit 29 mpg Combined, with 27 mpg city, 34 highway (up a solid 3 mpg versus 2014), while the best Escape model is rated at 33 mpg highway.
The area often most important for families—quality and comfort—is one in which the CR-V shines.
For those times when running around off-road is part of the plan, the Escape can tow up to 3,500 pounds, and has optional all-wheel drive, just like the CR-V.
These models both earn a four-star overall score from the federal government, yet both models earn mostly 'good' scores from the IIHS.
In the end, if you've narrowed it down to these two, it's more an inward question about those priorities. With athletic looks and the performance to match, plus a roomy interior and loads of available cabin tech and convenience features, the 2015 Ford Escape is bolder and more exciting than most rivals, without much compromise. The 2015 Honda CR-V is neither sporty nor particularly quick, but fuel efficiency is excellent and it prioritizes interior space, earnest practicality, and cleverly chosen features in a way that buyers appear to crave. Styling8Forget about the boxy look of the former Escape; this one's daring and dashing on the outside, overtly sporty inside.
We have sent your request for price quotes on the 2015 Ford Escape and 2015 Honda CR-V to the dealers you requested.
Your request for a fast, free price quote on a 2015 Ford Escape and 2015 Honda CR-V is in process. Dealer(s) listed below will contact you shortly to discuss your request and to provide a quote. Fuel efficient suv - fuel economy – the top ten most, Looking for suvs with the best fuel economy? Truck accessories, ford, chevy, dodge, , Maxing out a 4x4 to conquer the trails, pimping a pickup for street cruising, or adding extra power to an suv – it’s what owning a truck is all about.. Toyota rav4 hybrid fuel-efficient suv tested, The 2016 toyota rav4 hybrid fuel-efficient, -plug- suv consumer reports tested..
For additional pricing and availability in the local Oklahoma City, Norman and Tulsa areas for a 2014 Ford Edge please visit the links below for additional availability and pricing. ABOUT USPatriot Ford has an experienced and reliable Service and Parts departments that are open extra hours to help fit our customers' hectic schedules, and as always, Patriot Ford offers competitive pricing for your automotive maintenance needs.
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The car connection - new cars, car reviews, car shows, car, Get the inside scoop on new cars: car reviews, car photos, test drive results, technical specs and more.
Preowned at sacramento hyundai , sacramento, Find preowned at sacramento hyundai , sacramento put down the mouse because this fantastic-looking 2016 hyundai elantra is the one-owner car you've been yearning. In a time when four-dollar-per-gallon fuel is as common as soccer moms, the crossover SUV is the vehicle of choice for many practitioners of the domestic arts.
So if you've got diapers to haul and need new wheels to haul them, the simultaneous redesign of these two crossovers is hugely significant.
Ford's strategy for the Escape includes a choice of three different four-cylinder engines: two of them direct-injected and turbocharged and one normally aspirated, all of which are mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. Once inside, however, Honda pulls a clever switcheroo by producing more interior space from slightly smaller exterior dimensions. Speaking of loaded shorts, the CR-V's physics-defying interior is also better for installing rear-facing infant seats, which consume a disproportionate amount of space.
A quick look at each SUV's cargo area hints at what the SAE's objective measures verify: The Honda is easily the better of the two when it comes to cargo volume.
Ford regains some ground by installing center-mounted HVAC vents for the rear passengers — a comfort feature kids in back will certainly appreciate.
There's no ignoring the fact that the Escape's cabin reeks of genuine technological innovation, while the 2012 Honda CR-V packs its features into a familiar but dated-looking package. Both SUVs have dual-zone climate control, front seat heaters, navigation systems with traffic data, rearview cameras and sunroofs.
The Escape's power-operated tailgate also opens via the key fob, a button on the liftgate or by passing your foot underneath the rear bumper when the key fob is in your pocket — a feature that is undeniably useful for perpetually full-handed mothers. Also worth noting is the fact that the Escape's MyFord Touch user interface for the phone, climate, audio and navigation system doesn't use the infuriatingly ineffective touchpad buttons found in the larger Explorer.
