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Nearly 85% of everything that you accomplish in your life will be determined by how well you can communicate your ideas and message.  Your communication skills determine how well you can inspire others to “join your cause”, whatever it may be. The words you use only account for about 7% of your message.  In order to get your message across successfully, all three elements must be consistent and congruent.
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If one is to spend time turning the pages of history, there is one thing that all noteworthy leaders, from Adolf Hitler to Napoleon Bonaparte have in common.
Strong communication skills are not only important for the leaders to be able to show their teams how to accomplish the task at hand, but also for them to be able to receive ideas, thoughts, opinions, feedback and more from the followers themselves.
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These people have the skills to get through difficult negotiations and deal with difficult people. The meaning of every experience in our lives is represented by the way we communicate ideas within ourselves and with others. A leader with great ideas and strong skill is of little or no use if he is unable to communicate his thoughts, opinions and plans to the team following him. It is essential to be a good a communicator in order to be able to build positive interpersonal relationships, prompt trust and faith amongst one another and create an atmosphere of belongingness and teamwork, which then facilitates a loyalty towards the team and the organization and a willingness to work well. A person with great communication skills is well versed in both tongues: that of words and that of silence.
One has to know which words to use, when to use them and how to use them in order to make the maximum impact on the minds of the listeners.
Powerful communication skills enable the leader to establish a rapport with his people and stay connected with their opinions and feelings. Vision, command, innovation, bravery and foresight are all indispensable traits of a good leader.
Even more importantly, one has to learn how to maintain silence and listen, when the party on the other end has something valuable to offer.

A leader who is in touch with all that his followers are thinking and experiencing is more likely to succeed than a leader who marches on to his own tune, nary a care as to what his followers might be trying to tell him. Equipped with effective listening skills, powerful question techniques and a flexible communication model to work from, individuals, teams and corporations can greatly improve efficiency, productivity, relationships and higher levels of happiness.
However, these strengths are hardly handy if the person isn’t able to get his ideas across to the others clearly, succinctly and passionately enough for them to understand, appreciate and be inspired to complete the task at hand. The greatest leaders of all time have not only been able to put their point across, but have done so in a manner than has created a fire in the hearts and souls of the listeners.
The skills in this workshop can be easily applied to both the workplace and personal lives. While we don’t personally ascribe to any one leader’s policies or doctrines, one cannot ignore the fact that men who have the power to sway the hearts and minds of others with mere words, deserve some respect as orators.

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