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However, that broad task is composed of many subprocesses, such as opening files, saving files, copying and pasting text, and deleting data.
This distinction is important because some processes within a program are designed to communicate and cooperate with other processes over a network. A typical neighborhood provides a good example of the way peer-to-peer communication works.
A peer-to-peer computer network is created when we interconnect a group of computers of roughly equal power and function.
Another way that processes can cooperate is for one process to take the role of client and the other that of server. Servers can also provide other types of resources, such as processing power, or access to peripheral devices or special applications. Both client and server processes are dedicated to their respective tasks, and those roles never reverse. Distributed applications--Applications can be distributed on the network based on their requirements for resources.
A WLAN, also known as Wireless LAN, is a sort of Local Area Network (LAN) that implements high frequency radio waves instead of wires to communicate and transmit data. A WLAN provides wireless network communication over short distances using radio or infrared signals instead of traditional network cabling. An Access Point joins wired and wireless networks collectively and facilitates the transmission of data between wireless consumers and the wired network.
The wireless SSID, also called as the Network Name, is the Service Set Identification for your wireless network. Wireless networking facilitates the same potential and equivalent speeds of a wired 10BASE-T network without the problems linked with arranging wires, drilling into walls, or stringing Ethernet cables all the way through an office building or home. For example, a word processing application performs the general task of creating documents.

For example, in some networks a mainframe computer runs all the applications, stores all the data, and does all the processing. Each dumb slave client terminal has no data storage or real processing capability, but waits for the master mainframe to command it to send information. Each neighbor is equal to every other neighbor, thus no single person can dictate rules to the others.
However, each computer's user can decide what resources to make available to other peer users. In other words, the library does not borrow books from its users, and Pat will never ask one of the neighbors to cook a pizza for her. If servers have been established for shared functions, such as file sharing or printing, this does not prevent two computers from exchanging data as peers.
For example, an application that provides computing-intensive services can be installed on a computer with very high processing capacity, while the user's client application runs on a workstation that provides high-end graphic display capabilities. The term is often used to describe any computer capable of two-way communication over the Internet.
It is a supple data communication method put into practice as an expansion to or as a substitute for, a typical wired LAN. WLANs are built by attaching a device called the access point (AP) to the edge of the wired network. Laptop users have the liberty to wander everywhere in the office building or home without having to look for a connector cable or vacant jack.
We provide network equipments that reduce the cost of network infrastructure, and is renowned for their customer service and huge supply of robust, cost-effective products. The slave merely displays text received from the master, and sends information to the master in the form of the operator's keystrokes.
However, each neighbor has unique capabilities or resources, thus they often cooperate as peers to help each other. Each person's computer has a different set of applications and data, but the network connection allows various combinations of workers to share files, folders, applications, and printers.

Thus, instead of borrowing from each other, the neighbors can all get books from the central collection.
The entire neighborhood benefits from this efficient arrangement, because Pat has special pizza-making skills and equipment that the other neighbors do not have. In the client part of the task, a worker uses a desktop application to define what information a report should contain, then sends that report definition as a request to the server.
Clients communicate with the AP using a wireless network adapter similar in function to a traditional Ethernet adapter. Technologies like WEP raise the level of security on wireless networks to rival that of traditional wired networks. Wireless consumers can wander between different access points without disconnecting, like a mobile phone can wander between mobile phone towers. The SSID value must match the SSID of any and all access points and consumers that you want to converse with. Every room in a wireless home or office can be connected to the WLAN, hence adding up additional users and increasing a network can be as trouble-free as installing a new wireless network adapter.
All of the neighborhood's pizza-making expertise, equipment, and materials are now concentrated in Pat's Pizza Server. Some of those processes can be servers of some functions, and some can be clients of other servers.
This arrangement is very common on networks, which often set aside computers as file servers.
Everyone stores files on the common file server, which makes it easier to share data across an organization.

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