It's worth noting that the 2013 Ford Escape, despite being nearly identical in size to the 2012 Honda CR-V, is 361 pounds heavier. This is largely due to its significant power advantage, but gearing and transmission calibrations also play a role. The Escape, blessed with one additional cog in its transmission and sufficiently motivational torque, is neither confused nor reluctant when its throttle is opened.

When it comes to objective measures of acceleration the Escape mops the floor with the CR-V. Both SUVs utilize electric-assist steering but the Ford's ratio is quicker, which partially explains its snappier responses.
Forget that for a moment, because in the real world, the world where the Escape's responsive turbocharged engine makes 107 lb-ft more torque than the Honda's engine, your mileage will vary.
Certainly the 231-hp Ford's advantage in response, drivability and outright speed is nice to have and we certainly enjoy its capabilities. Here we have two very different crossover utility vehicles — one defined by what its powertrain does and one defined by what its powertrain does not do.
It's possible that the Escape's smaller, 1.6-liter EcoBoost engine might have reversed our decision here, but that's another test for another time. So if you're practicing the domestic arts, the 2012 Honda CR-V is the diaper hauler you'll likely prefer as a partner. 2015 ford explorer 2015 gmc acadia car connection, Compare the 2015 ford explorer with 2015 gmc acadia side by side. But they're quite different in many ways—and pretty much the polar opposites of this vehicle class.
As we tease, there are plenty of ways in which both the Escape and CR-V excel, and they're both among the best in the segment, but for very different reasons. That said, after a day's drive in the athletic, attractive new Escape, we'd give it the enthusiast nod, each and every time.
It's a little smaller than the new Escape in some critical dimensions, but it delivers more usable interior space thanks to a more upright shape with more efficient packaging. Its cabin has much firmer seats with much thinner padding, which telegraphs a sportier feel without delivering discomfort. Both just last year had a less-than-ideal performance in the new IIHS small overlap frontal test, but with a retest, the CR-V has now improved to 'good' while the Escape remains at 'poor.' Technically the Escape offers more advanced safety technology like parking sensors and active park assist, although with the 2015 CR-V's optional Collision Mitigation Braking System, optional on the Touring model, it can now earn the IIHS 'superior' rating for front crash prevention and the IIHS Top Safety Pick+ nod.
The CR-V now has standard Bluetooth, and streaming audio and mobile connectivity are reality. The Escape's far from the faux-SUV it once was, and it's now a much sportier vehicle—almost a tall sport wagon if you see it in the right light. Read more8The 2015 Honda CR-V looks a bit more upscale inside and out, but it remains a tall, boxy utility vehicle. Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and our staff is committed to achieving this goal in every aspect of our business. Whether it's toddler toting or simple commuting, small utility vehicles frequently pull rank over midsize sedans because of their all-weather utility, flexible cargo space and superior visibility. Despite their common goals, the 2013 Ford Escape and 2012 Honda CR-V take very different approaches. With the Escape that meant $3,185 in options on top of the Titanium's base price of $32,945 for a final price of $36,130. Partially this is thanks to the Escape's rising waistline and sloping roof line, which look great but compromise overall roominess. With the driver seat set to accommodate a 5-foot-9-inch driver, the Escape's seatback rested against the front of an infant seat. Although cargo room behind the CR-V's second row is only 2.9 cubic feet more than the Escape, it measures larger in every single dimension. We found the driver seat in both amply comfortable, but the CR-V's greater sense of space is undeniable. There's unexpected volume in the center console that stretches the length of the CR-V's seat bottoms and is nearly as deep as the seats are tall.
Both SUVs were also relatively easy to pair with our smartphone and managed to remember it every time we climbed inside. That's a considerable difference for a small SUV, yet there's a promptness to the Escape's responses that is sorely lacking in the CR-V. Fourth and 5th gears in the CR-V are overdrive ratios and it seeks them out often to maximize mileage.
Driven largely on the same roads during the same period of time by the same drivers, the CR-V delivered 27.7 mpg over 1,520 miles.
With ample power, a modern, obedient transmission and superior handling, the 2013 Ford Escape is unquestionably the more enjoyable vehicle to drive. And beyond those, we're hard-pressed to find meaningful reasons to choose the Escape over the CR-V. Will rotate with stability control off but it's not a trait I'd want to experience outside this environment.
