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ISOC has run several customised media relations and writing training sessions for UPS, the world’s largest package delivery company. If you have an idea for a customised course that would benefit your organisation, contact us today to discuss how we can help. Then give us a call or email to discuss how we can put together a package that fits your needs. Any of the courses featured on our open course list can be delivered or adapted as part of a custom course.
Written communication skills training helps people to improve their writing in terms of emails, proposals, documents and presentations. It works on reminding participants of those principles we often forget from school days, and adds to them with essential principles for clear and professional writing. Knowing how to write in the perceived correct manner gives the ability to choose how to write. Our written communication skills workshop is highly informative and is run in an engaging and fun style. Whilst we have a structured workshop, we adapt this with examples and scenarios from your organization. We make this a very practical session with participants working on typical documents from their practice area whilst discussing key principles and gaining a lot of knowledge. The following gives more detail on our approach to written communication training, please call us to see how this could work for your organisation.
The planning section typically looks at what happens when we don’t plan before we write and considers structure and the form of the communication. Trainees, junior lawyers and others benefit from this workshop which we have been running for a number of years. Simply to be able to write coherent and accurate documents whether they be letters or clauses. Consider the receiver - It is so easy to get lost in what we are trying to communicate that we forget it is the receiver who needs to understand our message. Check grammar and re-learn the basics - Grammar is important if we are to underpin the perception of competence with the ability to communicate professionally and clearly. Draft the structure - Creating a rough structure for your communication helps to give it form.
Establish service excellence as a natural extension of your business culture by equipping your team with the essential service, customer care and relationship building skills necessary, to solidify positive client interactions & relationships. This Strategic Business Presentation Skills Course will elevate the delegate's personal and business success by refining their current approach to presentation preparation.
Maximise your team’s interpersonal communication impact and ensure individual and business success! Our 30 year track record as a recognised leader in delivering immediate results through top quality, highly practical Business Presentation, Communication, Customer Service and Sales Skills Training courses and programmes speaks for itself – see what our satisfied clients have to say! Our skilled Strategic Planning Facilitator will guide your team in creating a fresh, relevant and competitive Business Strategy and Business Improvement Action Plan! As a popular conference & motivational speaker, Beth-Ann Galvin delivers practical insights into the critical issues that influence business success.
Our proven business skills training is led by our highly professional hand-picked team of highly skilled trainers.

The Business Presentation Programme offers amazing tools for all Business people, Senior or Junior, in how to convey a message across in a way that hold the audience’s attention. A Fantastic working knowledge & practical skills transfer programme that has provided the greatest personal learning in ages – Thank you! Even though conflict is a part of everyday life, most people do not have the skills to handle conflict constructively. Our Communication Skills Training material focuses on all the essential skills that are needed for enhanced performance both in personal and professional lives. The experiential nature of the module makes learning fun, interactive and applicable to the workplace. Adopting innovation as a method of problem solving can be expected to occupy a prominent position in the years to come. This program helps you to understand the causes of stress and how it affects you at work and home. This training program aims at aiding team members and mangers understand the various elements that go into building and managing an effective team. Since so much of business of these days is conducted over the telephone, it is critical to have good etiquette during these interactions. We also have hundreds of additional modules that are too specialist offer as an open course, but available for custom courses.
Rules and guidelines are introduced using examples from actual emails and the content can be based on specific examples from your firm or business.
So we talk to the managers involved and get examples of good and bad performance from the context of the participants.
These are trainees or lawyers whoa have or who are developing their knowledge of the law but who need a consistent and accurate way of expressing this in documents. We adapt and tailor the training to suit your organization to give it maximum relevance and impact. With our unique blend of training and coaching the session will help your people develop their skills as they learn. Our training gives participants exactly what they need in a well created open learning environment. Our training style is a blend of instruction and coaching to help the participants see a better way, never being told, just given an option, unless you want us to tell that is! We always get great feedback from this training, so join other clients in improving their written communication skills with ITD. Having a clear objective at the start helps to create more succinct and focussed communication.
It helps us to draft a clearer communication, so that both we and the receiver understand what is being said and its context. Her motivational talk topics include; How to Deliver High-Impact Business Presentations, Personal Image and Branding, Selling Skills Success and Customer Service Excellence! We offer tailored skills workshops at venues convenient to your team throughout South Africa and Africa. Our teams are able to practically apply the skills learnt which improves the probability of closing deals with new customers.
Our conflict resolution courseware helps corporate trainers to train people on the important skills needed to resolve conflict.

The activity driven module keeps the participants engaged and the learning is directly applicable to the work place. They are certain tools and techniques that help one to enhance ones customer service skills. If we do not take ownership for becoming a higher version of who we are on an on-going basis, we will never be able to expect that others should do the same. This course aims at providing Executives and Managers, a set of tools that help them innovatively diagnose and solve business problems in a way that will help them to make effective decisions.
We know that in today’s highly competitive space where the shelf-life of a product is very short, it is important to get as many sales as possible at the earliest. The activities that are used in this program enable the participants to experience in real time the results when there is team synergy and vice versa. What makes it more complicated is the fact that etiquette changes from one culture to the other. American economy still dominates the business world despite all the challenges it is facing. We talk a great deal about using assertiveness and the key is being able to deal with and influence others with confidence.
And in a market such as with law firms, writing skills are part of the mix to give clients confidence. The trainees complete a short pre course task which means they are in a better position to learn straight away in the session. Careful consideration of the receiver’s perspective is key to communication, especially if any persuasion is required. Learning to be comfortable with assertiveness and discard aggressive and submissive behavior is a key segment of this training. This is the focus of our training material and it translates rapidly to increased customer satisfaction and sales. This training program focuses on enhancing self-awareness and using techniques to work on the areas of improvement. The ability to choose the appropriate behaviour and words for any situation stems from a clear objective about your desired outcome, self-confidence and a clear understanding of yourself and others. In using actual examples the training is very relevant to the participants’ daily work. There is special emphasis on how to manage time effectively and ways to handle stress in a productive manner.
This training program teaches you tools and techniques to handle stress more productively and approach stressful situations with greater calm.
Our conference call simulations and role-plays provide an excellent way for teaching soft skills. With the broader goal at the background, you can now set your short-term goals that may effectively lead you to achieving your long cherished long-term goals in your life. While you are with us we are focused on offering you a relaxed and productive learning environment.

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