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Hararmaya University’s English Language Improvement Centre in collaboration with the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences has given training for the PGDT students.
The training aimed at improving the students’ English language communication skills, for they are going to be high school teachers who are to use English language to deliver lessons. The trainees were grouped into five different sections, and the training was given by well qualified teachers from the School of Foreign Languages and Journalism on August 23rd and 24th, 2016. Few trainees after the training said that the training was rendered when they were rambling with the target language usage in the class as they were on practicum during the training time. This training was given just after training on classroom English and English for secretaries was given for the junior university instructors and the university secretaries respectively. By the same office then, the training on English for secretaries was also given to seventy secretaries of the university for two consecutive weekends.
At the end of the training, one of the trainees explained that the training was crucial in bridging the gap they had in relation with English language usage. Maxwells AveAshcroft2168 Phone: 9607 8011 Limit: 60 characters delete banner statement Cancel OK Are you sure you want to delete the current banner statement? The growing digital divide is making access to employment and community participation for young adults with disabilities more challenging than ever. Participants build and practice social thinking and social communications skills within a work-style environment. Review worksheet with pictures - Create a picture board to help non-verbal reviewers share reviews.
Training - Safe and Productive Internet Life Skills - essential for employment and community integration. JJ's List is proud to collaborate with these organizations who show an extraordinary commitment to building positive and productive interactions for people with disabilities. Since 1976 the Human Services Research Institute (a 501c3 nonprofit organization) has provided consultation and conducted research efforts at both the state and federal levels to shape human services policy and practice.
The Illinois Autism Training and Technical Assistance Project (IATTAP) is an initiative of the Illinois State Board of Education and joins other ISBE initiatives as part of the Illinois Statewide Technical Assistance Center providing training and technical assistance to schools in Illinois. SIBS (Supporting Illinois Brothers and Sisters) mission is to provide support to siblings of people with disabilities in Illinois by connecting them with information, networking opportunities, and resources to enhance the quality of life for them and their brothers and sisters.
A not-for-profit organization creating social, cultural, recreational and educational connections for adults with learning disabilities. Erudio is a world class holistic education service for high schools , colleges and educational institutions at large. Education is the parameter that brings about development to a nation and the instrument for social change.
Leaders in our society are also consistently the best speakers, regardless of the field that they are in.

Self actualization and leadership potential must be enhanced from the days of little beginning. A study by Nina Kraus, Director of the Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory at Northwestern University School of Communication, has revealed the significance of music training in high school as a way of improving academic performance and strengthening hearing and language skills.
In her study titled: “Music training alters the course of adolescent auditory development” Kraus showed that students exposed to music training had had a faster maturation in how their brain’s responded to sound and improved their sensitivity to sound nuances.
The study involved 40 high school students from low-income schools in the city of Chicago and it consisted of two to three hours of band classes each week.
For the study’s purposes, one group of adolescent students participated in a group music training class and the other group participated in a Junior Reserve Office Training Corps program with a focus on fitness.
Kraus examined how the teenage brain encoded speech before the intervention and three years later. Reporting on the study, Medical Daily explains that the findings are particularly significant for students from low-income backgrounds as more often than not their language skills development falls behind that of their wealthier peers. US News reports that even though before the study the researchers found no major brain differences among students, the latter weren’t randomly assigned the music training, but voluntarily choose the music training, suggesting an already more plastic brain. Kraus’s previous research suggests that engaging in music-making activities improves non-music related skills including language, reading, attention and memory.
Percentages and DiscountsStudents learn to understand the real world application and uses of percentages.
HumorStudents learn the social and health benefits of humor, the skills needed to be funny, and awareness of the social situations in which it is and is not appropriate to make jokes. NutritionStudents watch Food, Inc., a documentary that focuses on the problems with the industrialization of food. NegotiationStudents learn the art of negotiation, how to negotiate and counterbid, and how the best negotiations end in a compromise. Getnet Demissie, College Dean of Education and Behavioral Sciences stated that the training would strength the candidates’ English language communication skills. Classroom English was given from April 09 – 10, 2016 aimed at improving the teachers’ English language usage which would help them to rigorously deliver lessons in the target language, English. Melkamu Alemu, English Language Improving Center coordinator stated that this training has been prepared based on the need of the target group. The second candidate added that this kind of training is so important increasing the efficiency of the secretaries in using the language properly.
Students learnt valuable leadership and communication skills through a range of practical games and activities.
BluePath also provides information for people with disabilities about where to shop, dine, or go for fun. HLAA is working to eradicate the stigma associated with hearing loss and raise awareness about the need for prevention and the importance of regular hearing screenings throughout life.

The holistic nature covers a continuous professional development (teacher training), effective oral communication, skill and leadership (student coaching) and a great edge for the emerging school.
That is sad to know that the dignity of this teaching profession is lost and professionalism is gradually eroding. This why we offer exclusive leadership training for your student leaders to successfully move the school forward and deliver the future of our nation.
The study is among growing literature on music’s role in academic performance and language skills, and confirms previous studies that teens’ brains are malleable; that brain’s neuroplasticity means that teens can still respond well to interventions such as the one carried out by Kraus and her colleagues. She discovered through a series of phonological and linguistic tasks (such as the repeating back of lists of digits or non-English words) that band music training accelerated brain neurodevelopment. The theory is that the way the brain receives and encodes pitch and rhythm differences is what allows people to interpret speech and language more efficiently.
In this project the students find the unit price of all the items being sold, create a list of food items to sell, find a location in the school, create a name and logo, and man the store.
Students create characters based on a picture and then answer questions from those characters' perspectives.
Students are introduced to a variety of humor styles and examples, learn to create jokes, and deliver jokes to an audience. Students complete a taste test between organic and processed foods to determine which tastes they prefer. Students visit a second hand store where they put their negotiation skills to work in a real life setting.
Its purpose was to enable the secretary’s use Basic English in communicating with expatriates who are working in the university and who may come being gusts.
Teaching public speaking is the right way to nurture successful and confident young adults. That is, the musically trained participants reached adult cortical development faster than those participating in the fitness program. This skill helps students in future conflict resolution and increases their ability for abstract thought. He also added that this training would boost trainees’ basic and technical writing, which is related to their office routines.

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