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This examination should include the surrounding area, penis and scrotum as well as the testicles.
This is an intimate but very important examination, which can cause embarrassment for both the doctor and patient if not conducted in a professional manner.
As the patient walks in, note whether he looks like he is in any pain and how he is walking.
Provide the patient with a sheet to cover himself, and leave him for a few minutes to undress whilst you go to find a chaperone and record their name in the notes. Palpate along the whole length of the penis, starting at the tip and finishing at the perineum. Use both your hands when palpating the scrotum: use your left hand to support the scrotal contents, and two fingers and your thumb on your right hand to gently palpate.
One at a time, palpate the body of each testicle, feeling both poles and the centre whilst looking at the patients face to check for pain. You may also want to check for the cremasteric reflex, which is elicited by stroking the superficial medical aspect of the thigh near the testis, and the testis should rise on the respective side. If the patient has pain on palpation (Prehn's sign) raising the testes may relieve the pain. For more information on testicular lumps, please see the fastbleep article on this topic here. In a full male genitalia examination, you will need to inspect the perineum and perform a PR examination to assess the prostate gland and seminal vesicles. A person with a testicular injury may experience testicular pain or discomfort, testicular swelling, redness, tenderness of the testicle, lacerations or abrasions to the scrotum and bruises to the testicular. Treatment options for testicular injuries may include rest, wound care, scrotal support, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication for pain, antibiotics and surgery in severe cases. Disclaimer: the material posted on this blog on testicular injury and associated causes, signs, symptoms, complications and treatment is for learning purposes only. Apply direct pressure on the wound using a sterile gauze or clean cloth to control bleeding. To learn more about testicular injuries and other minor and major emergencies sign up for first aid and CPR training with St Mark James. On very rare occasions, skin tag may result in bleeding of skin or it may cause death to the tissues of the skin.
You can tie it off using a piece of string or dental floss which will gradually fall from the skin. Other methods of removing skin tag are by electro cautery method in which it is burnt using current. Topical creams like betacaine or LMX 5% is applied on the skin tags before this method for anesthetizing the area.
Hydroceles are collections of fluid that pass down into the scrotum and are present in about 10 percent of baby boys at birth. In almost all cases, your child's health care provider will request a urine sample to look for signs of infection.

If you child has scrotal swelling at any age, he should be seen by his health care provider. Damages to the testicle and scrotum are often caused by injuries from blunt forces; however, sharp objects can also easily injure these parts. To learn to recognize and manage severe injuries via blunt force or object enrol in St Mark James first aid and CPR training. Except for cosmetic purpose, they are harmless and do not cause any pain or discomfort for the person. For some women, it may irritate them while wearing jewelry on the chest area causing discomfort.
People with other type of skin problems and Crohn’s disese are likely to get skin tags in their life. The size of the tag may vary from 1mm to 3cm and looks either smooth or wrinkled in appearance.
But one has to monitor if there is any change in the color of the skin tag and may do skin biopsy to get rid of the chance of getting cancer. Normally no anesthesia is needed for electro cautering if the size of the skin tag is small. If an opening does not close by itself, a portion of intestine may pass through the opening.
These painless swellings are caused by enlarged veins in the scrotum that drain the testicles and send blood back to the heart. Painful swelling is less common than painless swelling, but is usually more serious, especially if it is severe and sudden. If part of the scrotum, foreskin, or penis gets caught in a zipper, it can cause immediate, agonizing pain. Less common causes of painful swelling include other injuries, allergic reactions, and insect bites.
The diagnosis begins with taking a medical history and asking about when the swelling started and how painful it is. The medical team may also do an ultrasound exam, which involves taking pictures of the structures inside the scrotum by using sound waves.
For conditions like minor trauma, mumps, small hernias, hydroceles, idiopathic swelling, and Schonlein-Henoch purpura, no treatment may be needed. I understand that you are concerned about your testicles and so I have been asked to perform a testicular examination on you.
But the person may get irritated due to the ugly appearance of skin tags on the arms and chest. They are attached to the skin by stalk and for some people it is seen in the form of raised bumps from the stalk. They are caused by abnormal openings left behind when the testicles descend into the scrotum during development. They are present in 10 to 15 percent of young boys and are more common on the left side of the scrotum.

A twisted cord can cut off a testicle's blood supply and may require emergency surgery—ideally within six hours of the onset of symptoms to save the testicle. Emergency room doctors commonly treat both pain and injury while freeing the entrapped tissue.
Schonlein-Henoch purpura is a condition that may cause painful scrotal swelling in young boys along with rash, joint pain, stomach pain, and blood in the urine; its cause is unknown.
A physical examination will include an examination of the belly, the scrotum, and the testicles.
Surgery may also be needed in cases of a hernia that traps some intestine in the scrotum or a severe injury to the testicle.
Young boys who are not sexually active should also have special X-ray studies to look for an abnormality in their urinary system as a possible cause of infection. The horizontal group is found along the inguinal ligament, and the vertical group is along the medial adductor longus.
When the skin tag is cut off from the blood supply it may change into black or red in color. So doctors may give you local anesthesia for creating temporary numbness in the area before removal.
Hernias occur in about 1 to 5 percent of all newborns and are more common in premature babies.
In this case, there can be rapid scrotal swelling in young boys, but it goes away on its own. It will involve you removing all clothing from the waist downwards, so that I can inspect the area whilst you stand up and then lie down.
The number of skin tags increases as you grow old and normally it is seen on 25-30% of adults.
Testicular tumors are extremely rare in boys younger than age 15 and account for less than 2 percent of all cancers in children.
Epididymitis, marked by a feeling of heaviness, tenderness, and swelling in the scrotum, is usually a bacterial infection of the ducts near the testicle that are important for the storage and development of sperm. Without treatment, varicoceles may over time result in infertility and testicular injury that is not reversible.
In medical terms, they are called as ‘acrochordon” and other names are fibromas or fibro-epithelial polyps.
Several sexually transmitted diseases, including chlamydia and gonorrhea, can cause epididymitis.
The examination should not hurt, but if you feel any discomfort at any point then please don't hesitate to tell me. Pain medicines and medicines that reduce swelling may also be used during observation for some of these conditions.

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