Not only does it look the part of a hot hatchback—the CR-V's hunched-over back has nothing on Ford's rally-ready air intakes and rakish angles—the Escape's turbo thrust, ride and handling hold up to repeated thrashings.

The seats are more plushly upholstered, too—and the flip-fold mechanism that turns the second-row seat from passenger perch to cargo bench is the most clever touch in its class.
Its back seats fold forward too, though not with the final flourish of fold-forward fancy that Honda's mustered in the CR-V.
The Escape feels in a class above, if you shop by feature lists, with options for leather, a panoramic sunroof, MyFord Touch's voice-command controls, even a hands-free tailgate that opens or closes with the wave of a foot.
The CR-V on the other hand has changed in no-nonsense, evolutionary ways, keeping it at the top of the class for the mission it has in mind. Read morePerformance8Go for the 240-hp turbo four, and you'll make the most of the Escape's sharp handling.
And since 2008, the two best-selling compact SUVs in the country have been the Ford Escape and Honda CR-V.
Our Escape tester was a top-of-the-line Titanium version with all-wheel drive, which comes standard with the most powerful engine, a turbocharged 2.0-liter that cranks out 231 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of torque.
It relies on port fuel injection, atmospheric aspiration and a five-speed automatic transmission to drive the front wheels.
Despite producing additional volume, the CR-V's load-in-the-shorts styling won it few fans.
The Escape's seats fold completely flat, but the CR-V's fold flat enough to minimize the compromise in utility.
More than one tester commented on the CR-V's roominess, while others noted the Escape's more confined interior space.
There's also a perfectly flat floor in the backseat, while the Escape's foot room is invaded by a center hump. Engine braking is more easily accessible than in the Honda, which might seem like a small thing until you descend a steep hill in both. Its features, too, sift it out of the crossover crowd — even if you have to pay more for them.
Fuel economy and practicality are what sell small SUVs and those qualities endure prominently in the 2012 Honda CR-V.
Slalom: Very conservative ESC will actually prevent CR-V from turning if transition is too aggressive -- probably to prevent rollover.
By comparison, the Escape reads more like a tall station wagon, with the combination of a rather low dash but upright driving position feeling a little more carlike overall.
Read more7The 2015 Honda CR-V performs adequately, but heavily loaded, it can feel slow; handling is predictable and reassuring. Liftover heights, at 27 inches for the CR-V and 27.5 inches for the Escape, are similarly low.
What's more, if we had to perform light towing, the Escape's 3,500-pound tow rating makes it an easy choice, as the CR-V is only rated to tow 1,500 pounds. That's probably why Ford offers two smaller, more efficient engines in the Escape, including the 1.6-liter EcoBoost engine, which Ford expects to be the crossover's volume engine. Sure, the CR-V doesn't break a lot of new ground in the segment, but it does honor the primary reasons people are drawn to small SUVs in the first place. Read moreQuality8Compared to other compact crossovers, the 2015 Ford Escape is small; but it makes good use of its small footprint.
Some 124 feet were required to stop the Escape from 60 mph — 5 feet shorter than the CR-V.
Of course with this smaller 173-hp power plant, the Escape acceleration isn't as brisk, but its fuel-efficiency ratings are more in line with the Honda's and in some cases better. Its combination of respectable fuel economy and a large, flexible interior is a potent one. Read more8The 2015 Honda CR-V has a cavernous cabin and clever folding rear seat, but interior trims and materials have been improved. Read moreSafety8The 2015 Ford Escape is a good pick for the family, with its good safety ratings and standard rearview camera system. Read more8Structural improvements and a top-rated active-safety system add up to major improvement for the 2015 CR-V -- although somehow the federal ratings have slipped. Read moreFeatures8Get what gives the Escape a leg up on other crossovers -- like leather, a panoramic sunroof, and Sony sound -- and it's no longer quite the bargain. Read more8The 2015 Honda CR-V has received some feature upgrades and a larger infotainment display screen, keeping it competitive. Read moreGreen8There's no longer a Hybrid in the lineup, but the 2015 Ford Escape can top 30 mpg on the highway in some versions. Read more8The 2015 Honda CR-V sports a new powertrain that boosts combined gas mileage to 29 mpg, or 28 mpg with AWD.

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