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In our business lives, we all need to apply a wide range of communication skills successfully so that we and our companies can excel at what we do and gain an edge in the competitive business environment in which we operate today. Therefore, communication skills include active methods of communication, such as speaking or writing. In today’s world of fast-paced technology, there are many more ways to communicate than ever before.
Communication is one example of an interpersonal skill you may just think of as taking turns listening and speaking, but there is a lot more to this soft skill. Did you know that humans consider personal space to be a four-foot radius that others should not invade without invitation? Just as a student of British English will have to spend quite a bit of time to understand the American use of the language, a professional who is new to an industry may have to take the time to get used to new terminology. Granted, this discussion of communication as an interpersonal skill only scratches the surface. Because there are so many forms of communication, the best way to start to improve your communication skills is to determine which skills you struggle with.
Once you have identified the area that you need to work on the most, begin by forcing yourself to try that type of communication in low stakes situations. As a manager, understanding how people receive communication helps save time in the future. Glenn Pasch is the current COO of PCG Digital Marketing as well as a writer, National Speaker and Trainer. I want to connect ideas on marketing, training and personal development and make these ideas accessible for organizations and people so they perform better. I am blessed to have great support from my team at PCG Companies but most importantly I have a great wife and boys to keep reminding me what is important. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Crossroads offers a wide range of Communication skills workshops to help business people develop their ability to perform effectively when communicating with other people. Sometimes our non-verbal communication sends messages that corroborate what our verbal or primary message is saying.
Hand gestures, eye contact, body language and even the ability to bring into play spatial separation are components of the communication process. Get closer than this during a meeting and the message you seek to convey gets lost over the violation of this unspoken-rule.
As an educated individual, you may not consider yourself to suffer from a language barrier, but you may be incorrect. Even social groups have their own lingo, and effective communication relies on the ability to understand and use the lingo appropriately. Nevertheless, even in this short space you have noted how many different facets determine successful communication attempts. Sometimes, people struggle with all active communication skills or all passive communication skills. If you struggle with speaking in public, join a public speaking group of others who struggle this way. As we discussed in previous sessions, communication has to be clear, specific and actionable. They focus on a one-size-fits all way of communicating and then get frustrated when some of their team does not understand what was asked of them. Speaking is one way of communicating, but it is not the only way, and it certainly is not the only communication skill. Sometimes, our nonverbal communication sends messages that contradict what our verbal or primary message is saying.
Less tactile cultures consider a touch during business communication to be highly inappropriate.

In other instances, individuals struggle with an individual skill, like listening or writing. The groups are based on two things that help you learn how to manage each member of your team: how people receive information and how they receive communication. I am sure once you read the grouping, you will be reminded of the people you deal with and this may help you understand why communication at times seems harder than it has to be. Keep a journal of each of these encounters — analyze them, and make a plan for the next encounter. Their downfall is they can get analysis paralysis and wait for all examples to be deliberated on in order to act but they also are not the risk takers.
Further complicating matters are societal changes that lead to application changes of the soft skills. They are not the most open in terms of back and forth, but they are very direct and get things moving. They love details and the tasks, they are not first to offer feedback but when they do, it is perceptive.
They get things done, but they need someone to help set deadlines and tasks for them or else they go to the next idea and forget to follow up on another. Remember to be systematic and orderly and don’t refuse to explain details since they need this to function effectively. If you are changing something, make sure they understand what will happen and then give them time to adapt.

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