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DescriptionPersonality Development enhances and grooms the outer and inner self of a person in order to bring positive change in a person’s life. There are 4 distinct personality styles, and some are similar and others are diametrically opposed to one another.
The very best in our business have learned skills that help them appeal to a wide cross section of the population. Insight questions: Asking intelligent insightful questions that require serious thought and open communication on then part of clients and prospects. Active listening: The process of asking questions to ensure clear understanding is achieved by asking checking questions during conversations to verify meaning. Mirroring: Changing tone, pace, cadence vocabulary and physical gestures to mirror prospects and clients along with effective questions will build trust and rapport quickly.
Verbal communication: Mastering questions, listening skills and succinct persuasive statements to build confidence. Transparency: Employing honest business conversations will build trust and provide better results.
In addition to these skill sets, the very best in the business have the ability to use self-effacing humor to appear humble, and consider humor as one of the most important tools they have to build strong relationships.

Studies show only 30% of the information we receive in the context of a conversation is verbal, almost 67% is non-verbal. As the old adage goes, the easiest person to sell is a salesperson…that’s because most salespeople share similar personality traits. Strong ego’s make it very difficult for sales people to change their approach and mirror their buyer. We are consultants, and our perceived value is what we offer our clients in the form of guidance and advice. We call them chameleons because they seem to change their spots or stripes at will to get along with everyone. One million dollar producer producer I work with believes that the amount of laughter and good-nature d ribbing that occurs with prospects is directly proportionate to his success.
Personality styles also impact how people like to buy, what I call their “Buying Style” As sales professionals, our job is to learn to identify different personality styles, understand their differences and nuances and then learn to adjust your approach to appeal to their buying style. The goal is to find out how they like to buy and then give it to them the way they want it with whip creme and cherries on top.
Our ability to assess exposures and manage risk as well as assess client issues and provide services that problem solve is what brings value.

The truth is they have a sincere desire to “connect” and consciously or subconsciously use effective communication strategies that improve their ability to build rapport, create trust, confidence and allow them to influence others. Though there are many crash courses that promote personality development of people, implementation of the same to bring about a positive change in one’s life takes considerable amount of time. In fact, it is not even necessary to join a personality development course; one can develop his or her personality through simple techniques like believing in oneself, sense of dressing, time management, developing communication skills, presentation skills and making a positive attitude towards life. While we are talking and listening we need to train ourselves to observe our audience to pick up on physical and verbal clues to help identify their buying style. This book is a thorough attempt to present these concepts in simple, student-friendly language so that difficult situations can be handled in an easy way. Also, improving your vocabulary to use less words to express your self is worth the effort.

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