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According to a paper published by the University of Michigan, communication is one of the most essential factors in determining why a patient chooses and sticks with a physician—or why a patient “likes” their doctor.Many physicians have spent a decade or more of their lives receiving training and education that covers the science of treating patients. With over 10 years experience in the industry, Jonathan is a senior marketing and demand generation leader, focused on  building market awareness and increasing exposure that generates new revenue for the business.
However, doctor education is rarely focused on the art of carefully communicating with patients. Improving a doctor’s communication skills can directly translate to better patient retention. More importantly, research shows that excellent doctor communication skills directly translate into better quality of life for patients.The personal touch Some physicians are very much like computer technicians—great at science, bad at people.

Between technical jargon, time pressures, and the desire to solve a problem, many physicians forget that communicating with the actual patient is part of the job.Here are a few ways physicians can improve their in-person patient skills:Observe non-verbal cuesDoes the patient appear uncomfortable or nervous? Putting the patient at ease will increase the doctor-patient bond and patient trust.Consider your own non-verbal cuesWhile it is important to read a patient’s non-verbal cues, it is also essential for a physician to be aware of his or her own non-verbal cues. Making eye contact with the patient, reading essential information before entering the room, and other body language that communicates engagement are important to patients.
For example, instead of telling a patient he or she needs to lose weight, try framing the issue more positively.
Tell the patient how weight loss could improve their quality of life and explain any other benefits.

Offering encouragement and empathy is not only more effective, but will also go a long way toward building a relationship and trust with the patient.Confront issuesDiscussing the emotional impact of a patient’s medical condition can be stressful for both patients and doctors.

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